My Husband wanted Me to Suck his Friend



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So about a week ago my husband's best friend was coming out to the house for dinner and drinking and was going to spend the night. That morning my husband woke up kinda smiling and looked confused, I have been asking him to consider letting me suck another man's cock for a while now. Anyway I asked him why he was acting weird and he said that he had a crazy dream. He dreamed that his friend was spending the night and after everyone went to bed, I got out of bed went into the friend's room and woke him up by sucking on his cock.

Now a little back story is that this friend hasn't had sex in over two years since he and his last girlfriend broke up. Well I looked at my husband and said really tha'ts weird, but I would do it, that sounds fun.

He looked at me not expecting that response about his best friend and he left to go to the store.

After he was gone for a few minutes I gave him a quick call on the phone and told him that I wanted his cock and he needed to come back home. He laughed and I could tell that I had just made him horny with my little comment. When he walked in the door an hour or so later I took my shirt off walked outside gave him a nasty sloppy kiss and grabbed his cock at the same time, just to keep him sexual. He loved it!!!

After that throughout the day he kept asking me, "you would really do that", I would play stupid and say would do what? but I would constantly flash him my pussy and my titties throughout the day. The friend called and said he was almost there and my husband once again asked me you would really suck his dick and I said well yea as long as you didn't care. I waited about five minutes and then walked up behind him hugged him and put his hand down the front of my pants and let him feel my wet pussy. I knew I had him at this point.

The friend came over and we ate dinner, watched movies, the boys played video games, and we all drank alot! My husband kept making comments infront of his friend saying things like flash me, I would say no not in front of your friend, and he would say ohhh he won't care. I wouldn't do it, none of my friends or co-workers know I am this crazy sexually and so I like them thinking I am a sweet and innocent. Well we all went to bed without mentioning anything, and my husband looked at me and said I thought you were going to mess with him, I said well you never told me to and I didn't want to upset you.

We got into bed and I said oh well and I started to suck his dick and got up on top of my husband and began to ride his dick, while I was riding he looked at me and said why don't you go out there and suck his cock, I smiled and said are you sure you want me to do that I don't want to make it weird between all of us and my husband said if you think he will mess with you then you can go just come back here and fuck me when you are finished.

I got up went to the bathroom to gather my thoughts came out kissed my husband and said I will be right back. I went to the friend's room and sat down on the bed, he was asleep; I said hey wake up he opened his eyes and said is everything ok? I said well if it is ok with my husband (I said his name) and I want to can I suck your dick? He made me repeat my self and said if he says its ok then sure, so he took his pants off and I removed my shirt so he could see my tits to give him some visual stimulation.

He pulled out his cock and I could tell he was really nervous as my husband doesn't seem like the type of guy who would ever let this happen so I am sure he was freaked out. I sucked his cock and licked his balls and down near his asshole and he was immediately hard, and it was long, it was bigger than two hand fulls and had a huge mushroom head (it was a lot skinnier than my husbands but still a very nice cock).

I sucked his dick for a while then stopped and put my titties in his mouth, I asked him if he had a condom and he said he didn't, I told him oh that sucks I am so wet but I am not on birth control so the only one I will fuck without one is my husband. I told him next time you come over you should bring one, then I said "You gonna cum in my mouth and all over my face" he said absolutely. I continued to suck his dick, he likes it when I work his mushroom head nice and soft with my tongue my husband likes it when I go hard and deep throat so it was fun and different.

He said oh I'm gonna cum so I continued doing what I was doing he pulled my face up and finished himself off on my face, there was so much cum it was insane, two years backed up was crazy. I asked him why he pulled me away and he said that he had never gotten a full blow job in his life and he has never had any woman allow him to cum in her mouth so he said he didn't want to upset me, I smiled and said oh this is gonna be fun I am going to change your life. I smiled kissed his dick still with cum on my face took some off my cheek on my finger looked at him and said I swallow and licked my finger clean.

I went back to my bedroom with my husband and he was laying in bed with the lights off, I clicked the lights on to show him my facial and he said I thought you would swallow, I told him the friends response and he laughed and said if this continues he has another thing coming. I came back to bed with the cum still on my face sucked my husband's dick and continued to ride him. I took my hands and rubbed the cum from my face all over my neck and titties and I told my husband I want your cum!!!

So I got off his dick licked my pussy juice that was pooling on his balls and took his entire load into my mouth, showed it to him and swallowed he loves that!!!!

I hope you all loved this!






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