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In my early twenties I fucked my best friend's girl for about a year and it was hot as hell. She was absolutely gorgeous, smoking hot and I couldn't help myself.

Things started when we were at a mutual friends party. Rachel (my friend's girl's name) and I found ourselves sitting alone on the stairs smoking some weed while her boyfriend/my best friend, Dave was elsewhere. There was obvious sexual tension between us we didn't do anything other than I caressed her thigh a little listening to her short gasps of breath as I did.

A couple of weeks later Rachel was needing help moving furniture and building a wardrobe, Dave's work often took him away for a week at a time and he wouldn't be back as had been planned having to work few extra days. Dave called me and asked if I could go round and help, I said it wouldn't be a problem.

I went round and Rachel and I got stuck in moving furniture, clearing space for the new wardrobe, everything was cool at first but eventually Rachel and I were making a little too much eye contact and I could feel the sexual tension building again.

Rachel had her hair tied up in a pony tail and was wearing a tight top showing her lovely breasts and a pair of 'short' shorts showing her beautiful legs, I was struggling to prevent an erection every time I looked at her. I kept thinking this is Dave's girl, I shouldn't do any of the things I was thinking about.

We were kneeling on the floor together unpacking the wardrobe, I gave into temptation and ran my hand down her leg, fingers just touching the inside of her thigh. I heard her take a sharp breath and she stopped moving. Having touched her now I couldn't resist stroking her thigh as Rachel started to breathe heavily. Eventually I brought my hand up to her crotch and could feel the moist heat between her legs. We kissed, grabbing each other passionately, the unbuilt wardrobe forgotten, we laid down on the floor stripping the clothes from each other.

I couldn't wait to be in her, as soon as we were naked I took my throbbing cock and slid into her, her eyes closed, moaning as I started pounding into her hot wet hole. Looking down on her, admiring her pretty face, revelling in her sexual nakedness and feeling the heat of her pussy on my cock I drove hard into her and came deeply inside. We both collapsed panting trying to regain our breath. I apologised, saying I shouldn't have done that, she smiled at me saying we need to get on the bed, I'm not finished yet. We fucked all afternoon, in every position we could think of, I came twice more and Rachel having several orgasms.

Lying in bed together, exhausted we started talking, I felt guilty having spent the afternoon fucking my best friend's girlfriend. Rachel confessed it had actually been arranged by Dave and her. Startled I asked what she meant. Rachel explained that she had told Dave about that night at the party, sitting on the stairs and I had caressed her thigh, she admitted to Dave that she was extremely wet and had ached for me to fuck her there and then.

They spoke about it, imagining what it would be like for them. They got horny and had fucked furiously with Rachel calling out my name as Dave came in her. Both enjoying the idea. Rachel and Dave hatched a plan, Dave would stay an extra night away from his work and call me to help them out, Rachel would play her part in seducing me (which did not take much, as Rachel had suspected). At the time I didn't understand the attraction to them especially for Dave but I was happy enough to have the opportunity to fuck Rachel who I had secretly wanked over for some time. Rachel suggested we should get the wardrobe built and she would order some take out for us and suggested I could stay the night, of course I didn't hesitate to agree.

The wardrobe was built, take out was ordered and eaten with a bottle of wine and I stayed the night fucking Rachel before falling asleep with Rachel holding onto me. In the morning we got up and shared a very long and intimate shower. I left before Dave was due back as they had planned. I got a text from Dave later in the afternoon thanking me for my help and hoped I had a good time with Rachel. I responded it was no problem and had a very enjoyable night and anytime he needed help again to just give me a shout. He responded how about tomorrow night. I said sure let me know what time. Dave and I actually spoke the next day, Dave assured me everything was fine, he and Rachel were exploring something kinky and needed my help. Dave explained he would be there tonight but would not be involved, Rachel and I were just to do our thing.

I arrived at the requested time, Rachel was wearing a sexy short summer dress and as I discovered nothing else. We were sat in the living room feeling a little awkward at first. Rachel took the initiative and sat on my lap and started kissing me, we kissed and fondled for a while, Dave sitting across the room watching as I had my hand up her dress gently fingering Rachel. Rachel stood up, took my hand and lead me into the bedroom where we had sex again. I could see Dave quietly watching us from the door, he never came into to the room, just peeking round the door while I fucked his girlfriend. After cumming hard inside her, Rachel suggested I go make myself a coffee and sit in the living room and wait for them to finish. I quickly got dressed and left the bedroom, passing Dave in the hallway, we smiled at each other and went into the kitchen. Dave went into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. I made a coffee and got settled in the living room. About ten minutes later they both appeared, Dave was dressed but Rachel was only wearing a silk robe which she left open, allowing me to admire her sexy little body. We sat and spoke for a while, making sure everybody was comfortable with what was happening, which we pretty much were. It was about time for me to go home, we all got up, Dave and Rachel saw me to the door. I thanked them for the evening and they thanked me. Rachel kissed me deeply at the door with Dave watching and said until next time with a naughty little grin.

This repeated many times, Dave never joined in but would spend 10 or 15 mins alone with Rachel after I had finished fucking her. During the times Dave was away for work I spent the nights with Rachel and on a couple of occasions Rachel sucked me off in the car while Dave was driving. A couple of times I picked her up from somewhere, fucked her in the car and then dropped her off at home with Dave waiting.

This went on for just over a year, I had more sex in that year than at any time and did things I had not done with any other girl. Unfortunately Rachel broke up with Dave, they had started having bad arguments about money, I knew Rachel had pretty bad credit debts. After they split Rachel called me a few times and we would fuck, and as promised to Dave, I would call him and tell him everything we had done. Rachel asked if we could be together but I declined. Even though as sexy as she was I didn't see a relationship for us. Rachel fell off the map pretty soon after.

Dave and I are still pretty good friends. Dave is married now and has confessed he would like to watch me fuck his wife. She doesn't seem the type to be into it and Dave knows this but he'd like it still. And I have some pictures of Rachel here from a few years back to give you a sense of her fine bod.




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