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I asked my wife if she would like me to blindfold her and have someone fuck her. I was surprised at her answer, and quite turned on. She smiled and was quiet. I could see her thinking about it. Then she said, "That would be hot."

Then she said 'I could just be naked and men could suck my tits, fuck and eat me.' I mentioned that guys would also have blindforlds on and get fondled and sucked by anyone. That really turned me on. My wife never knew that I wanted to try sucking cock. This way I could suck like I'm sucking mine, imagine giving my own balls a saliva bath and cumming in my own mouth. I know if I could suck my cock that I'd be the best cocksucker ever. I would just imagine sucking myself dry. And afterwards, not a soul would know. I wouldn't have to worry about the guy doing any other physical contact with me. If I didn't like it, I just wouldn't do it again. I was definitely going to plan a party. In reality part of me did want to suck another guy's cock, not my own obviously. It was a distraction to say I wanted my own. I am not gay or bi but the thought of serving a bull is a massive turn-on.

We were so horny one evening when driving and talking about this that we stopped in a sex shop with private video rooms. A bigger older guy asked if we wanted to join him. He said we could do what we want, don't need to do anything with him and he'd feed the video machine about $50. Do your own thing, and I'll do mine; just let me know if I can be of any service. I said well, that doesn't seem fair. He assured us it would just be a turn-on for us to be in the room with him.

He seemed genuine, nice and normal. We also liked the idea of someone jacking off in front of us, so we thanked him and went in the room with him. He started the video and took off his clothes. Holy Huge! nuts the size of baseballs, thicker than a roll of silver dollars and 9-10"--and he was soft. He must look bigger because he's shaved and maybe he doesn't get bigger, just harder. I know I can be very small until turned-on--then I grow about10X bigger (between girth/length). It would be impossible for him to get 10x bigger. He must be turned on already, just not quite fully.

My wife had to be turned on. I was. I could see she was so I'm sure she saw I was. I had to apologize for staring and told him we never saw a cock that big. He said don't worry about it. I'm happy you like it. It turns me on. My wife took her jacket off showing all she was wearing was a skirt (with no underwear) and a light, white button-up shirt. She didn't have a bra, so you could see her nice nipples were hard. My clothes were off and my wife was holding my super hard cock.

Well I was wrong, he grew more. His cock was the size of my forearm. How could a woman even handle a cock that big. Well, I guess a baby's head is thicker than his cock. He would just maybe not be able to go as deep as possible. My wife grabbed his shaft like grabbing a baseball bat and said suck it. I was happy she said that, but it was so big. She urged me to get on my knees and put his big mushroom head in my mouth. He moaned and my wife put one of his hands up her skirt. She sounded so wet as he finger-fucked her cunt.

The sloshing sound was so hot and the room filled with the sweet scent of her pussy juice. I lubed up his cock and used both hands to squeeze his precum up his shaft into my mouth. My wife was trying hard to be quiet, but finally got into the doggy style position and pulled our new friend's hand down. He got behind her and very slowly penetrated her dripping pussy. I started passionately kissing my wife, while feeding the video machine that we weren't watching.

Robert was in her quite a bit now. the sounds and smells were like heaven. She was saying his name and told me to let her suck my cock. That was the best she ever sucked--kind of painful, but it felt soo good. She began cumming hard as Robert shot his firehose of cum in my wife. My wife was exhausted and lay on her back panting. Robert asked if he could finish me off, and sucked every drop of cum out of me, then said thank you. I said you're welcome. Now it's time to eat your cum and I made my wife cum until I got my fill of creampie--well, I never tire of having my face and tongue in her pussy/ass, but we spent almost all of Robert's money, so we had to go.

I felt so stupid and embarrassed on the ride home--thinking I was so into his cock and cum. My wife probably thinks I'm gay. I don't even want to see a pic of a cock, and I can't believe I sucked on a dick. I hope we can move on and chalk this up to just a wild and crazy experience, I can't even blame it on alcohol because we don't drink.

Then my wife asked if I had fun. I was hoping she wouldn't even talk about it. I was good with her enjoying him. That still turned me on, but the thought of his cock in my mouth and me slurping down her creampie made me feel totally humiliated.

I sheepishly said that was quite the experience. It was hot seeing you enjoy getting fucked by Robert. I love seeing you have a good time. It sounds wierd, since a it was another guy and he had such a huge cock that put mine to shame. I have to say that I felt really stupid doing what I did.

My wife stopped me and said that watching me suck his cock was very hot, and really got her going. She wanted to fuck him so bad too and that made me harder thna ever.

I still didn't know if she meant it, or was just trying to make me see that she didn't feel like she thought less of me for getting into another cock; but it did make me feel better. She said seeing his big cock in your mouth and you squeezing and swallowing his precum got me so wet that I wanted him inside me. I told her that I didn't feel bad seeeing her enjoy his big cock, especially when he came in her, that was the hottest. It must have felt like a high prssure hose, and I know how much you like the feeling of me squiting my load in you. It looked like you were so happy. I didn't think I would want to have anything to do with his cum once he swallowed my load, but you were so turned on, that I dove right into your juicy cunt and sucked up everything I could--and you cumming even more increased my appetite. I saw we spen almost all of the money, so we had to go. Then the regretful feelings started to creep in.

She said, "I totally love you and would never want to be in a serious relationship with another guy but that was the hottest sex we've ever had! "

I agreed, and said I did like seeing her fuck him and I look forward to doing it again, knowing how much you enjoyed being fucked. She smiled and said hmmm, now I want you to experience watching me with other men and I'll even give you a good show with a woman if you're good. I've always thought about it, so I'm exited about it now. You pick the situation. I said, I will, but first I want to plan a blindfold party.

We'll post again if/when we do it.

Easton PA




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