My Heart Sank as I Watched

Wife Bambi


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So, to everyone who reads the blog I'm happy to say that my wife too finaly did it.

She has been fucked by a real manly stud for the third time! So it's official now: I'm a chastitied CUCKOLD!

She originally met him online and after some teasing online, she decided to meet him in person. First time was in a nearby, public park to make some small talk! He was real shy but there was real sympathy between them. My wife invited him to our place for the next evening. She insisted, that when he was with us, that I have to wear my chastity cage from the evening before he comes until the next evening he left! So when he came on Sunday, I had to wear the cage from Saturday evening until Monday evening. Both keys had to be in a timelocked safe, so that even if she wanted to have me, she couldn't, because the safe only opens on Monday evening at 10 o'clock!

When he was at our house, they maked small talk again. He was to shy to make the first move, so my wife grabs his hand and lead him into our basement, where we have a special room for our extra curricular activities. There she let him fuck her from behind! She just took off her dress and got fully naked and went into doggie position. He was surprised at how fast she was naked and became hard right away and even shyer. He entered her like I wasn't there and thrusted like he didn't have sex for months. Her moans and screams could be heared throughout the whole house! He came after 15 minutes and after she came 4 times, all in that same position. I was rock hard and wanted so bad to be free. He left quickly and my wife said she had the best fuck of her life. I had to wait until Monday.

After one week he was back and the same thing happened. My wife took the lead and lead him into our basement again! Meanwhile I had installed some cameras in the room because my wife wanted to try with me in another room but still watching! I could not only hear them, I could also see them.

It was amazing.

I felt so left out like this. My wife screamed in pleasure and begged him to do her harder. She came in a way she never came with me and talked about his cock all night. She said she loved how slutty she felt, taking off her clothes as foreplay for him, first times she did this, so blod, like she was so horny. Next day, my wife ordered me to build a bed in the cellar, the floor was too hard! So I built a bed for them to have their fun!

On the last Sunday he was back again and he was really pleased with the bed. I could watch them this time. They took off their clothes and then something happened that was new! My wife has never sucked my little dick! Now she put his member straight in her mouth and sucked him. He moaned in pleasure. Then he COMMANDED my wife to get on all fours and she immediately OBEYED! He wasn't shy anymore.

Then he fucked her slow and soft with a constant speed. She moaned and begged him to do her harder. But he fucked her in that same way until she came. And SHE CAME! She was trembling and could hardly breathe. But he didn't stop. He was fucking her over 15 minutes and she was comming the whole time. She slipped from one orgasm into the next one. It was amazing. My cage was hurting realy bad and my heart sunk into total darkness.

After he was done with her, they lay next to each other and talked about her, him and me. And then she told him, that everytime he was with her, I was to be caged. He laughed and when he left, he gave me a look that said: "I know your secret! You are a caged little dick and even it isn't caged, I'm better then you!"

After he was gone, my wife lead me to the bed, where he had just fucked her. She made me strip and lay on my back. And when she pressed her wet cunt on my face she told me in every detail how she enjoyed him, how good it was and that I only get to get out of my cage when I could do her better then he had!

Today it's Wednesday and I'm stuck in my cage, the safe is open but the keys are gone!





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