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Above is my cute wife calling her BBC to come over and fuck her while I sit and watch. Even a simple call has to be sexy for my wife - but when she's naked and on the phone I know she's horny and making plans!

It's also ball-busting to listen to her invite him over, "Hey, lover, my pussy is screaming for some of that delicious black cum you shoot. Can you bring that big, black cock of yours over here tomorrow around Noon?

And I don't hear his response but my wife obviously knows how to give phone sex - and she always includes me "Yeah - tomorrow is great - about Noon - and don't worry about my asshole husband, of course he'll be here and we can fucking do anything we want."

The only thing I have ever done sexually for her black cock is once I sucked his cock while my wife was on her way to the house and a few times he's asked me lube up his cock with KY jelly so he can fuck my wife's ass. As I'm doing that sometimes he'll tell me to finger-fuck my wife's asshole for a moment or two to lube up her asshole. Both duties are exciting for me.

And talking about his cock - he's got a very healthy circumcised 8 inches. The head of his penis is rather large, almost the size of a nice size egg and my wife can devour that black monster up to his balls. It's amazing how far down her throat his cock can go without her gagging!

Ever since we met in Hawaii where I live and she was a tourist, the electricity has always flowed between us. On our first date, which happened to be her last day in Hawaii, I fucked her in her room until she had to pack. What an introduction. And on the way to the airport she sucked my cock and licked my balls!

Wow a ride!

Besides being great looking she's the only woman I've ever known who comes when I shoot cum in her mouth. She just quivers as each shot of cum goes into her hot mouth. And, unbelievably, she also comes when she gives a handjob. When I dropped her off at the airport, she wanted to suck my dick but there were too many people, so we settled on her jacking me off while we appeared to chat. When I shot my load over her hand again she quivered and sheepishly admitted she had a climax!

Over the years I've watched over 70 different men fuck my wife and watched my wife suck the cocks of the same number of men - and I have to tell you I can't get enough of my wife being a whore - it's never boring and only the devil knows who many times she's had an orgasm.

We're both involved in the legal profession so it's easy for my wife to connect with other men, and, of course, there's a lot of night work. So, to make a long story short, years ago after coming home late at night I flat out asked her if she was fucking somebody or sucking somebody?

It was a stupid question because I asked me while we were fucking. Her pussy was just a little too slippery that night and I was fucking her gooey pussy from behind and she was playing with her pussy - as usual. She asked the next deadly question "would it turn me on if she was fucking somebody and my cock answered by swelling up. She felt the increased size of my cock in her pussy and that's how it all started. A cock never lies!

So, in a short while my wife brought home the first of many men to fuck while I watched. At first I would often join them in bed and perhaps get a chance to suck a cock now and then. But as time wore on my wife decided it was more exciting for her to just have me watch her being fucked and then after he left I could eat the cum out of her pussy.

It's interesting how my wife does loves everything involving sex. She swallows cum by the gallon. She loves her pussy fucked. She loves her ass fucked. And she loves being smacked on the ass. She loves me watching her fuck. She loves being fucked by a big, black dildo. If it involves sex, she's game!!

We, of course, now a days have a regular black cock that comes to the house almost every weeks to satisfy my wife's pussy and her asshole. Usually my wife loves sucking his cock for 10 or 15 minutes, licking under his balls and then laying on her stomach and hunching up her beautiful ass to her lover can stick his big, black cock into her asshole. He can fuck her ass for 10 or 15 minutes and they both grunt and moan.

She describes the ass fucking as painful but delightful. She loves to feel the head of his cock first gently push into the closed lips of her asshole and then "pop" inside. Once the head of his cock is inside, he always slowly pushes deeper and deeper into her asshole until his entire 8 inches is inside. As he's pushing his cock deeper into her ass he always asks, "Do you want more of my black cock deeper in your ass?"

Very often he will fuck my wife's ass while she's on all four's and then he'll motion for me to come over and watch as his cock goes in and out of her asshole! Very exciting stuff.

When all this ass fucking is going on, I'm right there in the bedroom watching and listening. Her lover is always whispering, "Do you love my black cock inside your asshole?"

And my wife is always saying things like, "Fuck my asshole. Let me feel that black cock deep inside my asshole."

My wife also loves to be called "whore" when her boyfriend is over. They'll be kissing and she will come up for a breath and ask him, "Am I your favorite white whore?"

And I'm always included in these sexual comments. Usually my wife's black lover will be fucking her ass and look at me and say, "You love watching me fuck your wife's ass, don't you?" Or, "How do you like watching your whore wife suck my black cock?"

Comments like that just give me a raging erection. It's even more exciting when my wife will be sucking his cock and she'll stop and look at me and say, "How do you like watching your whore wife sucking this big, black cock?"

Sometimes when he's fucking her pussy very slowly my wife will stop kissing him and look at me saying, "My husband loves to watch you fuck my pussy - hey - asshole, don't you love to watch him fuck me, asshole?"

When she calls me an asshole while they're fucking it's just part of the game and it's thrilling. I am her asshole when she's being fucked by another man. When he's there, she's the whore and I'm her asshole.

After his black cock is thru fucking her front and back, he leaves and that's when I get my share. If she's been fucked in the pussy my wife sits on my face and squirms around on my mouth so I can swallow as much cum as possible.

If she's been ass-fucking and has an ass full of cum she wants me to finger-fuck her ass while she jacks me off - and of course while she's jacking me off she loves to call me her favor nicknames like "asshole - shithead - faggot." All in the name of love. Sometimes I can get 3 or 4 fingers deep inside her ass.

Sometimes my wife and her lover will just play on the bed, she sucking his cock and licking his balls and him fucking her pussy with a huge, black dildo. He holds my wife's arms down so she can't move away and fucks her pussy with the dildo until she screams surrender!

Sometimes her black cock will only have 20 minutes or so and then he'll pull into the driveway into the carport, drop his pants and my wife gets down on her knees and sucks his cock until he shoots his wad into her mouth. They never kiss after he comes in her mouth but after he leaves my wife and I lie down in bed naked and she slowly kisses me letting me of little squirts of his cum that I can swallow - it's delicious!

Even as I write this story for you cucks, I have an erection - yes - just talking about my wife being a whore is exciting. I don't know of any other women I would rather spend my life with. She's a cocksucker - she's a whore - she's a slut and I love her!

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