I was Unfaithful to My Husband

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My husband and I have been married for almost six years and earlier this year we tried something a little bit different - a little bit exciting.

We had gone to a friend's wedding, we didn't really know a lot of the people there but we mucked in and made an effort. I had decided to get really dressed up and was wearing a long ankle length dress and some high heel strappy sandles, I had my hair up and my husband said I looked fantastic.

At the reception in the evening we got sat opposite a guy in his late 50's and his wife. They seemed nice enough and we quickly got to know them and it wasn't long before I realised that the guy faniced me and was making it quite obvious. My husband had clocked what was going on and found it amusing and he suggested that I flirt with the guy and tease him a bit to teach him a lesson. So whilst we were sat at the table talking I slipped my shoe off and ran my bare foot up his leg and back down.

The guy loved that the look on his face showed it, I carried on rubbing my bare foot up his leg getting a bit higher each time and teasing him more and more, his wife sat there next to him chatting away to me and my husband totally oblivious.

Eventually it must have got too much for him as he excused himself from the table and said he was going to get some fresh air. The rest of us started to move round and mingle and I decided to go outside and find him and tease him some more.

I found him outside and he was clearly excited by what I had been doing to him, he pulled me round the corner out of sight and said he wanted me and before I could say anything we were kissing.

I found myself quite enjoying it, the feel of his body pressing against me and his tongue in my mouth, so I kissed him back hard and I began to feel his erect cock poking through his trousers which made me even more horny. I grabbed him and squeezed him tight as he kissed my neck. He moved further down dropping to his knees, his hands reached under my dress and pulled my knickers down and off, he lifted the front of my dress up and kissed my pussy, he then started to lick it and kiss it, I took hold of my dress and lifted it right up. I knew what I was doing was naughty and unfaithful to my husband but I couldn't stop, it felt fantastic and so so naughty. He usually wants to see what I do but this time was too much for me. I reached down and grabbed the back of his head and pressed his head deeper into my pussy and he began to lick harder and I could feel my juices flowing and my pussy getting warmer and wetter and I began to moan softly.

I put one leg over his shoulder to give him more access and he lapped it up and I could feel a red hot orgasm approaching. No one but my husband had ever made me cum and now here was this guy who I had never met who was 20yrs older than me about to make me cum!

Seconds later with a loud gasp I had the biggest hottest wildest orgasm I have ever had that seemed to last forever.

Afterwards he said my pussy was pulsating when I was cumming. He then asked me to suck his cock and I was just undoing his trousers when he spotted his wife wondering around looking for him so we abandoned that quickly.

We went back inside to the reception and I immidiately went to his wife and started chatting to her about the wedding and dresses, women's stuff. I felt so naughty but so horny as I chatted to her, my pussy was still pulsing from the orgasm I had and I was still soaking wet, I'm sure she must have been able to smell my scent. I didn't have any knickers on at this point and I just wanted to lift my dress up and show my pussy to his wife and say to her "Your husband did this" and show her my throbbing cunt.

Later me and her husband danced and he slipped me his phone number and said to ring him so that we could have sex........I still haven't rung but I often think about it.

To this day my husband is driven wild with lust because he couldn't see what happened. The most he saw was me running my foot up his leg under the table. Well I also always tell him that the guy he encouraged me to flirt with gave me the biggest orgasm of my life!





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