Our Date Night on a Family Vacation



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My wife and I had been planning a family vacation in Orlando, Florida. We managed to have a "date night" while we were there. So here is what happened!

My wife, and her family arrived at the resort where we were staying on Saturday. It was a nice reunion as we live many miles apart. Early on, we began talking about what we planned to do for the week and it became apparent that Tuesday night would be our "date night". So I told the family then that while they were doing other things, Becky and I planned to have "our night" on Tuesday. I told them we would be going to the movies, and dinner, and would be home late. My wife didn't even glance at me, afraid she'd give away our plans to the watchful eyes of her family!

Our plan was to go to one of the several dance clubs near Orlando. My wife would put on her short black dress, and walk into the dance alone. I'd come in a few minutes behind her, and sit at a table nearby. The plan was that she could dance with whoever she wanted, and do whatever she wanted during the dance. IF she found someone she liked, she could tell him what we had planned, and bring him to my table to develop further plans.

Later that day, we were at the grocery store, buying groceries for the week. While we were all discussing what to buy, I got my wife to the side and said "Wanna live dangerous"? "Doing what?" she asked. I told her I'd like her to go to the pharmacy and buy herself condoms for Tuesday night. "Are you sure"? Go, now I told her! She came back in a short time and told me she'd bought 1/2 dozen condoms! "Damn, I exclaimed, gonna be busy huh"??!!! She gave me a lovable hit on that one.

The days went by painfully slow as I anticipated and wondered what Tuesday night would bring our way. Sunday and Monday we spent at Disneyworld. As Becky walked in front of me (wearing a cute little pair of tight shorts) I fanaticized about our night. I'd watch as other men at Disney would look at her (they weren't being very shy about it). I wish I'd have counted the men that I watched look at her from the top of her head to her toes as we stood in lines. Most of them lingered quite some time on her beautiful face, tits, ass and her long legs. I couldn't blame them, she's a beauty. As I watched I wondered what the "lucky" man was doing right now, some man we'd never met.... the one that would more than likely be fucking her the very next night. I wondered how I'd feel (for the first time in my life) as I watched my wife reach down and fondle another man's dick. Would she look at me as she began dropping to her knees to suck his dick? Would she raise her ass off the bed (like she does for me), when he began to lick her clit? Would she let out that little moan she always makes as he pushed his cock into her? Suddenly, I had a raging erection and I knew I'd better keep those thoughts to myself until the next day!

Suddenly it was here, Tuesday afternoon. Becky was in the shower getting ready for our night. I was filled with anticipation as she came into the bedroom. Her beauty took my breath away. Beautiful woman in a sexy little black dress. It doesn't get better than that! I walked over and lifted her dress to find a new black thong. I was planning to take off her panties and ask her to go to the dance without panties, but after a quick inspection I decided the thong was just fine!

We made it to a dance club that advertised small little "out of the way" cubbyholes where dancers could get a bit of privacy. I gave her a few assurances, and told her to enjoy our adventure. I promised her that everything would be ok, and if she quit having fun at any point, she could come get me and we'd leave. She squeezed my hand, gave me a kiss, and was gone.

A few minutes later I entered the club, only to find that she was already engaging in a conversation with a handsome guy of about 30 or so. He was fit, handsome, and I felt both a small pang of jealousy, but outweighing the small level of jealousy, was a huge excitement to see my beautiful wife had already snagged what appeared to be the most handsome guy at the dance! He was oblivious to me, as I took a table not far from theirs.

The dance floor was rather dark, and there were in-fact areas where a couple could "dance into", and not be in direct sight of others. It was a perfect spot, and they were playing my wife's kind of music. Soon, my wife and the man were dancing around the room... locked together in a slow dance. Soon, they disappeared together into the darkness of the dance floor.

After a few minutes, they reappeared. He was holding her close, both hands around her waist and she had both her arms over his shoulders. Their heads touching as they danced together slowly. My wife didn't look up as she passed by my table, and I wondered what she was thinking. The song ended, and a fast song began playing. I watched my sexy wife as she danced a very enticing dance. Nothing "in your face", but when a beautiful, hot woman is moving, it's enticing! The effect wasn't lost on my wife's new friend!

For the next 1.5 hours, they danced together and I could tell my wife was attracted to her new friend. Other men asked her to dance, and she told them no. He was sitting at her table, and they were locked in romantic conversation. I could tell he was smitten with her and she with him. I recognized my wife's actions all too well. They were the actions of a woman who has already decided the night would end in a sexual encounter. The thought went through my mind that this was my last chance to call this off. If I didn't, she would be fucking this guy within the hour... and I wasn't wrong.....

