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My Wife Ann and I have a great relationship, and sharing our past experiences has made it hotter and reinforced trust. I'm more of a serial dater, while her past was almost entirely sleeping around and I'm the first guy she has been in a serious relationship with. We've had many ups and downs and those will come too.

She was single all through college, and her number before me was "somewhere between 30 and 40". She was nuts about safety though, so over half of these were FWBs, which she preferred to one-night stands. I'll share quite a few of those stories on the forum part of thise site, I think it's the sister site to this blog.

One of the sluttiest things she ever did in college was during a semester where she fucked three guys in 24 hours. She said that in freshman year, it was hard to ignore all the attention she realized she could get, especially after high school where she wasn't that popular. On that weekend, she decided to go to a fratparty celebrating the end of a semester.

Sex after this:

The night of the party, she dressed up in a small dress and high heels (pretty impressive especially given all the snow), and headed out to drink and have fun. The first guy was fun and fast: it was some generic fratboy she has no real memory of anymore. Apparently he was tall, handsome, and grabbed her ass while she was getting her drinks. It took them all of five minutes to get from smiling to making out, and in another five she was sucking him off in his room. She wasn't even properly drunk yet, but blew him till he came, then went right back to sucking his cock until he was hard again. At this point she told him to lie on the bed and rode him till she finished. Being the nice person she is, she says she blew him until he was done again, too. She headed back down. I was hard as a rock at this point.

Next, Ann thought she was done. She spent the rest of the night talking and drinking to people she half-knew from all over campus. She soon spotted a guy from a class that she'd had an eye on for a while. She said he was "nerdy cute", which as I understand is regular hot with glasses. She decided to be forward with him, since she suspected he was unlikely to say no. She flirts, they dance, and they kiss right there. Then he started fingering her on the dance floor as well. They got out of there soon, and she went to his place giggling, where she finally got to fuck a guy she'd been eyeing for weeks. She doesn't remember too much - she'd drunk quite a bit by then - but she remember fucking him till 4, deciding to pass out there, and then sneaking away in the morning because she didn't know what exactly to do.

She went back to her place, and didn't wake up till afternoon. She had to start packing too, as she was heading out the next day. She decided to go say hi/bye to guy #3, who was someone who'd worked on a project with for the final month or so, and lived in her dorm. She had not had any kind of chemistry with him until then, but she said they spent a couple of hours chatting about what a whirlwind that semester had been.

She said they went from talking about not having long lives at all due to college, to making out, to fucking over his kinda-folded clothes on the bed. She let him come inside her, since this sex was really unplanned, and neither wanted to take a break. She got pretty scared after and never did this without testing ever again. This guy would go on to become an FWB out of sheer convenience, as it turned out.


She never saw guy 1 or 2 ever again, they were probably seniors or something. She can't remember much about their sizes since it's been a while. Guy 3, Jack, like I mentioned, became a recurring FWB for her. He had an average cock and was okay looking, and she learnt a lot experimenting with him eventually.

She told me this story a few months after we started dating, around the time when we first realized we get off listening to each other's sex stories.

I want so bad for her to continue and to cheat on me. Can't believe I'm saying this.




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