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This is about a day last summer that will stay in my mind for a good while. Dave, my beloved husband, had gone away for the weekend with the boys to do boy things. Probably that meant check out girls and anything that moved really. Instead of moping around the house I decided to get to the hairdressers and get a cut and a wax job. While I was getting a style I got chatting to the woman in the next chair, her name was Louise.

She told me, 'Abigail is my name but a little secret you must promise never to tell, my real name is Brienne but I've always been called Benny you promised now.'

Any way we were chatting away and I told her how Gary had gone for the weekend she said her hubby Mark and herself were going to the races that afternoon and I should accompany them. Thought to myself why not and we agreed to meet at a coffee lounge then travel to the races.

While we were at the races Mark met a guy he used to work with when he lived in the city, his name was Mitch, he was about 6 foot, my age, nice build and had long hair for his age but it suited him. The day had gone really well and we all a few drinks and with Mitch's help, a few wins as well.

During the day Mitch had told us he was a horse racing syndicate manager and he was having 4 guys around to his house that night to try and get them to buy into his latest 3 horses he had taken on. He also told us how he had rang a escort agency to arrange for a lingerie waitress for the night hoping this would loosen the wallets of the buyers but the waitress's were all under 23 years so he had backed out thinking this might upset the buyers as some of them had daughters younger than that.

Just as a cheeky side remark I asked him how much are you paying, he said $250 /hour for 3 hours.

We left the races and headed our separate ways. I went home and headed for the shower, the whole time thinking about having 5 men checking out my body and wanting to fuck me. After the shower my pussy had the better of me and I grabbed Mitch's business card from my purse that he had given me earlier and gave him a ring. He was surprised to hear from me. I asked him how would I look as a lingerie waitress, his reply made me blush.

I told him how nervous I was. worried about what Dave would think and had no idea of what to wear. He said he would come around to my place and help me choose an outfit. He went thru my drawers and choose a sheer black top that came half way down my stomach. Black sheer g string that had no double layer so my slit was quite visible, black lace top, stay up stockings and a pair of red pumps that had been in the cupboard for years.

He told me to try the outfit on to see how I looked, while I was trying on the outfit his mobile phone rang, it turned out to be Abigail, as I came into his view he was telling Abigail I was trying on the outfit I was wearing that night. He forgot he was on the phone and said you look fucking great and made a gesture for me to turn around, then said what a fantastic arse. He then remembered he was on the phone and told Abigail we would be there shortly. He said Dave would be fucking proud of how I looked.

I grabbed a dress and put it on over my waitress outfit and we headed off for Abigail's.

On the trip Mitch told me how Abigail had become really aroused at the thought of so many men checking her out and Mark had agreed as long as he could come. We arrived at Abigail's, she answered the door and started with a barrage of questions. Mark called out, 'shut up Abigail' and let them in.

Mitch sat in the lounge and Abigail dragged me off to the bedroom where she had laid out some of her lingerie. She told me to remove my dress to see what I was wearing and said you'll have them blokes cumming in their pants. We choose for her a pale blue sheer bra, g string, black stay up stockings and black pumps, we both had wax jobs that morning so both our slits were visible, we returned to the lounge in our outfits and Mitch said, 'you both look fucking fantastic.'

We headed for his place with 2 bitches in heat.

When we got to Mitch's, he left us in a spare bedroom and headed for the shower. I told Abigail Mitch was going to leave us till he had given the buyers a couple of drinks to loosen the atmosphere and then present us. I told Abigail my pussy was like a tap it was running that much. Her nipples were poking holes in her sheer bra, she said I'm so much looking forward to this. It seemed like no time and Mitch came and into the room and said, 'girls, your on now. Remember I need to sell tonight.'

As we entered the games room, Mitch said, 'guys, we have a couple of the sexiest waitress' to help you consume my liquor. Enjoy the night but remember you're here to buy shares in a horse.'

The cheers and comments we got from the guys nearly had me cumming there and then. As the night went on every guy in the room had groped my pussy, caressed my arse, cupped my tits and pinched my nipples all along with comments like, 'babe youve got a fucking hot cunt, great looking arse, common babe let me suck those tits for you.'

My pussy was so wet that the g string kept slipping into my slit and rubbing my clit, my cunt lips protruding on ether side of the g. I caught up with Abigail in the bar and told her how I had cum just walking around. She laughed and said 2 guys had her cum on their fingers. The night went by at the speed of light. I had cum twice just serving drinks I couldn't believe it.

When I returned from the bar with a vodka for Mitch, Abigail was in a group of 4 guys and she was getting groped every were. Abigail said, 'guys we need to find a bed and they headed for the guest room where we had waited earlier. That left Mitch, a guy called Keith and myself in the games room. Mitch said to Keith, 'go join them, enjoy yourself. You now own half a race horse, a bit of pussy is just the celebration needed.'

He raced off leaving Mitch and myself. Mitch said we girls were in for a big pay rise as the night had gone really well business wise. I looked at him and said very clearly I want you to fuck me now, my pussy was aching for cock.

We headed down the passage and stopped for a moment to check on Abigail at the door of the room she was in. There she was, one cock in her mouth, one in her left hand, one guy fucking her cunt and two guys wanking there own cocks watching, we moved on. Mitch moved us into another room, turned the light on and closed the door. He stripped off and I knelt in front of him and took his already hard cock into my mouth. It was big and I was only able to take the head and not much more into my mouth but he got harder and bigger and I sucked and licked best I could.

He placed me on the bed, removed my g and bra then sucked my nipples. They had been rock hard for hours and when he sucked them, I thought they would explode. He licked his way down my stomach to my very wet pussy licking and sucking my clit and pussy lips. His face must have got soaked as my pussy was oozing, 'fuck my cunt with your big cock' is all I could say. He started rubbing his cock along my slit then pushed it passed my open lips.

I came before he had fully entered me, he started slowly fucking me on his knees with me on my back. I moved my hand to my clit and fingered it as he grabbed my nipples and was pulling on them - I cum again.

After some time he pulled out, rolled me over on to all fours and pushed his very wet cock back into my now goey cunt. As he was fucking me, I reached back and grabbed his balls and caressed them. He responded by fingering my arse. He started to groan loudly and I could feel his balls tighten. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back, then I felt an absolute flood taking place in my pussy as be kept pumping his man cream into me. I rubbed my clit and came.

We recovered for a few minutes, then he pulled out and I could feel the goey mixture of his cream and my cum flowing from my pussy and down the inside of my legs. I looked for something to clean up with. He said no way babe, you look beautiful with your cunt flowing like that. We lay together for an hour, then we fucked again, slow and tenderly my pussy couldn't cope with another hard fucking, he filled my already full pussy with another load of his cream, I was so satisfied.

We heard the other guys heading back to the games room. Mitch said we had better see my guests out, he pulled on his jocks and shirt. One of the guys stopped in front of me on his way out, looked at my cum leaking pussy, dipped his finger into my pussy and then licked it. He said, 'what a sweet tasting cunt. Wish I had got me some of that.'

I looked down, I had cum all the way down my stockings. What a slut I looked like. Abigail and Mark returned from the bedroom just then, I looked at Abigail, she had cum on her from her nose to her feet and all she could do was smile.

We grabbed our dresses for some cover, Mitch handed us $1500 each and said would we be available again. I smiled and said maybe, knowing how I had enjoyed my first paying job as a waitress, I'm sure there will be more opportunities since my husband went wild when I told him.

Wife Capri



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