I Felt Less Manly



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My beautiful wife has been advertising online for more than two years for attractive men who don't mind me being in the same room watching. It had originally been my idea, but she is now fully into this and has taken over.

Usually, we meet them together in a neutral setting like a coffee shop before inviting them to our home. Once, she phoned me at work and said she was meeting a 19-year-old student at our home when she arrived home from her part-time job.

She introduced me to him when I got home. Both were nude and had just gotten out of the shower. He was 3 inches taller than me and clearly worked out a lot. She motioned for me to follow them to the bedroom. The sheets were pulled back and wrinkled, clearly indicating he had been fucking her before I got home.

She crawled onto the bed and told me to take off my clothes and get in bed with the two. Before that, I had only watched from a bedside chair. I thought it was to be our first threesome. She urged him to his back between us.

She said, "We had a great time, but he's 'soft' now. I want you to take his cock in your mouth and get him hard so we can fuck again." I was confused. I'd never done that before. She said, sternly, "Suck his cock!"

I kneeled alongside him. They both grinned. I reached for his flaccid member, opened my mouth and guided it between my lips. My head bobbed atop him. She said, "Tell me you really like this." I didn't want to say that, but she insisted. I rolled my eyes up to him and said, "I really like sucking your cock."

Although I hadn't wanted to do this, the longer I sucked on his now hard rod, I lost a sense of time and my own penis was then erect.

His dick was growing firmer. My wife looked down at my penis and said, "You're hard too. You really do like it, don't you?" I didn't want to answer but when she asked again, I said, "Yes."

He reached for my cock and wrapped his fist around it as I continued in earnest at my endeavor. He gestured for my wife to take my member in her mouth as I sucked. Both moaned.

He withdrew abruptly, parted my wife's legs and entered her. She cried out passionately and said to me, "You can now watch from the chair."

He fucked her mightily. She said, "You're better than my husband." That was something new. I masturbated as he thrust into her. Her legs enwrapped his body and they kissed deeply.

She yelled, "I'm cumming!" His sperm spurted into her channel as she shivered.

Later, after he had left that night, she said, "We're going to do that again."

I felt considerably less manly but decided I liked the feeling. We did, in fact, repeat that with him several times.





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