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Attached are a couple of pics, one of us sharing sucking a cock early on, one of her with a BBC in her mouth, one in her hand, and one in her pussy, and one when she was tied up and one BBC fucking her pussy and one her mouth. Everything is 100% true.

About me and my girlfriend and our experiences with other men.

I'm a Cuckold. The real deal. My girlfriend Amber is a slut and she LOVES BBC. My BEST personal Jack off material is my collection of videos and pics of her sucking and getting fucked by Big Black Cock. I'm bisexual so that's probably part cock lust on my part but also loving watching her. I haven't cum inside her pussy for over 4 years. But dozens of other men have.

I know some men would be disgusted by the idea of their woman fucking other men. Especially Watching it happen. I understand that. But, I also know for us, It's the right thing and we enjoy it. For others it's simply a fantasy they will likely never have come true. For some yet still it's a fantasy they want so desperately to fulfill, but either the woman won't or they can't find a woman to Cuckold them. So it runs the spectrum. I was married and when my then wife cheated on me I was devastated. She had a boyfriend and left me for him. This is totally different. I do not feel or believe my woman will leave me for another man. We have fun with this, our relationship isn't ONLY about sex and cock. That's just icing on the cake.

I will admit to having fantasized about this for years. I am on another site that talks about this and I will often get asked how I got her to Cuckold me. Or how I got her to Fuck black men. Guys.....it's simple. You CAN'T. If a woman isn't sexually liberal and doesn't want to fuck other men, she probably isn't going to. It'll be difficult, very difficult to talk someone into doing something they don't want to do, especially this extreme, just to please you. Not impossible. I'm sure there are some guys whose girlfriend or wife gets talked into doing it. But it's not in her heart. It's not in her desires. It's not something she dreams about or thinks about or fantasizes about. Truth is, my woman is a nymph, loves sex, and there simply is no way me, or in all likelihood any ONE man could satisfy her, and the truth is I am not very well endowed, and have some difficulty with erectile dysfunction.

First let me say, everyone has thier own definition of Cuckolding. For us, it's simply that she likes to get fucked by other men, and likes me to watch it happen. It's as simple as that. She fucks other men and I know about it. The simplest definition of a modern Cuckold. Although in a vast majority of cases it's men fantasizing about their woman fucking other men and JUST a fantasy or the man asking his woman to do so, it IS becoming more and more of a lifestyle. I've never actually met another couple like us (although I'd love to), I do know they exist. She gets off on having me there to watch, she truly gets off on me eating the creampies after a bull fucks her, she gets off on fucking a guy, sending me pictures, and videos and knowing I'm jacking off to them almost daily. She gets off on telling me all about it and how shelved thier cock, how good it was, how she fantasizes about thier cock, when they are going to fuck again, all while I am stroking my little dick.

Amber is a very liberal woman with a very high sex drive. This one thing is the most helpful.

Second I will say I was married before and have had this fantasy for a long, long time. BUT when my ex-wife cheated on me and had a boyfriend and left me....it was devastating.

Having said that, there is a HUGE difference between modern Cuckoldism and cheating, in my opinion. But everyone has their version.

For some, our lifestyle would be disgusting and utterly unthinkable. For us, it works.

I was nervous and scared the first couple times I saw another man's cock enter her. But I had always wanted to try it. It was her idea. She's a little kinkier than I am. Has probably had experiences I haven't a clue about but some I know ARE new and we are exploring them together.

We were in her one night at the beginng of our relationship. Messing around. Kissing passionately. Making each other horny. I told her to tell me her deepest darkest fantasy she would love to come true.

She proceeded to tell me how she wanted to be tied up and she wanted me to have other men come fuck her and she wouldn't know who it was.

That's all I needed. Besides cumming right there, I knew I had to act with her. So I made it happen. I found a couple guys online. One was very quick. Our bedroom was dark, I had tied her hands behind her back and bent her over the bed. Had him come in and start fucking her. She was asking me between moans, "Do you like watching him fuck me, baby? You like watching him pound my pussy?."

I think the first couple of times I didn't get hard during, mostly out of nerves. I was nervous. MY woman had another man's cock in her and they both were enjoying it.

But I became quickly addicted. I needed to see more. I needed to see her fucked more. We had a guy that would come in several nights a week, while she was blindfolded and tied up and fuck her pussy and cum inside it. His cumloads were so big, it was truly the first time I had fucked a pussy (that I'm aware of) with another man's cum inside. Let me tell you, if you've never experienced it, best fucking lube ever in your woman's pussy, is another man's cum. Period. It got to the point where I never wanted to fuck her unless another guy had shot his hot cumload in her pussy. It got to the point where she wouldnt LET me cum in her, only them first. And now, I dont get to cum inside her at all. It's truly progressed.

