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My first time here. So my 25 year old friend wants to fuck my 50 year old wife. Danny is a young co-worker of mine who enjoys coming over to my home to spend time with us. I was 48 and he was 25 years old at the time. He married a girl with 3 kids and they had a couple more, and some times he just needs to get away. Not long, just a few hours a month or so. One night he came over with a 12 pack of beer and I had a 18 pack in the fridge, and we went to drinking. I was on my laptop playing music to listen to while we talked.

I had seen a really hot porn video earlier that day, and pulled it up for him to see. He appreciated the video, and added that he likes porn featuring amateurs, and that he preferred older women. We were in my dimly lit den, really buzzed, when my wife walked in to talk to me before bed. She didn't realize Danny was still there, and came in wearing a short tee shirt and a skimpy red thong. Because Danny was sitting on the other side of me, I being much bigger that he is, she didn't see him til she was well into the room. As soon as she noticed Danny sitting there, she was embarrassed and excused herself. She just told me good night from the hall and went to bed.

After she went to bed, I went to see if there was anything else she wanted to say, but didn't because Danny was there. She said she was just saying goodnight and that she wanted to fuck. I told her that I would be back to fuck her as soon as Danny went home. When I came back in the den, Danny told me that he didn't want to offend me, but stated that that was what he thought was hot, an older woman that is in good shape, he said that my wife was built like a 30 year old.

I told him I wasn't offended, I actually enjoy other men expressing that they think my wife is hot.

Danny was pretty high at this time, and was telling me with all due respect that he would love to fuck my wife Patricia, that he got excited when I would mention my sex life, especially when I talked about anal sex, and that he figured that she could really rock his world. He told me every time he saw her butt, he just wanted to bury his dick in it. I agreed with him, meanwhile I pulled up a file of pictures that I had put in order of clean to the sexiest picture of my wife (I'll attach a few here). I told Danny that I needed the little boys room, but to feel free to scroll down these pictures, and if they got too offensive, he could just stop.

When I got back from the bathroom, I grabbed a couple of beers and sat back down to see how far Danny was down the list. He had seen a few pix of Patricia fully clothed, and some with her dressed sexy, and was up to a few shots of her flashing her tits. He had a nervous, excited tremble in his voice as he complimented her nice tits, and continued scrolling.

The contents of the folder was arranged in this order: fully and plainly clothed, sexy but fully clothed, tit flashing, down to a thong, nude but conservative, nude and progressively lewder, her and her 10 inch dildo and different depths in her pussy, dildo in her asshole and last the lewdest positions that she could get in (she can damn near put her ankles behind neck, and it's exciting watching her trying to get them there).

About halfway thru the pictures, his wife called worried about him. I told her that we had been drinking, and that he was welcome to crash at my house. It was Friday night and neither of his worked the next day. I gave him the phone, they talked and decided he should stay the night. He was relieved that he didn't have to worry about getting home, and he wanted to finish looking at the pictures.

As he was scrolling down to the progressively raunchy file of pictures, he kept saying that he thought my wife was too conservative to take these pix and that his dick was wanting that stuff. I told him that she was conservative in public but this was her bedroom personality. At the time she had only had sex with two men, me and her sister's husband, a long time ago, and I was right there fucking her sister.

I excused myself, told him to enjoy the pictures, I had to check on my wife. I told him that she wanted to fuck, and I needed to see if she was still awake and waiting. Well, she was still awake, asked me who called, I explained that Danny was spending the night. She was still embarrassed about walking out in her thong. I said don't sweat it, I wasn't mad, Danny's fucked up and he just said that you were hot and that he wanted to fuck you even more than before.

She reinterated that she wanted to fuck, I said that I would do what I could but Danny needed a pillow and blanket to sleep on the couch. She got up and gathered what he needed and headed toward the den while I hit the showers. When she got there, Danny had dozed off in his chair and guess what was on the computer. Yes, the boy was lit up, dozed away with the picture file still on the computer.

When I got out the shower, she was sitting on the bed waiting for me. She asked me what the hell were we doing out there. She said that my buddy's crashed in the chair with a hard dick, with a picture of her nude, with her legs up in the air.

I did the best I could to explain what we were doing, very truthful, and being lit up, I told her that I would enjoy watching her and Danny fuck. She didn't like his wife anyway so she said that if he really wanted to, bring his ass back to the bedroom.

I went back to the den, woke his ass up, and got on his ass for dosing off with pictures on the laptop. I suggested that he shower to wake up, and he accepted the offer. He did say that he didn't have extra clothes, and I replied that if he played his cards right, he may not need clothes til tomorrow. He asked me what the fuck does that mean, and I explained to him that my wife was ok with him sleeping in our bed.

I will not even try to express in words how he reacted to that statement, let's just say that he was all for the idea.

We walked back to the bedroom, and told my wife that Danny wanted a shower and that they could both get in together if she wanted, again I can't express the look on her face when I said this, but she did get up and get 2 towels and told Danny to follow her.

My wife likes to listen to classic rock while in the shower, she had ZZ Top cranked up while they were in there, I couldn't hear what was going on in there, but that seemed like the longest 10 minutes of my life. I finally heard the water stop, music lowered, and the two giggling for whatever reason. They both came out of the bathroom naked, with smiles on their faces, but both stopped smiling at the same time when they saw me. I told them not to stop the party because I was there, I was cool, let's have fun.

Danny's dick was hard as a rock, and I asked my wife what she thought of Danny's dick. Her answer was that it was nice, about the same size as mine, but because he was a smaller man, his looked bigger on him. She admitted to licking his dick in the shower and said she wanted to suck it, if I didn't mind. I told them both to relax, I'm cool with this and to please have fun.

She didn't say much after that, but went to sucking on that 25 year old's dick like there was no tomorrow.

Danny, laying back getting a dick suck from my wife, couldn't help but tell me that this was by far the best head he'd ever received. Her ass was up in the air, inviting as can be, I started fucking her pussy. At this time, as much fun as we've had in life, she'd never had two dicks at the same time. She was definitely enjoying the heat of the moment, even saying that she could use at least two more dicks. I jokingly apologized for not setting her up with more dicks, meanwhile accepting this as a turning point in our sex life. The statement she made was interpreted by me as that she would love a dick in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time.

I suggested that Danny would enjoy her pussy as much as a dick suck, so she got up and sat on his hard dick. After a few strokes, he said he was about to cum already, problematic. She knew how to handle this situation. She slowly fucked that guy, enjoying his dick for awhile before asking me if I had any of the prolong type condoms left. I did, and she put it on his pulsating dick before sitting back on it.

She was bouncing on his dick when I started pouring a little baby oil in the crack of her ass. She knew exactly what that meant, and started talking dirty. Stick your big dick in my ass while I fuck your friend Danny. This took a little time to get a rhythm going, but we double fucked her for a good part of the night. The sex was so great that I even had to use a prolong ( desensitizing ) condom to keep up with this youngster. Between switching from ass to her hot pussy we used a 6 pack of condoms, but she was very satisfied by the time we went to bed when the sun came up. I love my wife of 32 years sooooooo much, that the smile on her face when she's having great sex makes me very happy.

I wonder if there is something wrong with me because I get excited thinking about another man having sex with my beautiful wife? I enjoy so much seeing my wife touching, sucking, and fucking my friend's dick.

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