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As long as I've been sexually active I've had a problem being faithful in relationships. If a guy wants me and I know it, I want him, even if I have a boyfriend. It's been an issue that has wrecked countless relationships and I even went to therapy to understand why I was driven to sleep with other men even when I was in a happy relationship, but nothing took away the fact that I enjoyed and craved sex with other guys. It's something that I've talked to boyfriends with in one or two previous relationships where I felt comfortable doing so, but it never fixed the immediate problem - I desired other men, and they weren't happy with that.

I'm now 35 years old, and have been married for just over a year to Tom - he's the love of my life, and I couldn't be happier. When we'd been going out a while I also talked to him about my fidelity issues and we had along talk about it before ultimately leaving it as a bridge we'd cross if we come to it. Oddly (perhaps because I'm older and not out partying every weekend) it's not a bridge we needed to cross... until it came up in an unexpected way.

The conversation started after we'd had sex one night. We were idly discussing fantasies and things like that, and he brought up the subject of other men. He quizzed me about some of my experiences of cheating, professing a curiosity in the whole thing, before he really dropped a bombshell on me when he suggested that he was turned on by the idea of watching me with other men. We talked about the idea a little more, but it was an idea that aroused us both so much that we ended up having passionate sex instead. We fell asleep, and I assumed that was the end of it.

It was a week or so later when Tom looked up from his laptop and beckoned me over. Peering at the screen, he'd pulled up a site for swingers and suggested that if I was really interested we could post an ad for someone willing to have sex with me while he watched. I fumbled over my response and didn't know what to say, but he pressed forward in asking me to at least think about it and assured me that he'd be happy to try it out to. I hesitated, but couldn't deny my arousal at the idea, and soon agreed to create a profile posting up what we were looking for. I sat next to him, and we filled everything out, discussing how we should word our request as though we were putting an ad to sell a couch in the paper rather than one offering my body up to a stranger!

As it was late that night we went to bed and I thought nothing of it until the following evening, when curiosity got the better of me and I logged back onto the site. There were plenty of responses, mostly basic or badly-worded, but calling Tom over we went through them all, laughing at the worst responses but noting one or two interesting ones.

It was ultimately only one we replied to - a man much older than me but one with an interesting idea. Put simply, he ran his own pub and his proposition was that we come for a drink around closing time, and if we were still interested when the pub closed we could stay behind and let things take their course. It was an idea that excited both of us, and we were surprised when our reponse showing our interest got a quick reply. We conversed for a little while, laying out a plan that was moving on surprisingly rapidly. Before we knew it, we'd agreed to visit his pub that night.

While Tom showered and pulled on a shirt and jeans, I spent some time preparing - a long shower, picking out a lacy black bra, french knickers, stockings and suspenders, pulling a long black dress over it and stepping into some of my highest heels. I hadn't slept with anyone since getting together with Tom and my excitement and nerves were both jangling, even though arousal was beating the butterflies in my stomach and leaving me hoping that my husband wouldn't chicken out of this.

With the evening getting on, we jumped in the car and made our way to the outskirts of town, parking in the pub car park and walking into the typical English pub which wasn't particularly busy but was far from empty. We headed to the bar, and there he was behind it - in his early 50s with a receding hairline and something of a beer belly, but well-kept and dressed tidily in shirt and trousers. He soon recgonised us.. "Are you Tara and Tom, by any chance?" We nodded, he smiled and told me I looked stunning, then asked us to order our drinks without skipping a beat. Serving up our drinks, he waved away our offer of payment, and with a wink said he hoped we'd still be here at closing time.

Finding a table, we sat and sipped at our drinks, not really talking, just waiting and focusing on making our drink last. The shout for last orders came quicker than expected, and then time seemed to drag again until closing time. The last customers gave us some odd looks as they filed out of the pub, wondering why we were sticking around but (I assume) with no idea of what we were staying for. Finally, the pub was empty, and after asking us to give him a few minutes, the landlord locked up, vanished into the back of the pub for a while and then finally appeared carrying a blanket.

"I assume you're still both happy to carry on with this as you're still here?" he asked. I nodded, and Tom more confidently told him that yes, he was ready. Tom turned down another drink (as he was driving) and I did likewise, so the only option left was to do what I came for, and to do it right here in an empty pub.

Moving over next to the blanket the landlord beckoned me over, and once there he asked me if I could get comfortable on my knees. Dropping onto my knees on the blanket, he then bluntly asked if I was willing to suck his cock while my hubby watched. I said nothing, Tom said nothing, and so with my heart racing I simply reached out and unzipped his pants. I could feel he was hard through the material, and pulled his erect cock out to find an average sized but quite thick member. Wrapping my lips around it, I immediately began to suck, moving my head and swirling my tongue around the head, excited to hear him groan and clearly enjoy the feel of my mouth around him.