Anyhow. That led to her first Big Black Cock (BBC). Then another. Both were while she was blindfolded but were hot as fuck to watch.

In the meantime, I should mention that she had bought an iPad and I was playing around on it. I found some Gay Porn on it. I asked her about it and she said she thought Gay porn was hot and masturbated to it, often. She asked if I had ever done anything with another man. I sent her a few pics of me sucking some cock. I can't tell you how nervous I was from the time I sent those pics to the time she responded. About 30 mins went by. I figured my relationship was over.

Finally she messaged me back: "That is SO fucking HOT! I want to see that". We then texted back and forth, I explained that I was bisexual, but totally committed to her. She was fine with it.

So. She was serious about wanting to watch me suck cock. But more than that she wanted to watch me with another man. Kissing, making out, etc. So we went out one night (and repeated again later with my roomate and best friend at the time, a female biker model. Lovely coming out of the closet) to a Gay bar. She would go as my best friend. My girlfriend was now my best friend for the night, and me, well, I was her Gay best friend. She ended up finding a bi guy and was making out with him and me, and having us exchange kissing (him and her and me and him). I was hit on by a a cute younger Gay guy and and we were all at a stand up table drinking and kissing.

She told the gay guy in was with that she likes gays and wanted to watch me suck his cock. Just so happens the bar had a small leather shop upstairs and my now "date" new the guy that ran it, so he took us upstairs and got us in a back dressing room type place. I will admit, this guy was nice looking and a really good kisser for a guy, and had a really nice cock. Amber brought her guy upstairs and he hoisted her up on a counter top and started eating her pussy (I had no idea she wasn't wearing panties) and I got down on my knees and started sucking this guy's cock.

It was nice. He got super rock hard. The other guy that was with Amber eating her pussy got super horny and he apparently had a pierced cock which he also offered to me, briefly. She was moaning the whole time watching me sucking cock. Watching her Gay for the night, boyfriend on his knees sucking a hard cock. Then other guy started fucking her and I'm certain she came just about the same time the Gay guy came so much it was squirting all over my face and chin. I got a nice facial and she was so turned on by the cumshot and being fucked at the same time that she came as well. Me and the gay guy made out a little longer and then left the room to get more drinks while Amber's pierced cock guy fucked her until he finished. We ended the night and went home and fucked like rabbits. She had a nice hot load in her and kept telling me how hot that was. We ended up running into the Gay guy again at the bar and then again at a Wal-Mart. He really wanted me again, but nothing ever happened excpet him and I making out while my best friend went as my second FagHag with us one night. Lucky for me she was cool with it all. She didn't want to see anything sexual though.

Soon after, Amber set up an account on AdultFriendFinder. She wanted to find a guy that would Fuck us both. Have to give her credit, she listened when I told her my likes and dislikes. We had an encounter with a guy that let me suck his cock and fucked me while she watched and then he fucked her and came in her. He wasn't as aggressive or assertive as we would have liked so she modified the ad to say that we needed a man to make me his bitch and fuck us both and could cum in her. She did find that guy.

Now, with men I've always been a bottom. I like sucking cock. I do like cum. I like getting fucked. While, believe it or not, I don't consider myself a wimp, or a beta make, with men I do like to take the submissive role. Amber likes the Alpha male role, she likes dominant men. So we share this like. I will say, when we are alone I'm the man. I'm dominant. She's submissive to me. So to truly submit to men like this, in front of my woman, was scary. I wasn't sure how she would see me now. Ya know what? Its a role. A sexual role. Its all in fun. And she sees it the same way.

So, she tells me on a kid free Friday evening that we have a dominant guy coming over to Fuck us both. We started drinking wine, her and I. I needed the buzz. I was in a robe and Amber was naked. This guy came in and immediately said, "I'm here to make you my bitch and take her pussy and make it mine. Take your robe off. I did, and he told me to get down there and suck it. He started getting hard and his cock was huge. Thankfully we had lubed up my ass because he told me to bend over and he proceeded to fuck me mercilessly. Amber was so turned on. She started getting in on dominating me. A little unusual for me. I was on all fours getting my ass pounded and she told him, "Fuck that ass. Fuck him HARDER!" I'm sure my eyes we're wide open because he was really fucking me. And she was really turned on, asking me If I liked that cock in my ass".

