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Alicia and I have been married 3 years and have many good friends before that and even now, so I was not worried when one evening as the party got started from an evening bbq, and a day of swimming and 4 other couples followed us home. I looked at her sweet body from the tan lines and the g-string suit, and her sweet hair glowing from the sun, that I said to her, "All the guys think you're hot and a few ladies have said how sexy you look."

She asked what was my reply, and I said I loan you out to other men to play with and it keeps you in shape from the full body workout system." she laughed and hit my arm and said "no you did not," so I could not resist. I said out loud to the couples as they came in the house, "Alicia is on loan to all that want her tonight."

The first 3 couples said "She is 1 sweet babe and we want to play.".. Alicia then slowly turned and looked me in the eye and said, "Every body gets a taste of what I have since my sweet husband has offered, and I want to see him enjoy the offer."

Alicia pulled the string in back and let the top fall to the floor as Mike, the husband of one of the couples, pulled off his shirt and slipped out of his shorts to reveal a hard shaved cock that was getting harder by the second.

Another man walked up to Alicia at the same time as Mike and slowly started to gently kiss her lips, Mike kissed Alicia's neck as the second guy kissed her lips and slowly untied her g-string and let it fall.

Alicia was slowly getting into having other men kiss her body when John and Kevin came alongside Mike and the second guy and joined them. Mike had lifted Alicia's leg and spread it open sideways as Kevin knelt down and was kissing Alicia's sweet pussy lips and the second guy was getting to her breast.

John stood next to Alicia and took her hand and put it on his hard shaved cock and she slowly started to stroke it. WOW here was my sweet adorable wife getting a special treatment from a great bunch of people. Tom and his wife were kissing and playing with each other and then Kris (Kevin's sister), said "baby slide your sweet cock in her and then give me a taste."

Tom has a really big cock and very thick, so he walked up behind her and as she was being eaten by Kevin Tom slowly pushed his cock in her from behind and Alicia nearly swooned from moment. She started to give herself totally to him. Tom fucked her for about 10 minutes and then Kris came over and started to suck his cock.

A hour had nearly passed when Tom picked up Alicia and laid her on the master bed and was eating her "very very wet pussy" and she was sucking John's cock as he knelt next to her and the second guy was kissing Alicia's nipples. Tom flipped my wife over and pulled her ass in the air, and then said, "Alicia baby you are going to get a good hard fucking in your ass and pussy!"

Baby you will want me every time you think cock."..Alicia by this time was so wet and so giving all she said was "YES."

Tom put that very hard and very big cock in her pussy and pumped her slow hard and deep for a good 20 minutes as he fingered her backdoor at the same time. She was in ecstasy, she moaned and her eyes rolled and lips spread that all she could say was, "FUCK ME."

When Tom was ready he pulled out and very slowly pushed his way in her backdoor. She moaned and pushed back until the tip finally went in and he held it there until she said "Yes."

He then slowly went in until his balls hit bottom, and that took a good 15 minutes and he then started to pump away. she came almost right away and Tom then pulled out and let Kevin and Kris lick her off and the second guy laid next to my wife and they kissed until she fell asleep.

Later after a couple more hours of very nice group fucking they left for home....

Later when Alicia woke up she crawled over to me and kissed my cock and said, "Honey I love the way you treat me and share me with your friends. I want to do that again."

I replied, "As long as you can fuck like that you deserve the best."

So she got in a 69 over me and I sucked her sweet tasty pussy and she swallowed my creamy cum ..... Our best night and the only time until then that she did more than one guy.

Me and Alicia



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