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PART 1 - My ex loved guys with big cocks but I had only 4 inches. So naturally I could not satisfy her. She wanted to be stretched and fucked hard and deep. She also liked to fuck in public places. I recall in Florida when I was with her, she pulled me outside onto a hotel balcony in Marco Island and mounted and rode me. Now we were on one of the lower floors, within a clear view of the beach and this was in the middle of the day. All the beach goers had a great view of her riding me to orgasm!!

Over the years, she hooked up with guys from Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts. She recently spent a long weekend in a New York hotel fucking her old boyfriend. I only found out about this latest affair when I discovered a diary she had kept.

Guys have related to me that even though she is a mother of two grown children, she fucks better than a teen ager and is in better shape. I know several airline pilots who she has been with.

Once when I was with her, while traveling on an interstate highway, I had hidden a vibrator in my glove box in my car. I decided while driving to reach over and take it out and see how she responded. I slowly lifted up her blouse to expose her nice firm tits to traffic on our side of highway and also oncoming traffic. As tractor trailers passed by us all the guys would slow down and look into our car and see her big tits exposed. I began to insert the 8 inch vibrator inside her and within minutes, she was all wet and squirted all over it. She reclined her seat a little so the vibrstor could go deeper. Then she reached over, unzipped my pants, and took my dick out and started to blow me.

Now, not only were passing traffic seeing her exposed tits, they were able to see her getting fucked by the 8 inch vibrator but blowing me as well. I was so hot, I blew my load within minutes all over her and into her mouth.

So she remains a very desirable Milf at 50 + years old , and I miss getting some from her.

PART 2 - Several years ago, I won a vacation trip to Florida along with several of my business colleagues. Wives were also allowed to attend. I bought my wife a very sexy bathing suit, which had deep, deep cleavage. I encouraged her to wear it at the swimming pool so all my friends could see her lovely tits. So as each day went by, more and more of my colleagues started to come to the pool and sit by my wife. Two black guys took special interest in her.

One night we went out to dinner, and she wore a very sexy dress. Several of my business associates sat at our table. After several drinks, my wife started to put her hand down a black friend of mine pants. I could tell she was surprised just how big his cock was. After we paid for our tab, we all went upstairs to our rooms. My wife was horny as hell, and mounted me and fucked me very hard. I came in like 3 minutes.

But she wanted more than my four inch dick, & I couldn't do her doggy style nor reverse cowgirl. I just could not penetrate her deeply enough to satisfy her. Well our room had a connecting door to the adjoining room. And several of my black business colleagues were in that room, drinking and watching television.

She knocked on the door and ask if she might come in. She was dressed in a very revealing black, lace lingerie outfit. I didn't want her to go there, but part of me was getting turned on watching these guys get boners seeing my wife's tanned legs and body. She slowly walked across the room gaping at the extremely large bulges in their pants. She sat down on the bed between them and slowly moved her hands down into their pants.

She slowly unzipped their pants and took out both of their cocks. I stood in the connecting doorway and just watched how she slowly was stroking each one offering her mouth from one cock to the other.

Each guy had at least a 10 inch cock or larger, they were 2-3x bigger than my little white dick. She mounted Vince first and rode him, while Eric mouth fucked her. She moaned as Vince penetrated her deeper than I ever could. I decided to get a closer view and entered the room. I told Vince, "fuck her doggy". So big Vince got Kathy on all fours and began thrusting into her. But she said, " let me do it". Well she had taken those kegel lessons which strengthen your pelvic muscles. Kathy begin to rock back and forth slowly at first, and squeezing then releasing, squeezing and releasing her cunt muscles around that big black cock. Then she began moving her hips up and down, left to right, and was moaning like never before.

Well Eric was now extremely hard and wanted some action as well. He slid under Kathy, as Vince pulled out and slowly entered her ass. Eric put his big hard black cock inside her and now Kathy had two black dicks inside her. She slowly was grinding Vince and yet somehow was moving up and down on Eric's black dick as well. Watching her get fucked was making me hard again and I slowly start to stroke my little 4 inch white dick.

I cum again within 3-4 minutes while watching her get pleasured by these two black cocks.

I knew she was riding bareback as she always did and I said guys "give it to her, give it to her". They we're delighted to hear that they didn't have to pull out but instead could cum inside her. Big Vince exploded inside her ass and then Eric filled her up with his black seed. The next three nights, she spent in their room fucking them both, while I was left to watch and masturbate. She told me honey, "this was the best business trip I have ever been on with you".

Needless to say, once she went black, she never went back to my little white dick.

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