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My wife and I had a very good friend who was staying at our house prior to his moving away from Silicon Valley. Unfortunately the poor fool was going to marry this horrible woman that all of his friends really hated including us. My slutty young wife and I agreed that we should try to prevent him from making this major mistake and decided that she should try using her sexual charms to lure him into a doing a threesome then convince him to call off the wedding.

My wife and I had been involved in extramarital affairs in the past that we were perfectly candid about but this first time she would be doing anything along the lines of group sex. Now a couple of days ago, our house guest had promised to give my spouse a special type of Japanese massage called shiatsu the next evening. At breakfast I asked them if he and I should find some porn online for us to watch while he gave her a massage. They both liked the idea. Doing something like that would be a new experience for all of us. After work, we made dinner, cleaned up and went into the den, where we had some desert.

My wife said she was going to get ready for her massage and left the room to get out of her clothes. She was gone long enough to get showered and shaved. She stood in the doorway looking incredibly sexy. The only thing she was wearing was this little silk robe that barely covered her ass. I got my laptop out and put on the porn we found earlier. My wife turned off the room light and sat down on the futon sofa between the two of us guys. She sought out a hand from each of us. As we sat watching the sex scenes on the screen in the darken room, my spouse opened her robe, so her breast was showing.

Our house guest and I pretended we could not see what she was doing. Our guest kept glancing over at my slutty wife while trying to make sure I didn't catch him. I noticed he had a large bulge in his jeans. My wife noticed his bulge, too. Our slightly nervous house guest cleared his throat loudly, then asked my wife if she was ready for her massage. She seductively replied that she was wondering when he was going to take care of her and smiled at both of us. As he fetched the padded cushion he used for giving massages, my wife stood up, went over to the bookshelf and lit several candles. She walked over to where he had unrolled the pad, stood in front of him and slipped off her robe. His eyes got so huge. My spouse was a statuesque woman with this totally killer body. She looked magnificent standing there in front of us totally nude.

He had my wife lay face down on the massage pad. He squirted some massage oil on his hands and spread more on her then began rubbing her upper back and working his way down. It was obvious they both enjoyed this a lot. We all watched the dirty clips. He paid lots of attention to my wife's lower back just above that incredible ass of hers. After some time, he said he was finished with her on that side and asked my sexy wife to flip over. She looked my way and smiled as she rolled over on her back, and he began working his way up her long legs. He had a close up view of her gorgeous pussy. From her occasional moans, one could easily tell my seductive spouse was really enjoying this massage. He kept looking over at me, wanting me to confirm that I was OK with all this. I just kept on smiling and nodding my head.

He finished her legs and worked on her arms. A few minutes later, he stopped and announced that he was all finished. With feigned innocence my wife asked: "But what about my breasts?" He looked at me and didn't know what to say or do. I just smiled, nodded. He squirted more oil on his hands and began kneading her tits with both hands. The air was so thick with pent-up sexual energy. As he finished up my wife's massage, he then announced his intentions of going off to bed. I guess being teased by my wife with me there was making him nervous. Can you blame him?

My wife looked at him and then at me. She grabbed his hand and said to him,

"No, please stay. Why don't you join us tonight!?"

He looked like a deer caught in a cars high beams. He looked confused saying:

"You mean in bed?!?!"

He turned to me and asked if this was really OK. I laughed. Of course, I said:

"Of course, its OK."

"You may have noticed just how unbelievable horny you made her tonight and now you expect me to satisfy her alone.... Thanx Bro..."

It was his turn to tease my wife. He smiled and pretended to hesitate in making his decision about doing a threesome with us. My wife grabbed his arm and drug him into our bedroom. He didn't put up much of a real fight.

I followed the two of them into the bedroom. They had never done anything like this before, so we awkwardly piled into the bed together. I started to rub my wife's bare pussy while my wife explained to our guest how she was a submissive little wife who enjoyed being tied up and spanked and how she enjoyed being "forced" to do what we wanted in bed.

He grinned at her and told her that she should suck his nasty ol' dick. Without a word, my wife went down on our guest's cock. As she licked and sucked him, his dick grew larger and got rock hard.

As she was sucking, I told her how hot she looked with his nice big cock in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, we stopped so he and I could change positions. My wife brought out her riding crop and her nipple clamps. He examined the crop with a slightly worried look on his face and I told him it was for my naughty wife and he looked relieved. She moved over on her hands and knees in front of me and started licking and sucking my cock. She waved her hand and pointed at her ass and he got the hint. He stood on the floor behind my wife and her eyes popped open when he shoved his thick rod into her very moist cunt. I noticed my wife was really enthusiastic about sucking my cock while getting fucked at the same time! I got up on my knees and began thrusting my dick into her mouth. She was letting me slam by cock deep down her throat and it was so nasty fucking her face like that. (This is when I first realized that you get the best blow jobs from women who at the same time were getting fucked doggie style.)

We kept this up for a few minutes, then he and I swapped places again. I shared my recent epiphany regarding threesome blow job quality with them and they both laughed. After a few minutes, our new threesome partner told us he was just about to blow his load. As he tried to pull his cock out of her mouth, my wife stopped him. I told him that I think our slutty fuck doll wanted him to cum in her mouth. She moaned in agreement. My wife's head bobbed up and down the shaft of his dick faster and faster. He started groaning, and let out a shout saying:

"Ohhhhh, I'mmmmmm cummming!!!!!!!!!!"

When both of them finished cumming, my wife demonstrated that she was a true cumslut by making a show of licking the jizz off his cock with her tongue while telling us how good it tasted. She knew that seeing her act like such a nasty little cumdumpster would make me shoot my wad into her pussy and I did.

We all collapsed back on the bed, sweaty and out of breath. All three of us were laughing and chuckling about our first attempt at threesome sex. After a half hour, my horny wife said she was ready for another round. When she had us hard again, she spread her legs and said she needed one of us to go down on her, so I started licking her clit.

He and I traded positions. He started fucking her, as she sucked on my dick. We must have banged our slutty fuck toy for an hour switching off like that. She totally loved being used by us. Whenever she had an orgasm, she'd scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear even with a dick crammed in her mout! It was after 4AM and our threesome buddy and I had to go to work the next morning.

Less than two hours later, it was time for us guys to get up and leave for work I instructed my submissive wife to go service our guest. I watched as she sucked him til he was hard then mounted him reverse cowgirl and fucked his brains out. When they were finished, my wife asked if I was OK for work. I said yeah but wouldn't mind getting a blow job. Now it was his turn to watch as she went down on me right there in the kitchen. She blew me until I came and had sucked every drop from my cock.

He and I were gonna be late so as we walked out the front door, she ran out on the front porch naked and gave both of us big, wet salty goodbye kisses. She stood there naked with cum running down her legs, waving good bye to us from the driveway as we drove off. Ya gotta wonder what our nice suburban neighbors thought of that unusual scene.

Our new fuck buddy stayed with us for two more weeks and the three of us wanted to have as much three way fun as possible while he was here. We watched porn videos as we licked and fucked my wife's pussy while she sucked and fucked our dicks. She loved acting as a nasty fuck toy for the two of us. My slutty spouse and I pointed out to him that there was zero chance of his bride-to-be ever doing what we all enjoyed so much.

Despite his leaving Silicon Valley to get married, we had several more kinky encounters with him. Whenever he got to come back into town on business, he would always call to let us know. We'd either go meet him at his hotel or he'd come over to our place to party.

Mark and May




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