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My wife had been asking me for a long time to try something like this and while on a short trip we agreed to try it. I wanted to share the story cause it's nice to talk about it and get it off my chest.

We met a guy online and made the plans to meet at a bar. We had a few drinks and he was as advertised. We invited him back to our room. We were all really nervous and it was kind of awkward but eventually she went over and started kissing him.

After they started kissing they moved over to the bed. This was his first time ever doing anything like this so we were all kind of nervous. Once on the bed her clothes came off pretty quickly at that point...not that she had a whole lot to take off. He played and sucked on her tits for a while and eventually worked his way down and ate her out. He did this for a while till she came which has never been too difficult to accomplish.

She took a second and caught her breath and then went over and helped him the rest of the way out of his clothes. As soon as she saw it she kind of giggled and said it was bigger then she was expecting it to be. He had told us it was 8 inches and sent pics but I admit that it was bigger then I was expecting it to be too. He laid back and she was stroking it. She asked if I was doing ok and I said I was fine and she said ok good and started to suck it. At one point she stopped and said something about it being difficult to suck.

She got really into it, as she normally does with blowjobs. She loves to give them to me.

After a few he stopped her and said he needed a break and asked if he could go down on her again. I assume he was getting close to cumming and didn't want to yet. So they switched and he went down on her some more. She started talking to me. She asked if I was still doing ok. She asked if I was going to be ok with her fucking him. I figured we had gone this far and I could tell she really wanted to so I said yea I was fine. The plan was for them to use a condom so she said, "I don't think he needs to use a condom do you?"

Something about how she could tell he was clean and he said he hadn't had sex in over a year since his divorce. She didn't really give me a chance to object she just asked if I was ready to join in. I said not yet that I was fine.

She said well I am ready to do it if you guys are. He stopped eating her out and asked how she wanted to do it. She said she wanted to be on top at first. He laid down on the bed and she straddled him. Between the two of them there were lots of "fucks" and "oh god" and moaning. Once she had him all the way in she made a comment about how big it was in her. He started to thrust a little and she told him he had to wait that she needed to get used to it first. She just rocked on him for a few minutes and got going faster and after a few more strokes she had an orgasm.

After that she just sat on top of him for 2 or 3 minutes not really moving. He asked if they could keep going and she said yea but she wanted to change positions. She got up and came over to me and gave me a kiss and told me 'thank you' and asked how I was doing. I said I was still good. She laid on the bed right in front of me and motioned him over. She laid on her back at the edge of the bed and he standing on the floor in front of her. They were like 3 feet away from me. Once he was back in her he told me, 'thank you so much' and that it had been so long since he had sex and that he really appreciated it. And just how lucky I was to have her and how hot she was.

Even though I was feeling a lot of angst throughout all of this I will admit that it was really hot to see it up close like that. I got really hot at this point and took my clothes off and she motioned me up on the bed. It was kind of awkward the way they were doing it but she was stroking me and eventually she changed positions so she was doggy. She sucked me while he was fucking her.

After a little bit I wanted to be able to see it going in, so I moved around sideways to her so I could see them. I told him that I thought he was lasting quite a while and he said he was doing everything he could to hold off but that he was ready anytime. And she said you can cum that she already had cum 4 times. He asked where she wanted it and she said wherever he wanted to do it. He asked if it was ok to cum in her and said said yea that was ok with her. That was all he needed cause about 10 seconds later he was grunting and cumming.

He pulled out and laid on the bed, she rolled over on her back and told me to come fuck her. Things were looking a little out of sorts down there but I didn't care I was so hard so I got between her legs. I thought I wouldn't like how it felt but it felt really wet and I slipped right in. I started fucking her and he was laying there watching and stroking and seemed to get hard again.

I came fairly quickly like that.

When I was done he asked if he could do it some more. She laughed and said she was tired but it was fine and that she was probably just going to lay there. He got between her legs and fucked her some more till he came again. He was actually quicker the second time. After that it was pretty much done. She got up and said she needed to shower. Told him that it was fun and then basically said 'bye' to him. We both got dressed and we had made drinks before all this so he got his drink and we chit chatted for a minute. He basically said thanks and just how much fun it was. He asked if I was cool with it all. After that he left.

Once she was done in the shower she was really loving. Wanting to cuddle and told me thank you for letting her try it and that she had fun and she hoped I was ok and how much she loved me. Stuff like that. We have had sex a bunch of times since. I have gotten a few backrubs. So I guess so far its paying off.

Sorry if my story telling sucked. It did feel good to be able to right it out and tell someone.

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