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Well, this happened when my girlfriend and I got back from the bar last Saturday. We were both pretty buzzed. She went up to take a shower. I put a porn on. When she got out, she watched it with me. It was a 3 some and she said she'd never do that.

I laughed and said it turned me on. After watching for a little while, we both were getting very turned on. I got up and made us a drink. She whispered in my ear "would you really like that?" and I replied, "it's always been a fantasy of mine."

So, we decided to post an ad on an internet dating site looking for "first time threesome". She was nervous about that, so I said "how about if someone just comes over and jacks off on you while we kiss?" She said that would be a good way to start.

Someone replied and said they were nervous about coming in our house. Could we meet outside in the car and have her come outside? To make a long story short: the car pulled in and we walked outside together. My girlfriend was wearing a button down shirt, skirt and high heels. We walked up to the driver's side window and I ripped her blouse open. Told her to put her hands on the roof of the car. The driver started rubbing her tits as I rubbed her ass.

She turned around and looked at me like she was scared. I kissed her ear and told her it was ok. Then, I pressed her up against the car and kissed her from behind. I could hear him stroking his cock so I pulled up her skirt and she wasn't wearing any panties. We could hear whispering in the car and realized he wasn't alone. There were 2 other guys in the car. I asked her if she wanted to stop and she said, "hell no!"

She reached in the window and started jacking off the driver. He came pretty quick. Without saying anything else, my girlfriend walked around to the passenger side. I was blown away! She put her body up against the car again, dropped her skirt and spread her legs. I have to admit, I was jealous, but very turned on too! This wasn't what we agreed but there was no way I was missing out on this! Especially when she was in control and calling the shots.

The passenger was playing with her pussy and I pulled my cock out. She stuck her hand in the window again and was rubbing his cock. She turned to me and said, "is this ok?" I said yes, keep going. she was getting her tits sucked, I pulled my cock out and slid it into her from behind.

She stuck her head in the window, he came all over her face! I opened the back car door, she climbed into the back seat. I started fucking her from behind again! She grabbed that guy's cock and started licking his dick and balls! I could tell he had a huge dick by the way her head was moving up and down. I heard a moan and knew he was finished!

We went back in the house. She said that wasn't so bad! I touched her pussy and it was SOAKED!!!!!!!

Not bad indeed!!

The next night she wanted to do it again so we talked to this guy in a chat room on the same dating site. We had a few drinks at a party first. We told him we'd meet him afterwards. My girlfriend was really nervous!

He called and said he was almost here. I blindffolded her and she layed across the coffee table. He texted us when he pulled in the driveway. I let him in and took him upstairs. I could tell by the look on his face that he thought she was hot. He poured oil all over her body. He looked at me and said is this ok?

We both massaged the oil all over her body. We rubbed her until she said pour more on me! And then we flipped her over and I put my cock in her mouth.

He started rubbing her ass and her legs. I grabbed her ankles and pulled them back and he shoved his dick in her nice and slow.

We both were pumping the hell out of my girlfriend. We both filled her holes with cum. Then I walked him out and said i'm sure i'll talk to you again.

I walked back upstairs and kissed my girlfriend and asked her was that ok? she said I can't wait to do it again!

This from a woman who was very sure she woulnd't 'do that.'

Well see what happens next. Thanks for reading.

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