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One of the more recent stories on the blog where a couple went to a swingers party inspired me to send in our own. My wife and I were in Minneapolis for the weekend and I was on-line on an adult site. I saw that there was a swingers party near our hotel tonight. The ad stated:

Couples swingers party - meet and greet or play. Just curious and don't want to play? That's just fine. This will be a very non-dudgemental get-together. Stop in and meet some new people.

I thought it would be interesting just to stop in. My wife did too. and it was only a mile away. I emailed to see if they had room for another couple. They replied that since they just posted the ad, that it was a very small group. So yes.

On the way, we discussed that we'd both be totally fine with each other doing anything. We've never been with anyone in the twenty years we've been together and figured our relationship was strong enough that we would have few drinks and give each other the freedom to take a walk on the "wild side." Besides, we've talked about how we'd like to watch each other - well a bit of me and another woman but mostly her with a guy. And we weren't considering the cuckold lifestyle at all by this point.

So my wife wore pretty white panties, black knee high nylons, a skirt, no bra, a low cut shirt, high heels and a leather jacket to cover up her erect nipples on this cooler night.

I wore a grey suit.

When we arrived, we gave or host/hostess twp bottles of wine and were led to another room with a bar where people were talking and having drinks. There was a Sybian machine and the hostess said that she'll demonstrate what it can do in a bit. She was in her late 30's or early 40's, was a bit curvy with some of the biggest natural boobs I've seen. She looked pretty sexy in her black dress. She had a bra on. Her boobs must've been around DDD. Her husband was about 6'2, and 250 pounds. He had a shirt and tie on.

Lyn, our hostess, asked if we minded just the four of us talking. We both thought that sounded great. Then she said that she'd turn the porch light off and be right back. Her husband, George, said that when she cums back that she'd probably mount the Sybian, so he'd like to take his clothes off. He was stipped down by the time Lyn got back. My wife's eyes were fixated on his cock. I could just imagine how soaked her panties must be getting. When Lyn arrived she took off her dress, unfastened her bra and let her big tits free. They were big and round--very hot! As she mounted the Sybian, her tits were hanging and she groaned as she slid onto the Sybian for a ride.

Georges 8" cock began to grow and seemed to point right at Lyn as he watched. Then he came and sat by us. We stripped down while Lyn was getting fucked by their new toy. Lyn moaning and writhing on the Sybian was great ambiance. George grabbed her boobs, got on his knees and started giving her nipples a lick. Toni (my wife) said that it was so hot, laid on the edge of the king-sized bed and asked George if he wanted to fuck or eat her. I was taken aback. I knew we said we could do anything but Toni was practically throwing herself and George's cock without a thought for me at all.

Lyn turned up the Sybian. Her big tits were shaking and she was getting very loud as the Sybian kept it's fast, hard rythmic fucking. George's sucking and massaging her tits only made her louder. George then walked over to Toni and slid her panties off her legs. He fingered her and massaged her tits while he put the wet spot of her panties to his nose, then he slid his big cock in, causing her to moan with pleasure. My cock is only 6", so his was quite a bit larger than me--and it was very thick. I was hard as ever.

I heard Toni cum at least twice as Lyn and I watched them go at it. Lyn had all she could handle from the Sybian, turned it off and just sat on it, watching the other two. Then she went over to the bed to watch while George made Toni cum again and almost shot his load in her. She made him pull out and asked me to slurp her pussy juice off her pussy and taste his cock until it was all clean. Then they dressed and asked if we would join the rest of the party with them. So we followed and just had a few drinks and enjoyed the night chatting with a few couples. We went home with me feeling left out and a bit hurt as nobody seemed to care about me playing. I'll admit that I was also horny as hell and I fucked Toni hard that night. I think she understood at some level that I would like it like that, the way she smiled in bed at me as she recalled George's cock and seeing me react. I could be a cuck, I don't know, but I liked what happened.

Mike and Toni




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