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My wife (I call her my girl), decided to go out to one of those swinger clubs one night. We have never tried anything with anyone and we stated that we were just going to watch and look around (yeah right!). My girl dressed in a short skirt and matching high heel shoes, looking very hot. She has great legs and I love to see them looking long in a short skirt. Again, we have never done anything like this before and we went in so casually because we KNEW we weren't going to do anything but look and get turned on.

So we got to the club and it was pretty crowded. People dancing and talking, pretty much the normal scene you'd see at any party, so we headed up the stairs to the balcony that overlooked the dance floor and juice bar. I told her she should could dance without me if she wished and she decided to head to the floor. I watched as she danced and soon there were other women dancing with her. It's a great sight to see hot women grinding on one another and every now and then tongue kiss each other. Not my girl but the others, HOT!

After a few dances she made her way back up the balcony to me. I could see the sweat glisten on her face. I asked if she was having fun and she said o yeah. She reached her hands under her skirt, pulled off her panties, held them to my nose and said did you miss me. I inhaled her sweet smell then placed her panties in my pocket. We stood there against the rail watching the entertainment of horny people. She was leaning her body half against me and half over the railing as I gently stroked my hand across her back.

She was making gentle moans which told me she was starting to get horny. I had taken no notice to the man standing just off her shoulder who had taken an opportunity to get a free feel. His hand was caressing my girl's bare ass. I didn't know what to say. I was very surprised to see that she hadn't realized that it wasn't me massaging her rear.

I heard her exhale and start moaning louder as this stranger started to slip his fingers inside and I could see his hand moving in and out as she slightly pulled her skirt up and arched her back to receive the fingers she thought were mine. As she closed her eyes I stepped back to get a little better look at what was happening to my girl right in front of me. I wanted to pull his hand back so I could take over doing what I should be doing but I just watched as his fingers moved in and out, faster and faster and she continued to moan in pleasure. I looked at her again and she tried not to look at me but her smile gave her away. She knew! But she knew I knew and so I couldn't say anything. Didn't matter, I was mesmerized and didn't want him to stop.

She looked over at me and mouthed, "is this okay?' and I said yes. I whispered in her ear that she could go all the way with him. I forgot to mention how dancing makes her so horny.

Next I knew without a thought he had used his free hand to remove his cock from his pants and stroke it till it was hard. It was coming, my girl getting fucked and loving it. This guy was about to jerk off all over my girl's ass when he removed his hand and slipped his hard cock with condom into her wet pussy. He kept his hand on her back as he stroked his cock in and out of her, slow then fast, short then deep. I watched as she kept backing up trying to get more of his cock inside her.

My heart was pounding in what I couldn't believe was excitement as I watched her, breathing harder, moaning as he delivered harder deeper thrust into her until I heard her take a deep breath and little squeaks come from her as she tried to orgasm without anyone hearing. I could see by his movement he was about to cum when he took her hand from her side, held her palm open, pulled his cock out and shot a load into her hand. When he let go of her hand she quickly cleaned her cum filled hand with her tongue to hide the evidence and before she could turn he walked away and to see I was the only one standing behind her.

I couldn't say a word. My cock was hard as a rock and my heart pounding.

As we left the club that night we both walked to the car as if we had done something wrong, hurried and looking away.

Once inside, we kissed HARD and explored each other everywhere, she was damn near naked!! But we saved it for home and had a few hours of the best sex. So I guess I am somewhat of a cuckold now and we're not sure we'll do it again but the bug may have already done it's damage.

Maybe you'll see another of our stories on the blog again soon.

Thanks for reading.

Her Guy





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