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Scott & Melaney


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My husband Scott asked me if I wouldn't mind sending in our story since he is a big fan of the site. This all happened when I was about 20 and Scott and I had decided to take a break for awhile, and to see other people. We still lived together and hung out together. He would bring home girl after girl, while I just didnt have the heart to do such a thing, make him listen to me fuck guys all night long. Until one day...

I had to go to work one Thursday night. I hated walking into the bar it was always so smokey and you could smell all the sweat from people dancing. I got behind the bar and set up my work area.

As the night grew later I noticed this VERY handsome man starring at me from where he was sitting. I quickly glanced away not wanting him to notice I saw him. A few minutes later I looked back over to the spot and the man was gone. I was a little disappointed in myself, because the man was extremely attractive. I slunk my head down and brightened up my smile before looking up to the next person. I looked up and gasped I had to take a second look to realize it was the same guy I had just been gazing on.

He asked me for a Coors, I got his beer and he slipped me his money. As he did that I asked him his name. He told me it was Andrew and asked mine in return, I told him and he said that it was very nice to meet me as he shook my hand. He winked at me while walking away. Inside my heart began to melt. I followed him with my eyes and he went to sit back down in that same place, and was watching me again. Knowing he was watching me turned me on so I tried to be a little more flirtatious with my customers.

Andrew and I kept glancing at each other throughout the night. My shift was coming to an end. So I started to guzzle down a few drinks to get myself alive. I went to the washroom and unpinned my long, hair, touched up my makeup, and advanced out of the room. I walked back into the club, my plan was to walk right up to the guy. But I decided to make him a little jealous first.

I walked onto the dance floor as if I owned the place and started to grind against some guys, watching him sitting there watching me made me just want to fuck him right there in front of everyone.

I motioned my fingers for him to come and dance with me, slowly he stood up. I took in his slender body. He walked over to me and we started dancing. Grinding against each other. I could feel his cock stiffen in his jeans, against my ass. I tilted my head back as we danced, and slowly started to make out with him. Our lips parted, I turned and whispered into his ear that I wanted him to come back to my place. All he did was nod in agreement.

We arrived at my house minutes later at about 3 am. Knowing Scott was sound asleep by now, I brought Andrew into my room. I pushed him on the bed and started to strip infront of him. I could see his cock growing inside his pants, screaming for me to let it be free. I slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled them off followed by his boxers. Now exposing his huge hard cock. He sat up and removed his shirt, as I slowly went down on his cock, taking it in my mouth inch by inch. I fondled his balls in my opposite hand. A little bit of pre-cum started to flow from his cock into my mouth. I swished the little bit of cum around in my mouth, then swallowed it. Going back down fast and hard on his cock. Moments later he came gushes of cum flowing into my mouth. I swallowed it all in one big gulp.

He picked me up and threw me down on the bed, kissing down my neck, down my chest and across my breasts. I arched my back and let out a low moan. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked on it. My moans got louder. He then moved his way down my stomach. As he got to the bottom of my stomach he looked up at me, and smiled. I nodded him forward. Slowly he spread my legs open, taking in the sweet musky smell of my wet pussy. He kissed up my inner thighs, and then all over my cleanly shaven pussy. He slipped his tongue between my pussy lips licking up and down. My breathing increased while he started flicking his tongue across my clit. he slipped two of his fingers inside my pussy and a loud moan escaped my lips. He pumped his fingers in and out of me while licking overtop my clit, slowly picking up his speed. I knew I was about to reach orgasm. He curled his fingers up inside my pussy and put a little weight on my lower stomach. I moaned as my pussy clamped down on his fingers and I came all over his face and hand.

He licked up his mess as I panted recovering from what had just happened. I pulled Andrew up to my face and kissed him with a fury of passion. Tasting my own juices from his mouth. We both moved to the top of my bed, he crouched over the top of me looking into my eyes. I knew what was about to come and so did he. I could tell we both wanted it. So I reached down and guided his cock slowly into my pussy. As the head of his cock went in I arched my back, and let out a low moan. Slowly he pushed it all the way inside my pussy. It felt so good, I told him to go faster. He pumped his cock into my pussy faster, and harder.

