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I had a husband but we divorced after only 3 years. Nothing about the relationship was good and we're both better off for it, and have gone our separate ways to date others. Shockingly, I've actually been dating someone named Kane (not his real name but one I like) for a few months. He's a tall handsome surfer looking guy. He started off as a friend with benefits. We've actually been having sex off and on for the last two months already. We slowly started becoming good friends and he makes me laugh a lot, so we started spending more time together. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a commitment person and don't really do relationships well, so this news might seem odd. The major reason this works is because we are on the same page sexually. He is one of my few fwb that I have ever truly opened up to about my desire for sexual variety (I guess. Don't know how to put it). I found out he gets turned on at the thought of me having sex with other guys, so it sort of clicked that maybe something more serious could work with us because we are good friends and have a good time together while also being on the same page sexually.

For the most part we just function as a normal couple, but our sex life has just been more adventurous than any time I tried dating anyone in the past. For example: He has a friend who comes over fairly regularly (once a week or so) to have sex with me. Sometimes Kane is there and watches, sometimes he joins in, other times he isn't even home but likes getting pics of the action. We occasionally meet guys on dating sites or just when we are out and have them come over too. I guess I should mention that Kane is straight. I realized reading through this that might not be clear. Anyways, this story is from one of our encounters a few weeks back:

Kane had this fantasy of pretending to be my roommate and walking in on me having sex with someone. We decided to act on it one Saturday night. We had it all of the details planned out, which you will notice throughout the story.

Kane headed out with some friends to a bar around 8pm. I was still getting ready for the night when he left. I didn't want to get to a bar too early and have to wait for people to get out and start having a good time. I left his apartment around 10pm and headed to local bar I go to occasionally. It's one of those places that's laid back, but fun/dancey and get's crowded. I've met guys there in the past, so figured I would start there. I got there and it was already packed. I squeezed through the crowd and made it to the bar where I ordered a gin and tonic. After I got the drink I just sort of stood there awkwardly. I don't tend to go to bars alone. I have in the past, but they were always less crowded. I didn't really know what to do with myself. I downed my drink pretty quick and ordered another. The bartender made some joke about me needing to slow down or something. I smirked and took the next drink. Right as I turned around a guy came up to me and asked if I was there alone. He wasn't my type at all, so I told him I wasn't and that my boyfriend would be there soon. My deterrent worked, he walked away and apologized.

I made my way over to a stool near the front window of the place. I felt like I could hide a little there while still being visible, because I needed more drinks to become comfortable in that environment. A guy pretty quickly approached me and asked what my name was. I told him and he asked if I'd like a drink. He was kind of cute, but I wasn't really getting an I want to have sex with him vibe. I wanted a drink though, so I let him buy me one. I ended up getting away from him after about five minutes of conversation. I finally asked him if he was dating anyone, so of course he in return asked me. I told him I was and he looked disappointed. The conversation trailed off and he went on his way.

I started getting worried I would come up empty handed for the night, but around 11:30pm a guy and his friend approached me. He was really attractive. He was tall and in really good shape. Really beautiful eyes. He asked why I was standing alone. I made a flirtatious remark that I honestly can't remember. His friend backed away a little and headed to the bar for a drink. James and I talked for awhile and flirted. He started buying me drinks and all of a sudden it was 1:30am and the bar was closing soon. I looked at my phone and saw a few texts from Kane asking what was up. I forgot to give him an update, but responded then that I thought I had something promising. About then James asked what I was doing once the bar closed. I told him he should come to my apartment (I pretended Kane's apartment was mine). James tried to get me to go to his apartment, because he needed to let his friend in his apartment or something but I insisted he should come to mine. I sweet talked him a little and told him I didn't want to have to get up and trek home late or anything. He finally conceded and said he would meet me at my place after he went and let his friend in.

