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My wife & I have been swingers almost since we got together & during our many conversations about sex I found out that she's never had a 1 night stand...in the traditional sense ya know go out to a club, get picked up & give the guy some pussy then never see him again. Now I love to watch my wife get fucked by men & women! (of course the only thing better is fucking her myself after she fucks another man!!)

My wife is sexy! The term thick applies here & with an outstanding body as you can see! Now with my fondness of watching her & the lack of a 1 night stand, I saw a chance for some real fun!!

A few more quick facts about my wife, she's totally submissive & will do almost anything you want & she's kinky!! She likes rough sex, I smack her across the ass, I cum on her, & what really turns us both on is she loves it when I take off my belt & give her a good whipping!! (she can start off with a dry pussy & be soaked when the whipping is over!! That's how much she likes it!!!)

I've tried to get her to go have that 1 night stand but for understandable safety reasons she won't do that...so I told her that I was gonna find her a BF, that way I can be with her for safety & we both get more sexual fun!!

I'm not gonna get into the details of the search for a BF but it didn't take long at all (about a week) to find someone online.

When I explained everything to him he was cool with it & looking forward to having her! I told him that I'd show him her limitations for the rough sex ( she can & does handle a lot of rough sex but still everyone has limits so...)

We met for dinner & drinks & had a great conversation and just before we left to go to his place I told him "now my wife will be happy with whatever you want to do...however IF you want to smack her ass hard you really better be able to do it cause if not then she will talk shit about you!!" he assured me that he would be able to handle her once I show him the limits.

Back at his place as she sits down I put in a video of her getting gangbaned by 5 guys (that's a story all in itself!!) He sits on the end of the couch & to my surprise takes over! "take your tits out" he says, she smiles & does, I said "move over closer to him so I can get a couple pic" once beside him he puts his arms around her & begins to play with her tits (between stealing glances at the gb that is!) he looks at me & says "how rough can I be?" I reach over to her & pull her hair back & SMACK across her ass, then again so he sees the force I use.

As she's getting her breath back he grabs her hair, pulls her head back & says "you like it rough huh?" "bitch...call her bitch" I said! "answer me Bitch!" he said! "yes" he stands in front of her still holding her hair & smacks her ass, looks at me & asks if that's ok, "harder, if it's too much she'll tell you (we don't have any safety words so...) he smacks her again & again looks at me I tell him " you can go harder & get your information from her she'll tell you."

He smiles a little devilish grin & SMACK across her ass & again on the other cheek!! She says nothing (which means he's doing fine but she has more tolerance to go) "take my cock out Bitch & hurry up!" I'm feeling a chub starting in my pants so I know he's gotta be at least half hard.

Now she's got his cock out & is stoking it, as he gets a full hard on he again grabs her hair & snaps her hips back..."pucker up" then he starts smacking her ass with his cock, "now open up" he slides his cock in her mouth & says "suck it like you mean it!" she goes to work! (she gives great head!) after a minute he asks me "can I whip her" "yep!!" I say then tell him he's off to a good start at controlling her! She keeps sucking his cock ass all red from the smacks but gives a thumbs up!!

He stops her from sucking his cock & pulls her up from her seat by her hair "take your clothes off" she does.

I ask him "you got any baby oil?" he gets it & comes back hands it to me I tell him, this makes my belt sting just that much more I said make her get down he grabs her tits & pulls & pinches her nipples, this causes her to wince just a little but she really loves it " turn around & get on your hands & knees Bitch!" "yes sir" once she's down there I pour the oil on her again she winces & jumps a little (the oil is cold!) I rub the oil all over her back & big ass then take off my belt I see her hold her breath & brace for the whipping from me that she's used to...

So I wait t'ill she looms back wondering why I haven't hit her yet, when she looks...SMACK across her ass & again & again, (damn I forgot I'm supposed to be showing her BF the limits this shit was getting good to me!!) I pour more oil on her back & hand him the belt he takes it & smack across her ass, again & again & again til her whole ass is beet red he stops, she's breathing very hard almost panting (I know she's soaked in girl juice but damn!) "whew, I thought I was gonna hurt her but I love this shit!!"

"You ok girl?" she turns & looks at us "I'm fine!!" " you're doing great!" she says with a big smile on her face he sits on the couch & I drag her to him by her hair & she instantly starts sucking his cock like she's trying to suck o softball thru a garden hose.

After a minute or two "oh shit I'm close" he says & pulls her head back off his cock "I'm gonna spank your ass again bitch." She automatically crawls across his lap & SMACK on her ass then again & again until her ass is as red as a beet again!! He tells her to get off him & onto her knees "crawl to my cock & finish what you started" she does & is again pistoning her head up & down his cock like a car motor redlining!

A few minutes later he says "I'm close again Bitch!" then she takes his cock into her throat & holds it "OH FUCK ME" he yells as he shoots his load straight into her stomach!! She pulls his cock outta her mouth & another blast hits her right between the eyes she turns her head to the side & starts licking & sucking his balls while stroking his cock (I had her start doing this to me years ago to make sure all of my nut comes out!)

She strokes his cock with her face buried underneath while getting the last of his busted nut to come out!! "Fuck me" he said as he fell on the couch!! "man you guys are cool as hell! Specially you lady!! She smiles (with a blast of his nut running down her face) "I think you've found me a BF Daddy!!" "yep, you both did great!!"

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