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This is how I fell into the role of being a bull even though I'm not ultra dominant or anything. Basically I enjoy giving cum tributes to women and couples on dating sites. For those that don't know that's where you print off their nude pics and cum all over them. Then take a picture or video of you doing that with their pics and send it back so they can see. It turns the woman on to see men cum to their nude pictures. Anyway about 2 months ago I got a message from someone there who said that they heard I do tributes. She said she was interested to know if I wanted to do a tribute for her and her husband. She also isn't big on people knowing who she is so asked if instead if I would cum on a pair of her panties and that her and her husband would really like that.

She is a few years older than me, and a pretty hot girl at that. See pictures she exchanged with me. I said I would do the tribute for her but she said she was kind of shy about it so said she would drop off her panties in my mailbox. Sure enough she did, she left me 2 pairs when I was out and told me to choose one I liked best. She had a white cotton thong with heats on it and a pair of red satin panties with a black lace trim. I decided to use the red satin ones and I played with them and what not and made a 4 minute video for her with me shooting a big load on them at the end.

I asked if she wanted me just to upload it but she said she wanted to see it first so I sent it to her. She said she really enjoyed it but said she rather it not go up online. But she did ask if she could have her panties back. I agreed and I dropped them back off to her with my cum still on her panties.

A few weeks later I heard from her again asking if I'd do another one for her with a different pair of panties since she liked the first one but thought it could be better. I agreed and told her to drop off the panties. This time however instead of leaving them in my mailbox she came to my door, when I answered I asked where they were since she wasn't holding anything but then she just said "use these ones" and started undoing her pants. She revealed she was wearing black thin lace see through panties.

I could see right through to her slit and lips of her pussy. I was little shocked at first but agreed and asked her if she wanted to use the washroom to take them off. That's when she replied "I was kind of hoping you would do it while I still wore them".

Suprised but I still agreed. I invited her in and went to my room. When we got there she took off her pants completely but left her top on. She laid down on my bed and said, "I don't want to fuck or anything, just jerk off on my panties like before. I want to see the cum actually shoot out of you and feel it land on me." I said I could do that and undid my pants and pulled out my dick and started to jerk myself. She asked if I'd be ok taking off all my clothes since I just had my pants down and cock out. I agreed and did so. Then she asked if I could video this too. I agreed again and turned the camera on.

She was laying on her back with her legs open and I positioned myself over her. I stroked my cock looking at her pussy as I did. She must have liked it too since after a few minutes she started reaching down and rubbing herself through her panties. I asked her if I could look at it closer and she agreed so I moved my face in real close to her pussy taking in its' wonderful smell and even ran my fingers along her lips and could feel the stubble of her trimmed pubic hair.

After a bit I moved back up and started jerking real hard and fast. She said she liked that and at one point I even had the bed shaking. It was then I noticed that her tits were shaking a bit and I asked if I could feel them. She agreed and let me feel them through her shirt. As I groped one of her tits I kept stroking my cock over her pussy. I then asked if she could take off her top she was hesitant at first but agreed and took it off leaving her in just her bra, a plain purple one, and her panties.

We continued one like this, me feeling up her tits as I stroked my cock just over her. She kept rubbing her pussy occasionly, til she had a nice wet spot in her panties. But then she said how in the video I used her panties to do the actual stoking of my cock and asked if I could do something like that. I said sure but was a little unsure how since in the video I wrapped her panties around my dick to jerk off. I decided to let the panties to do the work and I slide my cock in through one of the leg openings and up until it came out the top. My cock was actually in her panties now and I could feel my shaft rubbing against her pussy lips and clit. Her juices getting on me and running down on my balls. This also left my hands free as I thrust jerking myself with her panties so I went straight to grabbing her boobs. Fighting the urge to do a long enough stroke so my cock would come far enough back my head could enter her pussy.

At this point I was really excited and precum started to cum out. She felt it ooze out and pool right above her pussy and must have thought I was cumming since she just moaned "cum on my panties" and started to cum but when she did she reached down to rub her pussy but my cock was there so she was kind of rubbing my cock and pushing it against her clit.

I needed a few seconds after that so stopped thrusting for a bit. That is when she squeezed the precum out of my cock and wiped up the precum on her and tasted it.

I then asked if she would mind taking off her bra, at this point she was pretty horny so she agreed only if I said I'd cum soon and we changed positions. She undid her bra showing me her tits. I just watched as she laid there just rubbing her pussy with her tits free, then I started sucking on a nipple. Then we went to change positions but as we did she for a second started to titty fuck me before she just gave one lick from my balls all the way up my shaft to my head before moving into position.

Next position was her with her ass in the air but wanted me inside her panties like before. I did and thrusted away jerking with her panties as my head rubbed against her clit. In this position I spanked her ass and squeezed her tits. I could tell she was getting hot since she was getting wetter and moaning more so she was getting close to cumming. So she reached back with both hands one started rubbing her clit while the other grabbed my cock. She stroked me like this for a bit before she guided my head to her pussy. She moaned "just the head to know what it feels like, no thrusting just let me do the work" as she put just my cock head inside her pussy but continued to stroke my shaft with her hand. I just let her do her thing while I played with her tits and in no time she was cumming again, but this time as he came I could feel it with my cock head inside her, her pussy throbbing as she came and gripping my cock head tight. I couldn't take anymore and just pulled away in time to cum. I tried to shoot onto the ass of her panties but it was a powerful shot and over shot onto her mid to upper back and some even into her hair.

After that we just collapased for a few seconds, me kind of laying on top of her. She said she could feel the last few drop of cum coming out of my cock and onto her ass. We got up and she asked me to use her panties to wipe up my cum off her back. She said she wanted to keep her panties for her husband but she took her bra and used it to wipe up the wet spot she left on my bed and said I could keep it. She got dressed and left with cum still in her hair.

When she got home she messaged me and asked for the video to show her husband. She told me they had a cuckold fetish and were just starting. I'd love to see her again and may branch out into being a bull, something I'm just reading about lately since this happened. But it all started with tributes.




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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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