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Hi! My name is .......... well it really doesn't matter but my online friends know me as WifeLeftAlone. I know a silly name but it is meant to encourage horny guys to contact me and tell me all the dirty things they want to do to me. It's even better when they take some of the pictures I post and pay tribute to me by wanking over my tits and pussy in the pics then send them back. Occasionally I get the odd video of horny men playing with their hard cocks, telling me that they imagine them inside me and then cumming over my pictures. This is something I do for myself and for my husband who allows me to play like this. It turns him on a great deal and he wants to know all about it. It's become central to our sex life and really has drawn us closer together, which is odd but we love it so far.

A couple months ago I was on the train going to Leeds when a couple of guys shared the seating area with me. At first we didn't pay any attention to one another but as the journey progressed we struck up a conversation as you do. It seems the guys were travelling up from London to attend a conference on police identification procedures of all things. They explained that they were at the forefront of research into a new kind of photofit practices for catching offenders. I didn't totally understand at the time but it had something to do with facial mapping to be able to piece together fragments of an offender caught on different CCTV cameras and using software to piece the images together to get an ID.

Both men were in their mid thirties and fit looking in a copper sort of way. They looked like typical CID detectives in their dark suits and almost identical ties. As the conversation got more and more technical my mind strated to drift as I imagined what it would be like to see either of them naked. At least it helped me smile as if I was understanding and taking in all they were saying.

I was brought out of my reverie when the intercom announced that I was at my destination. As I got my coat on and my overnight bag off the overhead rack I noticed that the two men were also preparing to get off the train. We smiled and said our farewells and headed out to the station platform.

I had come to Leeds for a two day course for my job and was staying at the Queens hotel for the two nights. I caught a cab the short distance and booked in before finding my room on the third floor. I had worked all day before getting on the train so was shattered and just ordered a sandwhich to be brought up to my room for dinner.

My first visit to the dining room was for breakfast so you can imagine my surprise when just a couple tables from me were the men from the train. We said our hellos and did the usual about it being a small world then got on with our respective breakfasts. The two men finished slightly before me and while passing my table said they would stand me a drink if I was in the bar later that night. I smiled sweetly and said that that would be lovely.

NowI know what you are thinking; that I met them that evening and we had a fantastic threesome. Yeah, yeah right. It would have been a nice enough thought but they were either cops or worked with cops and for reasons I'd rather not go into that was not my bag. As I sat there I had no intention of meeting the guys, for an innocent drink or anything else.

Day one of my course was as boring as any course I'd ever been so very tiring. I decided to go for an early dinner and shoot off to my room to look over the course material and get online to see if any of my pals were playing. However by 10pm my head was pounding and I couldn't settle so had a shower but when that didn't work I rang down to reception to see if they had any paracetamol. They said they had so I decided to go down to collect them and get a breath of fresh air. I threw on a track suite bottom and T shirt and headed down.

OK I know I'm lazy but after collecting my medication I headed towards the lift to go back to my room but just as the doors were closing the younger of my two friends got in with me. 'We really do seem to keep bumping into each other don't we?' He smiled. I was feeling a little better so I thought I'd be a bit more sociable and apologise for not meeting them for the drink. 'Ah thats OK he said. Simon is still in the room. I'm Michael by the way. We didn't make it down either. We've been working on some software. I just popped out to see if I could find somewhere to get some more computer CDs.' He flashed a pack of Tesco discs to support his claim.

He asked meto their room to show me what they've been up to and I said 'why not.'

So I stood behind the two men. Mike with a shit eating grin on his face as if he was about to do an impressive magic trick and Simon looking rather pale and if anything, even more embarassed as if I'd caught him stealing a hotel towel.

As I watched Mike's fingers flew over the laptop keyboard bringing up a CCTV clip of me booking into the hotel reception the previous evening. When it got to a clear image of me looking almost directly at the camera he froze the playback and explained that that would be the image their software would work on. Zooming in to a very small portion to my face he explained that to the naked eye we would have no way of telling who that was or for that matter, even tell it was a person. However, if the computer took even smaller bites of the frame it could compare it with billions of other similar images in its databank or, as they had done, online.

To demonstrate he showed a still picture of me on a friends facebook page taken at her birthday party earlier in the year. 'Comparing thousands of little bits of your image we found this....' Mike boasted as if he'd just presented his firstborn to the world. 'And this....' This time it was of me on a beach in Majorca last year. 'Wow! That bikini was very brief.' I smiled to myself. MIke then ran through a number of such images until he found one that made my bikini clad pic look as if I was over dressed. It was a picture of me on my 'Domywife' site with my leaopard print top rolled down showing my tits with a caption underneath saying, ' Lips and nipples for your cock to cum on ......'

