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It was several years ago that my wife and I tried swinging we went out to a swingers club several times but didn't find any one that really interested us. It just happened one day my wife was talking to her girl friend Anna and she mentioned swinging, it seems that her friend also was interested and had the same let down that we had. After talking to me about it she talked to her friend and we decided to do it with Anna and Jim.

They set it up for that next Saturday night when her friend Anna and Jim were going to out, since we had children at home we stayed home and had a few drinks in anticipation. They had decided that we would leave the door unlocked and go to bed and when Anna and Jim were done parting they would drop by and join us in the bed room.

It was about two o'clock in the morning when I was waken with a set of hot lips on my cock. I knew exactly what was going on and it didn't take me long to be fully awake and hard. The low light in the room let me see clearly what she was doing. When I looked over at my wife I seen that Jim had his face between my wife's legs and was really going to town eating her out.

The big surprise was that another guy was standing by the bed with his cock in my wife's mouth. Anna was really going down on me and she was giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had sucking all of my cock deep into her mouth, but watching my wife having two cocks at the same time was really turning me on.

The two men took turns fucking my wife and she had cum many times and you could hear how sloppy her pussy was getting. It brought me over the edge and I blew my load in Anna's mouth. She kept on sucking me swallowing the whole load. The other man who's name was Tom came around and started fucking Anna and she was still sucking and jerking on me. When Tom came in her pussy it was about the same time Jim came in my wife.

By then I was hard and ready to fuck.

I took my wife and I slid my hard cock into her wet, sloppy pussy. It was a great feeling being inside her as she was so wet and loose. Jim had cum a lot and I could see his cum coating my cock as I pumped in and out of her. When I went all the way in his cum mixed with hers would squirt out, soaking our pubes and run down my balls; it was a totally new and exciting experience, she had so much cum running out of her that she soaked the bed. I had never felt her that wet.

Meanwhile Jim and Tom were now taking care of Anna she was riding Tom and sucking on Jim you could hear her pussy slopping away as she rocked back and forth on him. It didn't take long and Tom was cumming as he filled her pussy. Jim came over and my wife took his cock and started sucking him which was what I had wanted again - someone else with my wife.

When Anna rolled off Tom I pulled out of my wife and let him take my place so i could once again see 2 men taking my wife who I had married and made commitments with. I stroked myself and I came almost immediately. when I cleaned up Jim put another load in my wife and we all laid together on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

when I awoke later I was surprised to find that Anna and Jim were gone but Tom was still there cuddled with my wife.

We had several other meetings with Jim and Anna that summer but the most fun was when Tom would come over and fuck my wife while I would sit back and watch her. Sometimes they would fuck for hours while I was in the den doing my work. when Tom left I would go up and get my sloppy seconds.

I love the feeling of a cum filled pussy.

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