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My husband asked me to write this since he sucks at writing basically. We're not a novice couple into threesomes but not seasoned either. We've had many MFMs with his best friend Dave. Me my hubby and Dave all decided to go out last night and have some fun go to a local bar and chill talk shoot some pool like any other normal night out, my hubby and I talked before we left and we both decided that we weren't going to do anything strange or freaky just chill all as friends.

So we went out for a while and we drank and hung out with friends, we shot pool, we drank just like any other normal night. We decided to leave the bar around 2:30am since they don't serve past 2. We went back to Dave's house we always drive because my husband isn't a big drinker and that gives me and Dave free range to drink as much as we really want. When we got there we realized that one of Dave's roommates was at home and he is a cool guy to chill with while drinking so we decided to go inside for a bit. When we got out of the car we noticed that evidently it had been a fantastic night because there was broken glass all over the walkway.

We got inside the house which is set up like a bachelor pad, its cool with couches everywhere. Anyway, we tried to find the roommate and found him with the light on asleep in his bed with a pillow over his face, we tried to wake him up to fuck with him but he was obviously way to drunk and passd out to acknowledge us.

So we went into the kitchen where instead of a kitchen table they have another couch. My hubby sat down on the couch and Dave and I had a couple of shots, I said that I wanted to turn on pandora so we made way to the living room and turned on the awesome stereo system that Dave has. My husband left the couch in the kitchen and came to lay on one of the couches in the living room. Dave and I were drunk and he was smoking a cigar and messing with pandora and I was just dancing around and goofing off.

Evidently my husband was getting turned on by my dancing because he looked at me and said strip. I came over to him leaned over and said are you sure I will do it don't test me, I thought you didn't want anything to happen tonight. He said I am not drinking and I am saying if you want to its ok for you to strip.

Well I stood up and thought about it for a few seconds and the thought of the roommate asleep in his room getting up and coming out to the living room with the loud music was more of a turn on than a deterrent. Also there was another roommate that no one knew where he was and it was after 3am the bars were closing so he could have been home at any minute. So once a really good song came on, T-Pain, ( huge fan when I have been drinking and want to dance), I slowly started lifting up my shirt and showing my stomach.

I had a cute shirt on with two tank tops on underneath. I took all of my shirts off and just had on a pretty red and black victoria secret bra. I danced around for a little while and took off my bra rubbing my pierced tits in the process. I danced topless with a close eye on the roommates door and the two people in the audience, I just kept thinking will my husband make me stop if others show up? Anyway I slowly unbuttoned my pants and began to slide them off in a sexy slow strip. I leaned over to Dave and said if you are going to continue to enjoy tonight you need to go and grab a condom, he said ok.

At the time this was merely a ploy to get him out of the room so I could slip my pants off the rest of the way and put my six inch spikes back on for effect. When Dave came back in the room I was bent over from the waste with my legs completely straight blowing my husband with my ass and pussy pointed directly at the doorway he was walking through. I think he enjoyed the view. He is a good friend and seems to only follow directions from me or my hubby so he doesn't cross any lines. My hubby looked at him and said why don't you play with her pussy if you like.

I loved it so sexy, my mouth around my husband's fat cock and his friend began rubbing my dripping pussy. Such a turn on. He was fingering me and rubbing my pussy, I guess my husband told him in the past that I like anal play because before I knew it he had two fingers in my pussy and two in my ass, a first for all of us. He got down on his knees and buried his face in my pussy, when I say buried I mean it he thrust his face into my pussy hard like he had been craving that forever.

I sucked my husband for a few and then turned around and began sucking Dave. My husband fingered me and played with my pussy while I sucked Dave, then he grabbed me and told Dave to stand up. He did and my hubby pulled me on top of him reverse cowgirl while he sat on the couch. The couch was a perfect height because Dave's cock was directly in my face. I rode my hubby and sucked Dave for a while, My hubby leaned forward and said do you wanna fuck Dave tonight?

I said that is up to you. He said go for it if you want so I picked up the condom and slid it on Dave's cock. I sat him down on the other couch and rode his dick, my hubby had a fantastic view, I was going to let him fuck me doggy but his dick is longer and skinnier than my hubby's and I didn't really know how hubby would feel. Didn't want to feel like I was being stabbed too. So I slid down his shaft, it was really long, I took about 3/4 of it for a few minutes then I slowly slid balls deep, it felt fine, no stabbing, so I continued to bounce.

My hubby layed on the other couch and watched while playing with his dick. I stopped and said I will be right back, I went over bent over again and sucked my hubby's cock. I then looked back at Dave and said do you wanna fuck me now? He smiled and said awesome, he came over and slid that huge dick into me it was a fantasy come true. Sucking my hubby's dick and getting fucked doggy by a random guy. Well not totally random but still. My hubby without warning came an enormous amount of cum into my mouth.

I opened it and showed it to him, swallowed then began licking on his balls with Dave still pounding away on my pussy. Without warning Dave came and grunted and thrust harder, he then just left the room and went to the bathroom. My hubby smiled and said you want to ride me, I said absolutely and I kept sucking until he was hard again, 20 seconds.

By the time Dave came back in the room I was riding my hubby's cock, I love it so long and thick. Dave seemed to be surprised that we were continuing but I said what are you finished he laughed, I said sit down I will suck on it. He did and I fucked my hubby and sucked on Dave's cock. After a while Dave said I am going to cum and pushed my head away, I just took as much of that dick as I could and let him go into my mouth.

I did what I always do opened my mouth showed him his load and swallowed. I fucked my husband some more then turned around and finished him off with another blowjob. We were all spent. The roommate never came out but it was still one hell of a morning. By the time we left his house it was 6am, we had enough time to go home shower and get ready for work.

I was exhausted but I think it was worth it. We can sleep when we are dead.





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