He leaned in to kiss Becky, and she responded. I could clearly see the fact that he was exploring the inside of my wife's mouth with his tongue. He bit her lip, he teased her, he nibbled her neck... damn, this guy had read my wife's playbook. He was doing everything she loved.

Soon after the kiss, I saw her look my way for the first time that night. The look was clear to me, she was asking if it was ok to move forward... I gave her a slight nod and I saw her revealing our plan to her new friend. I'd call his reaction "playfully surprised". I could see him mouth the words "you're kidding", right? She stuck to the script and told him it was a fantasy we'd always had, and that we would like him to be the one to fulfill our fantasy. Although surprised, he was a good sport and I'm sure he realized he would miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime if he protested.

He came to my table, and I felt a bit awkward as I introduced myself. I basically repeated what Becky had told him, and reassured him that this was a fantasy night for us, and that she'd chosen him. I told him he was safe with us and it would be a great night. He agreed, and we left the club.

As we began to get into the car (which had bucket front seats) I told him to get in the backseat with Becky. "You two get acquainted while I drive to the hotel" I told him with a wink! Becky hopped into the backseat and he followed. Soon, I was chauffeuring them toward the hotel. Becky and Robert were in the backseat, and small talk soon turned into heavy breathing as they kissed. I twisted the rear view mirror down so that I could see as we went under streetlights. The two were locked in a passionate kiss. I could see Robert's hand fondling my wife's tits, under her black dress. The sight almost made me cum right then as I remember my wife's words from long ago "if a man ever plays with my tits, then I'm going to fuck him". My wife has had 11 men play with her tits (Robert would be the 12th). So far 11 men had fucked her... but that would be 12 soon enough.

I got us a room as Becky and Robert remained in the back seat. I quickly drove the car around and we entered the room. To keep it from being too awkward, I turned down all the lights except for a lamp. I took control of my wife and pulled her black dress down over her tits. I took her nipple in my mouth and reached down and pulled up her black dress. I couldn't wait to feel just how wet Robert had made her pussy with the foreplay from the club to the hotel. I wasn't disappointed as I pushed the thong aside and slipped a finger into the wettest pussy I'd ever experienced with Becky. I messaged her clit as I sucked her nipple. I quit momentarily to tell Robert "there's one here for you too Robert"! He wasted no time in slipping my wife's other nipple into his mouth. Becky was overcome with passion as two men massaged her nipples with their tongue. I moved my hand to her ass, as I felt Robert's hand move down to her pussy. I felt Becky spread her legs to give Robert easy access as he put his finger inside her. She moaned out load as his finger entered her, and I remembered how Robert had kissed her at the club. I concluded he was probably just as good at manipulating her clit as he was at kissing her.... explaining my wife's moan! I put a finger in Becky's ass, and was surprised at how intoxicating it was to feel another man's finger in my wife's pussy, through the small divide to my finger in her ass.

To my surprise my sweet, conservative, shy, and refined wife stepped back to the edge of the bed, lifted her dress over her head, and laid down, and spread her beautiful long legs. Robert wasted no time in sensing her queue as he lowered his head to my wife's pussy and teased and played with her using his tongue, lips, and an occasional nibble. Damn, this guy's good I thought! He seemed to be in no hurry to simply fuck and leave (something I'd been worried about). It was obvious he was there to give her the best night he could. Finally Becky grabbed Robert's head and pulled it to her clit.... she came immediately after he began teasing her clit. Aaaggggggggg... she literally screamed out! I still had a finger in her ass and a nipple in my mouth while Robert was administering his skill on her clit. I could feel her cumming and her contractions on my finger. It was extremely erotic!

I stood up and pulled my wife all the way onto the bed and onto her knees at the foot of the bed. I pulled her toward my dick and she hungrily began sucking while fondling my balls. I motioned for Robert to get undressed and join me. Robert wasted no time placing his cock near my wife's face. It almost made me dizzy with desire as I watched her lean forward and take him in her mouth. We'd always said that IF we ever did this, the guy would have to wear a condom for both oral sex and traditional sex. Seems she'd forgotten that detail as she sucked him without abandon.

