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A little while ago I wrote asking the good readers of this site if they thought, from the evidence presented, my wife had cuckolded me. Well case closed: she plead guilty.

We were drinking margaritas and she was feeling sexy so we started fooing around. As I licked her clit and fuckd her with her favorite vibrator I started asking questions again. What had she done? Did she fuck him? Much to my surprise she asked me if I would be mad if she had. I said not if she told the truth. She then reached down and grabbed my cock and said that it seemed like I really did like the idea. I told her "maybe I do." She said, "Well you always encouraged me to be slutty, and you'd like me to fuck someone else. I thought I was doing a good thing..." I then asked for the whole story.

She met this guy who was a builder and got the hots for him. After talking several times, she invited him over to our house to give her an estimate on upgrading the master bathroom off our bed room. As he scoped things out, she said she came up behind him and started rubbing his arms, then chest. He turned around and they started kissing fiercly without saying anything. She said her panties were totally soaked as she led him into our room, and shimmied out of her sundress. She said she knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans andslid down his boxers. His large erection sprang out, and she said her stomach flipped when she saw the size and girth of it.

I got her to admit that he was at least 8" ( I am only 6.2") After trying to deepthroat him ( which she never does for me) she lay down on the bed and popped off her bra. He slid off her panties, as he stood at the side of the bed. Without any further foreplay he slid his cock slowly into her hot pussy. She said she had to hold his wrists as his thick shaft stretched her tiny cunt the first several thrusts, until finally she felt his balls against her ass.

At this point I asked her if she felt guilty or anything and she said no. In fact she said she really only wanted that cock in her, and wouldn't have stopped if I walked in. As she said this my straining erection leaked a table spoon of cum.

He gradually increased his speed and she was surprised how she loosened up and began to push back against his thrusts. She did not remember how long they fucked but she said that he began to sweat and tense up, and at the same time she felt herself gush her own cum around his thick shaft, lubing him up futher ( I always have to use ky wih her.) Just after she reached her orgasm she saw his eyes get big and he quickly pulled out and unleashed a massive load of thick cum up her belly, on her belly button ring.

Then they quickly dressed, and agreed to do it again soon. That night when I approached her for sex, and she was sore, so she turned me down claiming she was tired. They met several times in their cars at seculed spots when I thought she was working, and she always told herself after she had to stop or tell me. The few times we had sex during these weeks, she told me she couldn't really feel my cock against the walls of her vagina, and either faked her orgasm or waited until I came, and made me go down on her or play with one of her toys. They finally stopped when his wife got suspicious.

At this point she asked if I was mad, but I only stood up to show her my rock hard cock, which she guided into her hot cunt. I exploded very quickly inside of her, and she laughed, saying "I guess that's a no." She claims she is not doing this anymore, but she is currently out tanning. And bought a sexy new outfit and a choker necklace that says "I love Boys!" And she told me that she is in her sexual prime and to just trust where her sexuality takes us. So I don't know if my cuckolding experiences are quite over.

Feel free to tell me what you think. Is she just cheating on me?

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