Now, the deal was he got to finish in her. Fucking her. Cumming in her. And he did. He fucked her and she loved it, and she came missionary from his fucking which isn't easy for her. This guy was obviously familiar with Cuckolding because he told me to get down and eat that pussy. She cooed and he recorded me eating his creamy hot load from her pussy. I loved it. The taste and look and the feel. My one regret is that although we have video of me sucking his cock and sharing it with her, somehow the video of me eating that creampie was deleted.

Since then we had many adventures with her fucking other men but she got more and not into Black guys. We didn't have any more bi dominant guys, but she has become quite the slut, especially for Big Black Cock. I've watched her fuck and get fucked by probably a couple dozen men, maybe more, over the past 4.5 years but black cock has become her favorite, and I love it too. I get the creampie everytime usually once they've left.

We had one guy that came in early December over two nights in a row, and the second night they were fucking for nearly 3 hours. No shit. He must've taken Viagra or something. I was kind of hoping they be done soon towards the end. LoL. This wasn't something we did all the time. Just maybe once a month or so. And was ALWAYS her choice. I never tried to talk her into anything. She loves getting fucked by other guys in front of me, it's a real turn on for her, to be slutty and to see me get turned on by it. This particular guy she seemed to enjoy And was very passionate with. Most of the time, even when she was riding on his cock and cumming on it, she didn't even glance at me, she was so into the sex with him, although she told me later that she saw me stroking my cock and getting hard.

Then back in late December she was having a lot of bleeding vaginally. Not related to sex, but she was having these fibroids and ended up having to have a vaginal hysterectomy. So they removed her uterus. We had to go without sex for a couple months or so.

Then that brings us to this past Saturday night. So, earlier in the week I had decided to plan some fun. A couple of different things for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Friday morning I ended up in the hospital, I was having chest pain. U went to my Dr and they did an EKG and it looked strange so Doc sent me into the hospital immediately. I was admitted and they ran many tests and found nothing but low potassium. I returned to a normal rhythm but late Friday afternoon I started to cancel our fun. I was going to have her tag-teamed by two black guys with huge cocks. And sunday, something else she wanted to see, me fucking another guy. I had found a submissive twinkish guy. Love those cute smooth asses and I wanted to try fucking one. Anyhow, when in was down having a test done, she apparently was messing around on my tablet, and a notification popped up.

Curious she looked at my social media account. Obviously being open minded and knowing all my fetishes and even supporting and encouraging my bisexuality, she didn't care so much that I had one, with nasty pictures of smoking fetish girls, Gay sex and bug huge cocks, and Cuckolding stuff. She knew about all that and was into it all. But she had found a site I had uploaded multiple videos and pics of me sucking cock, and in 3 of the videos I had got a rare itch to Top and Fuck a guy. Bareback.

Now.....when we were alone in the room, she pulled up the site on her phone and started playing the videos. Said, "I got something I need to ask you about". I was so fucking nervous and scared. She knelt over and kissed me and whispered in my ear, "So you know how fucking horny I am right now? From now on if you want cock I want you to tell me and I want to see any pics and videos. She told me she wanted me to get a twink and fuck him. I told her about the bi guy had talked to that was willing to do this. I also told her in had planned on having two BBC's tag team her. She was so turned on and she made me finger her in my hospital bed until she came.

Fortunately I was discharged late in the evening Saturday and was able to text a BBC guy that had fucked her before and a couple others. Although that was entirely an accident. Yep guys, I meant to have two BBC to fuck her because I thought she would enjoy and it would be hot to see one in her pussy and one in her mouth, and instead THREE BBC guys came and fucked her. It was hot, and yes I got videos to share. And the one guy that I had fucked before apparently was VERY much into the Cuckolding lifestyle and at one point he came in her and told me to get down there and clean that shit up. He recorded me, in front of the other two guys getting down and licking his cum from her pussy and eating it out.

She loved it and so did I, although it was a little humiliating doing it in front of other men. I didn't care. I was her Cuckold. I had just witnessed my girlfriend getting fucked repeatedly by the huge Big Black Cocks and her loving every minute of it. At one point she was riding one and came on his cock while sucking another who was standing up. At another point she was on her back being fucked by one guy and had another shoved in her mouth and another in her hand. She loved it. I ate all their I'm creampies from her pussy that nigh and have videos of me eating two of them.