I texted Kane and told him I had a guy coming over. He responded very excited and asking for details. I got back to Kane's apartment and took my shoes off and waited for James to show. Kane was still out waiting on me to give him a heads up for when to come home. James texted me and said he was almost there. I went outside to meet him and walked him up to the apartment. He asked if I live alone and I told him I have a roommate, but that he's out of town for the weekend.

We get inside the apartment and within a few minutes we are on the couch making out. I can feel James' strong hands caressing my back and he pulls me close to him. He began running his hand up the inside of my thigh attempting to part my legs. I realized I needed to go the restroom to text Kane to let him know when to come home. I told James I needed to go to the restroom first. I headed to the restroom and texted Kane to come home in 20 minutes. I went back out and sat back down on the couch. It was kind of stressful, because I knew I needed to get things going because of the time constraints.

When I sat back down we kissed and James picked up where he left off attempting to part my legs. I gave in easily this time welcoming him to do what he wanted. Soon my skirt was hiked up and he had my panties pulled to the side and was fingering me. He reached onto each side of my hip and pulled my panties down. He knelt down on the floor and pressed his palms on the top of my thighs pulling me down closer to the edge of the couch. He pushed my legs up by the bottom of my thighs and began licking my pussy. I could feel the stubble from his 5'oclock shadow rubbing against my thighs occasionally. I let him lick me for awhile, but I was really ready for more. I told him I wanted to suck his dick. He stood up and unbuttoned his pants. I helped him pull them down and I soon had his dick right in my face. He was a good size (probably around 7 inches and thick). I grabbed his butt and pulled him closer to me as I sat on the edge of the couch. Soon his dick was entering my mouth. I went down slowly on it letting it hit right at the back of my throat before letting it all back out. I sucked pretty furiously for a few minutes, so much so that my throat felt bruised the next day from going down so hard and deep on it.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but I knew it wouldn't be too long before Kane got back. I knew Kane wanted to walk in on us actually having sex, so I tried to move things along. I got up and turned around on the couch cushions and got on my knees grabbing the back of it. James took his shirt off and fumbled around with a condom he had pulled from his pocket. I bent over more and soon he entered me from behind. His hands grabbed onto the sides of my ass and he thrust me back into him. The thought of Kane walking in at any moment was making me really wet and horny. Soon I was cumming and barely able to stay up on my knees. James held me up by my ass and kept fucking me. He grabbed my hair and tugged on it pretty hard and his thrusts grew faster and deeper. Right then I heard Kane's keys near the door. I don't think James heard, because he wasn't listening for it. He didn't hesitate at all.

Kane entered the apartment and James stopped and shouted a curse word out of surprise. I said something along the lines of Oh my god Kane, what the fuck I thought you were out of town. I'm so sorry. Kane muttered something about being very sorry and pretended to be nervous. He walked into his bedroom and said not to worry he's not coming back out and that he's going to bed.

Of course James was a little freaked out, so we stopped for a few minutes and talked. He asked if he should leave. I told him no and that I wanted to finish. Soon we were back at it again. James had me on my back on the floor. I guess he thought we were more hidden that way. We sort of were hidden by the couch. I came again, but my back started to feel like it was getting carpet burns, so I asked him if we could do it from behind again. I got on my knees on the floor and bent over with my head down on the floor. After only a few thrusts he pulled his dick out and took the condom off. His cum started splashing against my ass and onto the lower part of my back. I sat up a little and it ran down my ass and onto my pussy. I rolled over on my side on the floor to catch my breath. James said he felt weird and that maybe he should go. I told him that was fine and not to worry about it. He got dressed and I stood up with my skirt hiked way up around my stomach and my hair a mess. His cum was running down my leg now and I felt it dripping from where it had run down to my pussy lips too.

James left and I went into Kane's room. Kane immediately was all over me telling me how sexy I was. He bent me over the bed and his dick was soon sliding in and out of where James' had just been. Kane was really turned on and came in my pussy within a few minutes. I was left there bent over with his cum in me and James' cum all over me. The pictures are one we used for dating sites.

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