I pulled his face down to mine, smooshing out lips together, he picked up speed again and was going as fast as he could go and I dug my nails into his back. We both started moaning together and my pussy clamped down on his cock and I came all over it. He pulled out only seconds before he came, and he came all over my stomach.

I dipped my fingers in the hot sticky cum and rubbed it into my breasts. I pinched my hard nipples as I rubbed the last of his cum into my skin. Andrew leaned over my naked body and softly whispered in my ear. I will never forget what he said "Melaney... this is just the beginning." I could feel my pussy twitch with anticipation of what was coming next. As we kissed I realised I could feel his cock growing hard against my leg. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I lifted my head so I could kiss him deeply, our tongues teasing and sliding into each other's mouths.

I felt Andrew's hands slide behind my back as he pulled me up and onto my knees. Our eyes locked and our hot bodys where so close. I could feel my breasts pressing against his muscled chest. His big strong hands where cupping and squeezing my ass. A moan escaped my lips as I felt a finger gently press against my tight little asshole. His cock which was now rock hard was pressing against my leg. I moved and wiggled my hips so I could feel his hard throbbing muscle press against my pussy. We were lost in our need for each other. My pussy was dripping in anticipation I pulled back and begged him to fuck me.

Andrew didn't need to be told twice he was like a wild animal whom had finally caught his pray. He grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. In seconds I found myself being pressed against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. My eager pussy was being lowered onto his big thick cock. I screamed with pleasure as my pussy was stretched and violated as he began to fuck me up my bedroom wall. I was making so much noise I just knew Scott must be able to hear the banging and my moans. I was lost in the moment and I could feel my orgasm growing. I couldn't help myself I was screaming at the top of my lungs as his big cock thrusted deep and hard inside me. "Oh Andrew fuck me, Oh shit, Ya baby...mmm.. right there... Oh my god... Andrew... I'm Cumming". As my pussy clamped down on his cock, I began to cum. He was looking into my eyes with such intensity; I could hear him grunting with effort as he fucked me hard. My pussy exploded and at that moment I probably had the most powerful orgasm of my young life. I screamed his name as I squirted all over his cock.

Andrew shifted his weight and tossed me on the bed like a rag doll. I knew he wasn't finished with me yet and every inch of my body was screaming for more. All I could do was bite my lip as I tried to catch my breath. A wicked smile past his lips and I could see he was taking in my sexy body with his eyes. I never felt so vulnerable but yet, so wanted as I did in that moment. I got onto all fours and crawled across the bed. I turned my ass to him and looked back over my shoulder. Our eyes met and he moved towards me. He smacked my ass and then lowered my head to the bed. I gasped as I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart. He dipped a finger inside my sopping wet pussy. I groaned as I hoped he would fuck my tight little asshole, but I realised he was just using my juices to lubricate his fingers. My tight little ass gave way as he slowly pushed a finger inside me, penetrating it for the first time that night. I was breathing heavily with excitement of what was happening and soft moans escaped my lips as his finger worked in and out of my ass. I reached back and began to work my clit.

Soon he had a second finger in my ass making its way in and out as I franticly worked my clit. Andrew pulled his fingers out of me and replaced it with his throbbing bell end. I moaned loud as he eased his member into me. The work he had done made it easier for him and it wasn't long before he was thrusting his balls deep inside me. His hands gripped my hips and he fucked my tight little ass for all he was worth. I began to scream into the covers of the bed as I felt another orgasm grow inside me. My fingers working my clit Andrew began to slap my ass as he pumped his cock in and out of me. "Fuck Melaney Im gonna cum". He began to grunt with effort as I brought my pussy to the brink with my fingers. "Oh Shit" I heard him shout as he dumped squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum in my ass. It was all too much for me, I moaned as my pussy squirted for the third time that night.

He collapsed down next to me, both of us breathing heavily. I pulled the covers overtop of us and we cuddled and talked about ourselves for about a half an hour or so until we finally fell asleep.

The next day Scott said nothing but I could tell the way he avoided eye contact that he knew. I was pleased.

So, we got back together not long after and ended up falling back in love and getting married and are still really happy today. What makes our sex life even better is that experience I had with Andrew. I tell Scott about it over and over in detail and he cums harder than ever each and every time. It's so much fun.

Scott & Melaney





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