Now it was my turn to look shocked. 'How the hell do you rekon that's me? You can only see the tits and mouth.' I thought you had to have my whole face to get your stuff to work.'

Giving no indication that Mike had spotted my slip of the tongue by saying, '... my face' he explained that the programme only needed to have parts of the face to make the comparrison. 'Now that the system is able to identify ........ er .... other parts of your anatomy it has come up with these other images ....' He then clicked through five or six more images of me in various states of undress and sexual poses.

'Of course as I explained earlier it doesn't just work on still images.' Mike explained as he brought up a video clip of me and hubby sucking, fucking and playing with my pink dildo.

'Show her the next one Mike.' Simon said seemingly to be over his initial shock and now as excited as Mike had become. The next one was again of me and my old man but a different one. It looked like the original clip was playing on a laptop and then being filmed with another male wanking at what he was seeing on the screen. 'Wow! Nice cock I said before I could stop myself.' 'Thanks.' Simon said almost as quickly. Looking more closely I recognised the laptop the clip was playing on an the coffee table it was sitting on in front of me.

'My god Simon you dirty dog.' Mike laughed. 'You've been really enjoying your work while I've been out haven't you?'

I looked from Simon's face down to his crotch where I could see a bulge starting to form again. Looking back to his face I smiled and said, 'So the subject is somewhat more than just professional interest then is it?' Looking from Simon to Mike I realised that both men's eyes were like organ stops goggling at my breasts. Because I'd not bothered to put a bra on under my shirt, my arousal at what was happening was making itself evident. My nipples were forcing themselves against the thin material of my shirt as if I'd suddenly had something cold put down my back. At this realisation I was also begining to feel a tingling deep inside my belly and moving towards my pussy. That thought just opened the flood gates and I suddenly began to feel quite damp down there too.

Mike broke the silence that had fallen. 'So you like the thought of men wanking over your pics and vids do you? Ever thought what it would be like to have it happen live? We'll not do anything you are't happy with but I think if we both flopped our cocks out now and stroked to one of your vids you wouldn't object.' Both men were now fondling their respective bulges. Fearing my wetness would start to soak through my tracksuit bottom I sat on the edge of the bed and crossed my legs to try and cover that area. 'So you'll just play with yourselves while you watch my vid and I can watch? Nothing else?'

Too late. Simons right hand was down his trousers and Mike was undoing his button and zip and pulling his Jockey shorts down to expose a cock which wasn't the longest I'd ever seen but it must have been approaching the thickest. Both men were ignoring the laptop and were looking at me as they slowly brought their cocks to full erection. 'Does this get you horny?' Simon almost whispered. 'Does the thought of two horny men playing with their dicks, imagining what they'd like to do with you make you wet? If you've never done it before you must be wondering what it would be like to have us cum all over you instead of just one of your pictures. To feel our hot, thick cum splashing on your tits and running down your body towards you pussy. To rub our slippery man juices over your nipples and into you pussy.'

Oh God he sure knew how to push my buttons I thought as my own hand slipped into the waist band of my trackies and down to feel the wetness I knew was forming. 'Would you like that?' I replied in a husky voice I couldn't seem to make any louder. 'If I stripped off would you come over here and stroke your thick cocks above me while I fingered my deep pussy? Perhaps one of you would prefer to drop your thick white spunk into my mouth. It wouldn't go to waste I assure you.'

I'd intended playing them at their own word teasing game. Telling them what they wanted to hear but before I realised what I was doing I'd whipped my top off and sat there playing with my hard nipples. Taking my lead the two well muscled men both stripped naked before advancing a little closer on me. 'You really are a horny, sexy woman.' Mike smiled. 'How far are you willing to go I wonder. I'm not even sure you've decided yet.'

He was now close enough to reach over and gently touch my hand with his. He delayed moving it, looking into my eyes to see if I would object. When I didn't he placed it onto his rigid shaft. He took a sharp intake of breath as my fingers closed around him but reached back with the same hand to pinch my nipple. Pulling him gently along the side of the bed by his cock I laid back on the bed relinquishing myself to the men.

With Mike now kneeling on the side of the bed playing with my tits and me with his cock, Simon boldly came forward and pulled my bottoms off and shoved his head between my thighs to suck my clit and tongue my deep pussy.

Well, If I told you any more I'd have to kill you but I think you can guess that I never returned to my room that night. They still send me tributes to this day. And hubby likes their story better than all the others with other men who send tributes so far. I haven't outright slept with anyone but what I do do with men is so delicious.




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