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Thanks for the blog, I love these stories and wanted to send in ours. I guess I need to say that even before my wife Roxx and I were married, I had the strong desire to share her with another man. I wanted to watch as he aroused her, getting her hotter & hotter, then both of us fucking her for hours on end.

I had hinted to her about the swinging life style, but she had no desire to even try it. I had just about given up ever seeing my dream come true. Then one fateful day my desires were filled.

On a weekend afternoon my best friend dropped by for a visit & we sat around listening to some good country music. We were having a few drinks, Roxx didn't drink very often so she got a little high rather quickly. The combination of alcohol & the music made her loosen up a little & I got the feeling that maybe I could get her to progress toward something tame maybe.

Pat was a very good looking guy & I knew he had the hots for my wife, I had never told him of my desire to watch her fucked by another man or even mentioned him to Roxx as a man to party with. I knew she liked him as a friend but doubted if she ever thought of him sexually.

We had both been dancing with her all evening & I could see the higher she got the looser she was becoming. I could see her lightly pushing herself into him as they slow danced & I could see the bulge in Pat's pants & was sure she was feeling his cock rubbing against her.

Finally I decided it just might be a good time to try for a party as she was plenty loose & giddy, I took a deep breath & said "hey guys why don't we play a game of strip poker & liven this party up a little" I almost fell over when she said, "OK it sounds like fun, but only down to our underwear not all the way." I said 'sure' - at least I'd get a little hint of having my desires fulfilled.

So pushing it forward I suggested an adult version of spin the bottle instead of the cards as we were all a little drunk & probably couldn't hang onto the cards & shuffle them. They both agreed that spin the bottle sounded like fun. I laid out the rules, since there were only three of us, one would spin the bottle then whoever it pointed to got to tell one of the other two what they had to do. Since it was strip spin the bottle the person being told what to do had to remove another person's article of clothes & to do it in a way that would be hard to do ( like use only one hand, behind your back, using feet, teeth, etc.) anything to make it fun & hard to do.

Lucky me I got first choice as the bottle pointed to me, I told Pat he had to remove Roxx's blouse while they were sitting on the floor back to back. Since he could not see what he was doing his hands were coming in contact with her tits an added bonus was the fact the blouse had lots of very small buttons to undo so it was going to take a while. I sat & watched as his hands brushed her tits again & again. I was getting turned on watching him with Roxx and so I started rubbing my hard cock, as Roxx saw me rubbing myself a cute little smile crossed her lips.

I got the feeling she was enjoying the touch of his hands. I told Pat to be nice now & don't be trying to grab a hand full of her tits. He just grinned & said you mean like this & filled both his hands with her tits. A soft moan escaped her lips & I watched as she pushed her chest into his hands, I thought damn I may get my dreams filled after all, I sure did not expect she would respond like that. Finally he got the blouse off & the game continued soon we were all down to just our underwear. Roxx said OK games over we are all down to our undies & that is as far as I'm going.

My mind raced for some way to keep things going, so I said nope not yet we are not even, me & Pat only have one piece of clothing on, our shorts you have two items on so you have to lose one more item to be fair. She hemmed & hawed a little bit but with a little prodding by both me & Pat she finally said alright let's continue but if I have to lose one more item you guys do to, I said fine but we will be totally nude, so you have to get that way too. After a little more pushing she finally agreed.

The first spin the bottle pointed at me so I had Roxx remove Pat's shorts by being on her knees in front of him & to only use the thumb of her left hand. She kneeled down & started off being right handed which made it a little harder for her as she was pushing & pulling with one hand trying to get his shorts over his hips. I could see Pat's cock getting bigger & bigger. Soon she slid his pants off his hips & leaned in toward him to get a better position to pull the back down, as his shorts slid over his throbbing cock it flipped up & slapped her under the chin. We all laughed as Pat stood there with his hard cock right in her face & she said "Damn Pat why did you hit me in the face" He replied "I was looking for a hole to put it in" We all had a good laugh over that one.

