My Earlier Sexual Experiences Shaped Me



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My first introduction to a cuckolding like scenario was long before I ever heard about the term.

This happened a long time ago when I was still quite young. I met a girl online and we had sort of an internet/texting relationship. She broke it off but she lived nearby so I asked if she had any hot friends. She gave me the number of one of her friends, she seemed nice and a week later I had my first real date.

This girl was a stunning blonde, she smelled and tasted amazing and despite her young age she already had a nice pair of tits. She was everything I had always wanted. Before you know it we started kissing and touching each other. A couple of hours later I went home feeling like the luckiest boy alive.

The only problem was she had a boyfriend named Peter, but this was more like an online thing, he lived a couple of cities away and she had never seen him so I didn't think it was a big deal. She texted him to break it off but somehow he was able to smooth talk her. The next time I met her she told me he was coming over, this guy was more than a year older than me and he basically stole her on the spot.

He started kissing her, she didn't resist and I was too scared to intervene. Some of her friends were there too, we all hung out for a couple of hours (so awkward) but once he was gone she came back crying to me, kissing me and telling me how she loved me and how guilty she felt.

A couple of days later we met again, Peter was doing a vacation job so it was just her and her best friend. She and Peter were dating but she still felt attracted to me. She filled me in on the details about what had happened since we last saw each other and I was stunned. He had called her in the evening to smooth things out and two days later they had met again.

Looking back, I have no idea why she even told me this or why she thought I would want to hear this. Basically, Peter didn't want to waste any time and fucked her as soon as he could. She was a virgin so just a couple of days after she had first met him he had his way with her and popped her cherry. Her best friend commented that his penis was huge and apparently they hadn't used any protection. I kinda hid my feelings as I still craved her so much but deep down I felt a bit horrified. Not only did Peter steal my first real girlfriend, he had also deflowered her and filled her unprotected pussy with his seed.

The whole dynamic between us was a bit strange but after she told this we kissed and she jerked me off. That was one of the last times I saw her. Things between her and Peter got more serious and I (foolishly) didn't do anything about it.

We did not have a typical relationship but I still think of her as my first real girlfriend. While not really a cuckolding experience, I think this experience made a defining impression on me, as I now want my wife to sleep with men who have bigger penis' than I and to maybe even cheat. She's thinking about it. Pics included.




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