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My wife and I have had a lot of past cuck experiences and she's also shared experiences from before I met her. My wife has a very promiscuous past and knows about my fetish, but so far has clearly expressed that she has no willingness to participate in anything around hotwifing/cuckolding with me. I'll be honest that the following story is probably best fit for a blog about wives' sexual pasts, but given the context I think it fits here just nicely.

Last weekend we went out to a bar with a bunch of friends. It was a normal night with her doing some casual drinking and I was the Designated Driver. When we got home and into bed, we had sex, and in the aftermath, we were still kinda fooling around when she randomly decided to share a story with me from her past.

I was fingering her and rubbing her clit when she started whispering in my ear.

"Mmmmm, want to hear a story?" she asked.

I was taken aback but I whispered back "Yes..."

"Back in college, you know how I used to hook up with Chris all the time? Well, I remember one night we were all at a party. I was dating Mike at the time but he wasn't feeling well so he went up to go to bed. I stayed up drinking and... I was a bad girl."

"I was flirting with Chris all night, and eventually convinced him to come upstairs with me. He was hesitant, asking me why I wanted to mess things up with Mike. I told him Mike would never know, I just wanted him to fuck me."

"I pulled him onto the bed, and we started peeling each others clothes off. When he got me down to just my panties, he reached in and was fingering me like you are now... then I started jerking his dick to get him hard."

As she said it, she reached down and started jerking my cock too.

"I pulled him on top of me, and he slid my panties up just to my thighs, and next thing I know he was pushing into me. We must have gone at it for a half hour before he pulled put and I sucked every drop out of him down my throat..."

"After we finished, I got dressed and left him to sleep, heading to Mike's room. When I stripped down and got into bed, he woke up and started to get grabby with me. As he was groping, he came in for a deep french kiss. It was clear he was looking for some playtime and I was up for it. I pushed him down and got on top of him, riding his dick... bouncing up and down as I worked his cock. It wasn't long before I jumped off him and sucked off his load into my throat too..."

At this point, her jerking had me on the verge of cumming and she knew it. Before she said anything else, she slid down and took me into her mouth, looking up at me as she sucked my load into her mouth, gulping it down as she went.

Once I collected myself, I slid down and pulled her panties up to her thighs as she had described and ate her furiously to a good orgasm.

We went to bed after, and it hasn't come up since. I know this was more cheating than cucking, but I still found it hot (given I want her to do this to me). I know this is a minor step, and I don't want to read too much into it, but this is by far the closest she's ever come to entertaining my kink.

Jeff P.



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