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This is about my wife and her being stretched open as wide as she's ever been by a co-worker. When Andy a nice guy in his 40's, returned to work with our company (after a few years away and before I started work there), we were made work partners. They said his nickname used to be "12" on account of his cock, but Andy said they were exaggerating, it is only 8 inches. ONLY! Mine is 5.5 on a good day.

It has always been a fantasy of mine to see my lovely wife 'E' being fucked by a hung guy and I could not erase the thought of her being fucked by Andy. So I took the bull by the horns one day and nervously asked Andy if he would be up for it. He said the few times that he had seen 'E' he could not take his eyes off her tits. Anyway one night when 'E' was on a girls night out, the plan was for Andy to come around for a few drinks and go upstairs when we heard 'E' come in and walk in on us after a while.

I gave 'E' a lift into town she looked so sexy with a black miniskirt, knee high boots and a white blouse that you could see her bra through it. Later on I picked up Andy and when we heard 'E''s taxi pull up Andy went upstairs. 'E' was a wee bit tipsy which was great as she is always gets horny when like that. She asked if Andy had left but I told her that he had had a bit much to drink and I said he could stay the night.

'E' sat on the settee and I joined her putting my hand between her thighs. She pushed me away saying that Andy would hear us but I told her he would be sound asleep. She gave in but said we will stay on the settee and be quiet. I was so aroused that I had her blouse open, skirt pulled up, pants off her and had my dick buried in her cunt in double quick time. As planned the living room door opened and the light went on and there was Andy standing wearing only his boxers.

'E' pulled her blouse closed and Andy apologize saying he thought we were in bed and needed some water. I kept pumping away and Andy walked over beside us. 'E' had never said a word as Andy looked down on us and still said nothing as Andy pulled her blouse open. At that point I shot my load into 'E' as Andy started to caress her tits through her bra. Andy dropped his boxers and out fell a huge semi erect cock. 'E' still said nothing as Andy lifted her hand onto his cock.

All of a sudden Andy's cock grew as 'E' started to pull on it. I lifted myself up from between 'E''s legs and Andy's fingers replaced my cock in her cunt. Now I am a man of the world and have seen some big, hard tools and this was just like what I expected an 8" to look like. Apart from being long, 'E''s long painted fingernails could almost not reach around it as it had a huge girth. Andy took my place between 'E''s legs and rubbed the huge head of his cock on her cunt lips.

'E' let out a huge gasp as the head of Andy's cock penetrated her and she nodded her head when Andy said, "do you want it baby". 'E' was panting and gasping really hard as Andy gradually gave her a bit more of his huge cock with each slow thrust. Her boot clad legs were wrapped around Andy's back as she shuddered to a huge climax. For the first time ever my cock was rock hard again as Andy pulled his huge cock from her. He pulled off her miniskirt, blouse and bra and ordered me to fuck her again.

I was back inside her in a jiffy as Andy offered his cock to her mouth but she could only get the end of in in her mouth. After a few minutes Andy ordered me up and once again plunged his cock into 'E' again. 'E' was moaning very loud then Andy turned her over onto her knees and took her from behind. 'E''s tits were swinging out of control and Andy was grabbing them with his big hands. He then lifted her back onto her back once more and slid his rod into her once more.

He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and started thrusting harder and faster. I could clearly see all of his cock was in her as I shot my cum on the carpet. I could hardly have imagined it a guy almost twice her age fucking my lovely wife. It seemed as if 'E' was just climax after climax when all of a sudden Andy thrust his full length in her and fired his seed deep inside her. It was only then I thought of condoms good job 'E' is on the pill.

They just lay there for a few minutes and 'E' just nodded her head when Andy asked if she was ok. Andy said "I will get that water now", had a drink in the kitchen, lifted his boxers and went upstairs. 'E' was still breathing heavily and spunk seeping from her swollen lips as she said "oh my god did did you plan that?" I lied as I said no but assured her I had as much satisfaction as her. After a while we went to bed and were still awake when Andy knocked on the bedroom door and asked if we were ok with what had just went on.

Just as we both said we were fine with it the door opened and Andy walked over to the bed with his huge cock jutting out in front of him. Andy beckoned me out of the bed and started kissing 'E'. He was fingering her still wet pussy as her hand went straight to his cock. He then lay on the bed pole sticking in the air and said "ride it baby". 'E' looked at me and I nodded and she quickly sank herself onto his cock. After a while I left the room and went downstairs because after two shot loads all I could muster was a semi.

It seemed like hours before it went quiet and I fell asleep on the settee. I awoke just before 9 and all I could hear was the bed thumping and 'E' screaming. Not long after it stopped Andy appeared downstairs said his goodbyes and went away.

I went upstairs and 'E' was still lying on the bed in stockings suspenders and really heavy make-up. She said he wanted her to dress up for him. Her cunt was all red and swollen and the bed soaked in cum. She said that he had her every way you could think of and had cum in her 4 times.

Andy now comes round regularly and we both love it





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