Next I lost my shorts so here we are two totally naked men with stiff cocks & a hot little babe in her bra & panties. Roxx spun the bottle & it pointed at me so I told Pat he had to remove Roxx's tight little bikini panties with his hands behind his back & use only his teeth.

Pat knelt in front of Roxx starting to try to get hold of her panties I warned him to not get hold of her skin & bite her cause if he did she would have to pull her panties up & he would have to start over, we laughed as Pat kept trying to get those tight panties in his teeth without biting her.

I could see the passion building in both of them as Pat tried to get those panties. Of course being a normal man Pat was taking full advantage of the situation nuzzling her mound every once in a while, once he put his mouth fully on her mound & pushed his face into her little cunt. An ever so slight moan escaped her lips & I watched as she pushed back into him. It took several minutes for him to get them down & I kept hearing soft little moans from her as he nuzzled around her hot little cunt.

My cock was about to burst, I now knew there was a great chance that I at long last may get to watch as my baby is kissed, licked, stroked & fucked by another man.

Finally with nothing but a bra left Dan got to call the shot. He had Roxx sit on a small foot stool & I was to stand behind her & remove her bra using only two fingers.

Pat sat cross legged on the floor right in front of Roxx & watched as I tried to remove her bra, I pretended I was having problems but I could have had it off in seconds. I drug it on for several minutes, my hard cock poking Roxx in the back, Pat sitting on the floor in front of her staring at her juicy little pussy & stroking his rock hard cock. He was getting hotter by the second & so was she, she started to slowly open her legs a little & close them back, then open again I watched as she squirmed on the stool moving her legs open more & more.

Finally I popped her bra loose & pulled it off her tits. I grabbed both of Roxx's wrists & held her arms above her head, saying there you go Pat a nice view of her sweet titties. She didn't seem to mind & even moved around a little & pushed her chest out towards Pat. He took a quick look but his eyes were more or less glued to her sweet pussy as she was still slowly opening & closing her legs.

I asked Pat if he would like to give her cunt a few licks, he replied he would love to so I told him to spread her legs & kiss her pussy. She cried out no closed her legs Pat looked at me & I said go ahead kiss her hot cunt. Pat reached down & gently pulled on her legs I was shocked to see how fast she spread wide open for him.

Pat started to work on her hot cunt amd Roxx was moaning & thrusting into him but at the same time she was trying to get her arms loose from my grip & saying no! no! no! she fought harder & harder so I decided I'd better let her loose after all I wanted a fun party not a rape. However all the time she was fighting me she was thrusting into Pat's hot mouth. I let go of her wrists & stepped back expecting her to jump up & start reading me the riot act, I figured the party was over.

What happened next blew me away, I no longer had a hold of Roxx yet her arms were still in the air flailing away as if she was still being held, still saying no!no! no! but still humping Pat's face. She was only fighting me at the same time spreading her legs farther & farther apart & humping Pat harder & harder.

I decided she was so damn hot she was not really aware of what she was doing, I knelt down, held her in my arms gave her several kisses & started sucking & kissing her titties, all the while Pat is really giving her hot cut a good going over. I suggested we all go to the bedroom, Roxx huskily breathed hell yes, she jumped up from the stool grabbed me & Pat by the cocks & led us to the bedroom.

She climbed on the bed laid on her back spreading her legs saying, here you go Pat & to me she said You get my boobies & lips for now. There we were my dream world come true, my hot wife laying on the bed opening her hot cunt to my best friend & wanting me to kiss & hold her.

Pat buried his throbbing cock in her juicy cunt thrusting away like a jackhammer. Roxx was shoving her pussy up to meet every stroke & started having massive orgasms, one after another.

I was totally shocked at how much raging passion she displayed, all due to a strange cock filling her juicy cunt.

Needless to say it was a fantastic night. Pat & I did any & every thing to my hot little wife's body that night. I can't tell you how many times she was fucked but Pat & I both filled that hot cunt several times. When it wasn't being fucked it was being licked, kissed, sucked, fingered.

We gave every inch of her body all the pleasure we could muster for over six hours.

Pat was a great partner to share my wife with & we continued to party with him for several months, he has fucked Roxx well over 20 times.

Damn what a life !!!!





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