Afterwards she was pretty worn out so we rested after the guys left and she smoked and I ate her pussy some more. I have a huge smoking fetish so I love eating her pussy while she lays here smoking and telling me how big their cocks were, how they made her pussy feel so full, how much she loved it, and how much she wants more BBC. She said she loves being a Big Black Cock slut and she picked one of the guys to come Fuck her again sometime, alone when she can take a lunch break at home. I just asked to be kept in the loop and her to tell me when he's coming and him as well and to send me a pic or two and save that I'm creampie for me.

The next morning we woke up early and she went and showered again (she had showered after the mini Gang Bang last night as well). I checked my email messages and that twink guy had messaged me saying he had just got off work. She came out of the shower and kissed me on the bed and told me how hot last night was, but 3 might have been a bit much. LoL. She was horny again. I told her that that guy messaged me he was off work and available. She said to get him over here and fuck him. She said she wanted me to fuck his ass while his cock was in her pussy. She wanted to feel his cock pounding her each time I pounded him. It was making me hard so she climbed on top and started riding me while I was messaging him.

I told her I was about to cum and she said, "No!" She slowed down and kept me hard, she said she wanted me to wait and cum in his ass only. So he got there and I took him upstairs to our bedroom. She was still naked from the night before. She started kissing us both and stroking both our cocks, at point running them together. That was hot. Then she climbed in bed and laid back. He got down and started eating her pussy. She was moaning. I got some lube out and started lubing my cock and his ass. I'm a bigger guy. Kind of a Bear in the Gay community. I was rubbing my hard cock on his ass crack and I finally was able to enter him. I started fucking his ass and although one as afraid I would slip out his cock was rock hard from my rock hard cock fucking his ass and we inched his cock to her pussy.

He slid in and I was fucking him and he was fucking her. I kid you not, I came in his ass and almost immediatly he came in her pussy. Her and I got a few clips of me fucking him and, she was on her back recording in the dresser mirror next to the bed. I had my phone and got a good clip of my cock fucking his ass and even panned up to show her being fucked at the same time. We put the phones down so we could concentrate on the fucking. I got a good clip of her pussy his cum dripping out and you can see a trail of where my cum dripped out of his ass. After he left she, took a clue from the black guy the night before and told me to get down there and eat that shit. You can hear her say that too. LoL. I loved it. The fourth guys cum load I had eaten from her pussy in less than 12 hours and I know at least one of the black guys came in her twice.

We enjoyed it alot. Both of us. And I think all the guys liked fucking her as well, and I will say as much of a bottom as I am, I liked fucking that young guys ass, (I say young, I'm 42 and he is 28). I loved feeling his ass and holding it while I fucked him like I had been fucked before. Amber is 34 btw, in case I hadn't said before.

Well, I know this was at times wordy. We are a REAL couple and these experiences are 100% real. I have the video clips to prove it and if anyone likes this sort of stuff, I will share them, everything from all the BBC we had before to the 3 guys from this past Saturday night including me eating the creampies to me fucking the guy fucking her and eating his cum too. I just need an email address from you so send it to my inbox. Give me some time because I have to allow your email access to each clip on my Google Drive. Takes a little bit and I can do it from home much easier.

Amber texted me Monday morning that her legs and pussy were sore but she had a great time and enjoyed it. She just thought that 3 BBC's were something she should have worked up to.

I used to have difficulty cumming when I was stroking and watching her live, being taken by another man, but not anymore. It's such a turn on stat I can usually cum within 5 mins. If I get bored, and they are going at it for a long time, sometimes I have to step out and just let them have thier fun and enjoy. She truly loves big dicks, and I love her getting them. I'm proud of her. Very proud. And she has told me I am a very good cuckold. I'm her good cuckold.

Comments and thoughts are certainly welcome guys. Just try not to hate too much of this isn't your thing. For us, it works. I love my slut, and I love being a Cuckold and she says I'm a good one. I love this lifestyle. We enjoy it and love each other very much. There is only so much my cock can do, and I accept that. Having other guys fuck her and her them gives her multiple orgasms, cocks bigger than mine (we aren't into the humilation aspect of Cuckolding per se, but she prefers they definitely be bigger than me...if nothing more than for the experience).

I also realized the first time I saw her riding a BBC she was blindfolded but she moaned so loud and loved it SO much. She said at the end she loved his big cock and wanted it again. Sadly we lost contact with him. But there have been plenty of others and will be more I'm sure. She has said she will never stop fucking other men, and will never stop getting big black cock.

I for one believe her.

Amber & Brian - bambamkc73@gmail.com





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