I'd always fantasized about the idea of having two cocks in my wife's mouth, but tonight it wasn't to be. For the second time that night, she stepped back to the edge of the bed, laid down, and again spread those lovely legs. Her pussy was glistening and Robert grabbed her legs and pulled her ass right to the edge of the bed. He positioned himself and pushed his large, rock hard cock balls deep into my wife. I'd wondered if she would let out "the moan" and sure enough she moaned loudly as she thrust her hips toward him, grabbed his hard ass, and pulled her to him as hard as she could. Robert was about 1-1/2" longer than me, and significantly larger in circumference. My wife, by contrast, has never had children and is very tight. I couldn't believe the ease with which Robert penetrated her. Robert was good at sex. He'd pull himself completely out of her and then somehow stay in perfect alignment as he would re-enter her. Was driving her crazy! Although I was anxious to get me dick in Becky's mouth, I didn't want to interrupt what appeared to be the best fucking she'd had in a long time! Robert was long stroking my wife, and I just watched as his very large and dripping cock came all the way out, then went all the way in. My "shy" wife, came a second time. Damn I thought.. Robert two, me none! I made a commitment to myself then the third time she came would be from me (she usually cums 3-4 times)!

The thought went through my mind that my wife is still fertile, and here this guy was long stroking her. All the talk about condoms had been forgotten. I'm not one of those excited by the idea of my wife getting pregnant by another man. But that thought soon went away as I decided to position my wife on hands and knees.. Hell, it was time for me to get in on this action! That being done, Robert continued to pound my wife's pussy in doggy style. I'd put my dick into my wife's mouth and loved she was being assisted moving back and forth over my dick by Robert who was pounding her hard from the rear. I was ready to cum! But didn't want to, so I pulled my dick out of Becky's mouth and let her suck my balls while that machine (Robert) kept banging the hell out of her. I could sense her crescendo building by Robert's expert action, and realized I'd not be the one making her cum the 3rd time that night. So she came on him... again! I knew Robert was feeling my wife's extremely strong pussy muscles clamping down on him as she came. Enjoy I thought.. you may never find another woman who can do that again! (She's awesome at "dick clamping").

Robert was pounding her hard, she was sucking my balls. Robert had a finger in her ass, and I was fondling her tits as she sucked. She was in heaven, unabashed, unashamed, heaven. She damn near bit off my right testicle as she came the 4th time. Dammed, that's enough! I motioned for Robert and I to trade places.

As I put my dick in her, I couldn't help but notice how wet and loose she was. I'd never felt her like that. The excitement, and Robert's bigger dick, and certainly made a change in the way my wife felt. I actually loved it! Not wanting to be outdone, I grinded myself into her in a way I knew she loved. I made sure to position my dick in a way that it rubbed hard on her clit. To be sure, I reached around the front of her and massaged her clit with one hand, while fingering her ass with the other. All the things I knew she loved. Robert benefited from this, as he had my wife's long hair in his fists, and was holding her head with her hair and sticking that long dick of his halfway down my wife's throat! She didn't seem to mind one bit! I could feel Becky getting ready to cum again, and I knew exactly how it felt to be in her mouth and feel the vibration from her moan as she was cumming. Now Robert would feel that. I could also tell that Robert was close to cumming by his motions. Becky began cumming again, and I could feel her strong contractions both on my dick, and with my finger in her ass. I knew Robert was feeling the vibrations from her throat as she came... apparently that was more than he could stand and he came deep in my wife's mouth. I was surprised she let him, as we'd never talked about it before (the "other guy" was always going to be wearing a condom). Oh well, so much for planning!

Robert must have been super sensitive when cumming, because as he came deep in Becky's mouth and held her head very still as he pumped every drop of his cum into her. I came very hard too, and I was sure I was pumping more cum into my wife's pussy than I'd ever done before. We all collapsed on the bed, heavy breathing subsiding as the minutes went by.

Not a word from any of us for probably 15 minutes... Finally I said "that was good". Two quick "uh huh's" from Robert and Becky. With that, I pulled my wife around on the bed and layed on my right side and she was on her left side, head even with my cock. I put my dick in her mouth for the second time that night, and enjoyed the sensation as I thought about Robert's dick cumming into her mouth just minutes before. I fucked her mouth, and she sucked, lazily for several minutes. Robert reached down and began fingering her cum filled pussy. I felt my wife's sucking become more enthusiastic as Robert's expert fingers manipulated her clit. Soon, my wife was on her back and Robert was demonstrating his fucking skills on top of her again. Becky on her back, face up, enjoying both my dick in her mouth, and Robert's in her pussy.

We went on experimenting with most of the ways two men can enjoy one woman... until the wee hours of the morning. I came in her 3 times, Robert 5 times. Robert had an obvious preference for cumming in Becky's mouth, as 4 of his 5 loads were there. He came once in her pussy. Becky came more times than I can count. Her estimate is "at least ten times".

As we were "sneaking" back into the resort, my wife said with sarcasm, "my family would be so proud"... well, I'm proud of you Becky, and that's all that counts!

Before we went to bed, I took a picture of her very red, very worn pussy. Poor thing had a hard time walking at Disney the next day... but it wasn't such a hard time that she ever quit smiling!

Rob & Becky





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