He enjoyed and exclaimed his enjoyment of this blowjob for a few minutes before I felt his hands on my shoulders asking me to stop, as he couldn't last much longer. Telling me it was my turn, he had me stand up, and then came close to me, reaching around to find the zip of my dress, undoing it and letting it drop to the floor to leave me standing before him in underwear and heels.

"Lay back on this for me" was his next request. Once I'd done so, he got down before me, and spent some time exploring my body with his hands and lips - squeezing my tits through my bra, kissing my stomach, running his hands over my stockings and up and down my legs, teasing me. Then, his big hands reached to take hold of my panties, tugging them away from my crotch and down my legs and off. My pussy exposed, he went immediately to start licking me, finding my clit and sucking and flicking it. I wondered how I looked to Tom having my pussy eaten by a stranger, but soon my only thought was that I was soon going to cum - I've always been sensitive to oral, and this new tongue had me moaning loud and holding the blanket I was on tightly as he made me orgasm.

Looking up, he asked Tom how I was enjoying the show - I didn't dare look him in the eye, but heard him say it was incredibly erotic. "Let's get to the best bit then" joked the landlord, excusing himself for a moment to disappear out back again. I finally found the courage to sit up and look around at Tom, to find him grinning. "This is incredible" he said, looking like a kid in a candy store, which made me laugh with relief and enjoyment.

The landlord came back clutching a pack of condoms, setting them onto the bar after removing one. He then undressed completely in front of us, unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it onto a nearby chair, then removing his pants and briefs to stand there fully naked. It wasn't the best body I've ever seen, but it didn't matter - I really wanted to be fucked.

Joining me on the blanket, he asked me to move, turning me to lay at a different angle. "He can see me slide into you this way" he explained, as he pushed my legs apart. Reaching down, he opened and put on a condom, then rubed his cock up and down my slit. "You're real wet, aren't you?" he asked, before slowly pushing himself inch by inch inside me until he was buried in my pussy. After a short pause he started to move, and I could only moan as this stranger fucked me right in front of my boyfriend. Fucking me harder, he talked dirty into my ear.. "Do you like my cock in you?" "You like a stranger fucking you in front of hubby on the floor?" All I could respond was "uh-huh" to each question, loving the feeling of a new cock in me for the first time in a couple of years and even enjoying the feeling of his heavy frame pressing me down as he moved in me.

At one point he stopped to move me again, shifting our position so that Tom was looking directly between my open legs, watching his cock thrusting in and out of my soaking pussy (which Tom later told me was the hottest thing to watch). It was in this position that I held my legs up higher and wider as I felt him fucking me harder. Not hard enough though, I remember crying "harder... harder" as he fucked me, which was perhaps too much for him as he pushed against me and came in the condom.

Pulling out, he went to dispose of the condom, coming back still stark naked and asking if either of us wanted another drink. Tom asked for a water, and I ended up with a rum and coke, pulling on my panties and sitting next to Tom as we chat in a surreal fashion with a naked landlord. Once my drink was drained, the landlord asked if I wanted another round - I glanced at Tom, he nodded, and I soon found myself on my knees again sucking this stranger's cock until it was hard.

Discarding my bra and removing my knickers again, he laid on the floor and put on another condom before I straddled him, rubbing my pussy and spreading my wetness before taking his dick in my hand and sliding it into me. Facing Tom, I rode our host, bouncing on him until he pulled me down to him to suck and bite at my hard nipples and thrust himself hard in and out of me from below. I was really enjoying his cock by this point, and I enjoyed it even more as he asked me to hop off, then got me onto all fours facing Tom as he moved behind me to fuck me doggy.

He seemed to have learned from my earlier cries, as he was soon fucking me hard, gripping my hips and fucking me with all he had and with seemingly no end in sight. He continued to pound me ceaselessly until I was crying out in pleasure, and eventually came hard over his cock, my orgasm prolonged as he kept on fucking me until I couldn't take any more and pushed away from him to collapse onto the floor.

Pulling off the condom, he came over to me with his hard cock waving in front of me, and after some deep breaths I took it into my mouth, sucking hard and again using my tongue on him vigorously. He was clearly already close, as it must only have been 30 seconds before he came inside my mouth. I'd forgotten to tell him I didn't swallow, so I ended up collecting all of his cum in my mouth before gesticulating wildly that I was about to run to the bathroom to spit it out and rinse my mouth.

Returning, still slick with sweat and with a distinctly wet pussy, the landlord was asking Tom if he wanted to have his turn before we left. I was keen on the idea but it seems that Tom was less interested in performing, and after assuring him that we should be on our way I was left dressing myself in front of them before we left he pub and returned to the car.

We said nothing on the journey home, but as soon as we got back into the house I was soon on the kitchen counter with my knickers off and dress pushed up, being fucked my Tom passionately until he came inside me. It was only then we could calm down and talk about the experience and how we felt about the whole thing.

If you're wondering how we both felt, we'll soon be trying to arrange a second meet like this one...

Szara & Tom - brilliant_diamondg@columnist.com




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