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I guess I am a bit of an oddity since most of the people who write in are white couples. I have to say that I have this preference for white women, especially married and first timers.

There is something about them that makes my blood boil. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 54, 5' 10, 155lbs, slim but athletic. I'm not a typical stereotype. I like all kinds of music, cook, museums, fishing and riding my Harley. I'm not a thug. I take great pleasure in sharing in what I call an intense sexual intimate moment that can only be understood by white women who have tasted the pleasure of an IR encounter.

With Hubby or BF's knowledge or participation. I'm not trying to take or mess with anyone's relationship, just be apart of their fantasy fun needs. For a couple to share in fantasies is beautiful. They (white women have a sense of adventure.) They are not shy when it comes to what they like or expressing their sexuality. They want to be taken, treated like a woman. By that I mean how a man takes control of a woman make her feel like a slut, raw instinctive passion.

No control just pleasure. As I tell this story I will highlight words I've heard from my wonderful sexy female friends. I'm not sure where to start. The beginning, or the most recent encounter. I'll start with the most recent. Not too long ago I posted an ad in a local dating site looking for a date. A NSA booty call, so to speak. I was house sitting with a friend and checked my e-mails and this 40-year-old married woman hit me up.

We made arrangments to meet up at the house. This was to be her first time with a BBC. When I meet her at the door I was pleasantly surprised that she even showed up let alone being attractive. Anyway I showed her and her husband in. Now I know what your thinking. (First time meeting and they show up to a stranger's house, not even mine and I have a buddy there at the house who's not there at the moment but still.)

Adventurist ... partly but the husband was about my size and so we all seemed to be friendly. I wanted her to feel safe most of all and at the same time anxious. We sat on the couch, chatted for a bit and I was eye balling her, undressing her with my eyes. I wanted to make her comfortable. Knowing that all kinds of thoughts are flowing through her mind. I could see she was getting bored with her husband's conversation. So I told her "let me give you a tour of the house".

We walked towards the rooms and I showed her the bathroom and then guided her to the guest bedroom. She walked up to the bed and I grabbed her arms turned her around and held the back of her head with the message your mine and kissed a passionate deep kiss. I could feel her inhale then exhale, her muscles relaxed. Good.

I pushed her to the bed and started to undress her. She sat on the bed braless, with panties on looking up at me undressing. When I got my shorts down she had this grin and said "wow! its true". I stood in front of her with this bulbous black fully erect cock in her face, letting her get a good look. I placed my hand behind her head and grabbed her hair and pulled her close to my cock. She instinctively opened her mouth. I place my cock on her cheek.

I wanted to tease her, have her feel the heat and the hardness against her soft cheek. She chased it with her lips and I put it in her open hungry mouth. She moaned. She closed her eyes and was in heaven. I grabbed her hair and stroked slowly into that soft moist mouth. After a few short minutes of that I pulled out and pushed her on her back and caressed her neck, breast, and then thighs.

The heat coming from between her legs was volcanic. Lust had built up in her and it was time to satisfy this girl. I placed my hand over her shaved pussy then inserted two fingers inside. OMG! She was sopping wet. I curled my fingers up towards her G-spot and frigged her from slow to fast. The sloshy slurpping sounds and her grunting was driving me nuts. As I was doing that I was talking dirty to her. Telling her she was a good girl.

Just then her husband showed up at the door, he looked unsure and I totally forgot about him. I think she did too. he sat down and watched and I could see he was hard too. She saw him but didn't seem to care. Her breathing was labored and she was moaning at this point. Legs twitching, ass rising from the bed and I abruptly stopped.

I put my head between her legs rotated my tongue around her clit. She kept repeating "feels so good" "feels so fucking good". I focused on that cit. Sucking, and nibbling. She was about to cum, gripping the blanket, screaming and then a bonus surprise for the evening.

She's a squirter.

She gushed streams of hot pussy juice in my mouth. I didn't stop. I continued to suck on her clit and she lost it. Unleashed, having a powerful orgasm. Convulsing, wide eyed.

Mad with lust.

It continued for another hour like this until, once done, she smiled at me and dressed and left like she had done something naughty pulling her husband behind her.

These are the pictures she sent me when we chatted on the site. They still want to meet up one day again just not sure when we can meet.




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