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My friend Mike had had two things for some time - a hot-tub and a desire for my wife, Shelley, aged 34 but with the body and legs of a petite and slender teenager.

One evening he called round to do some electric work on my car for me and later stayed and chatted, inviting us both for an evening in his hot-tub the next day. His wife was away for the week and he was alone. Shelley played along and told him that unfortunately she hadn't had a swimsuit or a bikini. Of course she HAD, and he knew it...

"That's Ok" he said. "You don't need one."

"OK, then" she replied. ""We'll let you know in the morning."

Later she asked me if it was OK. I asked her what she would wear and she told me "Nothing!"

"OK", I said, "Well you'd better shave your mound then. If it's going to be on display you may as well make it look pretty."

"I'll do that in the morning", she said.

The following evening, she was getting ready and I asked her what she was wearing. "Nothing, of course!" she replied.

"I meant what are you wearing to go over there in?"

"Oh. Something which comes off easy and quick". She settled for a flimsy wrap-over micro-skirt, a wrap-over top which was only held together by the skirt's waistband and her highest, shiny black stilettos - nothing else.

Mike's face when we entered his house was a picture. "I'll just get some drinks", he said, his eyes on Shelley the whole time. He was back very quickly, still gaping at her.

"So what's the score, then?" she asked. "Presumably we just strip off on here and then go on through to the hot-tub later whwen we're ready?"

"That's the idea", Mike answered.

"Oh well, I'm up for that", Shelley said, and promptly unwrapped the skirt and let it fall, as the top fell open and then off, and she was naked except for the stilettos.

"Now", she said, "Which is my drink?"

Mike's eyes followed her everywhere as she walked slowly around, looking at family snaps on the fiereplace and so on. Eventually, she leaned back on the end of the sofa, facing Mike, her legs slightly apart and her bald mound clearly visible.

"Shelley, you have a gorgeous little body on you" he said. I wish I could get Helen (his wife) to shave, but she won't."

Shelley looked down at her pussy and said that she was going to have electrolysis and get rid of her pubic hair forever. Finishing his drink in a gulp, Mike suggested we should go through to the hot-tub and he and I (still dressed) and nude Shelley went through into the next room. Mike and I entered the tub first, still wearing shorts and Shelley climbed in very slowly in front of us while we both watched. She then slid over to us and snuggled in between us both.

We both started to gently paw her, concentrating on her tits and in between her legs and she giggled with delight, placing her arms around oud our shoulders and lifting herself up higher in the water and spreading her legs wider. We fondled her to several orgasms and then Mike told her her pussy was "very kissable". "So kiss it then", she told him.

He moved around in between her legs and lifted her up and began to lick her while I concentrated on her tits. She quickly had three more orgasms.

Then she told us it wasn't fair, we still had our shorts on and we had to stand up for her to pull them down, which she promptly did and then started sucking us both in turn while we remained standing.

At length, she stood up and bent right over while she nibbled Mike's cock and shook her rear at me to indicate I should screw her from behind. Naturally I obliged, thoroughly turned on by the sight of her sucking Mike at the same time.

Then we alternated and she sucked my cock while Mike screwed her from behind. She was enjoying every second of it.

Eventually we both came over her tits - which was something she liked especially - and left the hot-tub to retuern to the lounge. Shelley refused to get dressed and remained naked, telling us that we had to remain so, too.

Eventually, she decided that she was "up for round two" and knelt on the sofa for one of us to screw her from behind while she sucked the other's cock again.

Finally, at two in the morning, Shelley put on her flimsy skirt and top again and we left Mike utterly exhausted with a broad grin on his face.

In the car, Shelley turned to me and said "You're not cross with me, are you? Screwing Mike, I mean?"

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I asked her.

"Yes, very much" she replied.

"Then how could I be cross with you if it gave you pleasure?" I asked her. "In any case, it's quite a turn-on for me to see you having so much fun".

"Really?" she asked.

"Really!" I told her. "Why? do you want to do it again?"

"Could we?" she asked, all excited.

"If you want to. Yes of course". I told her. "You'd better phone Mike now before he goes to bed and arrange the next one. His wife is only away for this week."

She put the phone down a minute later. "We're going round again tomorrow afrternoon" she said. "I think I'll wear my black stockings this time...."

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