Wife Loves Big Cocks and Older Men


She Loves Huge Dicks - It all began about 2 years after we got married.

We've been married for 10 years and together for 14. I am six years her senior and now 40.

Back when my wife was 26 - she started working for this one company in the media. Having met me at 21 she was not greatly experienced and had had only one other partner than me. Well she ended up working with a guy 26 years older than her. He has wife and kids but he was definitely highly sexed and not getting any from his wife. Working with this young hottie, with a thing for older men, provided the perfect opportunity. They would be off for days working together alone, so opportunity was not hard to come by.

One thing led to another, well actually my wife turned up in his room one night and seduced him.

The thing is - you read a lot of stuff on here which is probably wishful thinking concerning size, but there was one very noticeable difference between this guy and myself - he has a 9/ 10 inch cock, and really thick, my wife says she can't get her hand around it. I am an average 6 and probably half the thickness. Despite what many women will tell you, she loves his big cock.

When they were first fucking she bought condoms, but they wouldn't fit on his cock, so then she learnt you could buy extra large condoms (I didn't even know you could get them).

She says not to worry about his big cock, she loves my 6 incher as well, just once in a while she likes to be impaled on his extra large cock. She says that his big cock does make her scream and that it rubs the top of her pussy which is like another G-spot, and it makes her squirt.

She also says she loved the challenge of his big cock - one time when they had no condoms, she said to fuck it up her ass, and he did. It was the first time he had done anal, and he loved it. He loved it so much he has done her ass many times since. She said that once when they were out in the countryside (with work) he got horny, made her suck his cock for a while, then completely undressed her and fucked her balls deep up the ass. She said she had never had such a dirty fuck and her ass had never been so abused, but that she came several times while he pumped his cock into her, before he unloaded a huge amount of spunk up into her asshole. She also admitted she'd let me fuck her later that night, and she got a real thrill feeling her aching ass, still wet with cum, whilst I fucked her pussy.

She also says she loves the feeling for the next two days after he fucks her - her pussy just aches and aches and she gets little after shock orgasms from the ache.

I had thought the whole thing was over, but she admitted last month she had met up with him while I was away and he'd fucked her several times - and she got thoroughly stretched by him doggy style. She also sucked him off and swallowed his cum, and had him lick her to orgasm for several hours.

She says she also loves big cocks after they've come - all wet and thick and bent like a banana - she loves to lick and suck the cum and juices off them. Smaller cocks don't have the same after effect.

All my previous girlfriends before my wife have always been full of praise for me as a lover, so I know I'm not bad, but how do i compete with this older guy with the huge cock ?

At first I was angry and jealous and tried to lay down the law. But she always sneaks back for some more. So finally I've had to accept that she likes to sleep with other men. She's had another couple of lovers, but her favourite treat is the older guy with his big big penis.

So in the end I end up using it as excitement in the bedroom - she tells me about how she has been fucked by him (in countless hotel rooms), and my god she has done everything with him! And she sits on my face and tells me how she'd like to do this after he's come in her pussy. In fact she's gone on the pill so she can get me and her lovers to fill her pussy.

So I've ended up a cuckold - never thought I would - but here I am. I'm a bit bemused. I don't think I'm a wimp, and I don't think I want complete humiliation, but because I love my wife I have to share her lifestyle. SOmetimes that means when I push my cock into her, she is already wet and stretched from a couple of days of fucking with her lover, and I know after him she doesn't feel me so well for a couple of weeks.

I used to have girlfriends whom I could fill their pussy's - but not my wife. I guess women vary internally as much as men externally - and she seems to suite a large cock. We still have great sex, but she'll not want to give up her other men. These pictures are of her taken by him when they were together.



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