I Love My Husband and Crave My Boyfriend

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Husband - So last week my wife had found a new male friend for me to watch her spend some time with. That fell through so she felt bad and talked her bull into having me spend Sunday with them. I usually never get to watch but she convinced him. I only ever watched the first time.

Sunday is their fun day. Like I said, I have not watched for awhile and things have gotten much more intense with them. Last I watched they were slightly awkward in bed as they didn't have a rhythm like lovers often have. Now she was totally in synch with his body and slight hand commands to move exactly how he wanted her, and would provide her with what she wanted as well.

I sat along side and could see his cock toying with her clit and then he pressed it in and she came right away. After just a few minutes I looked from the back and his balls were getting a bath from her. He rolled her so her legs were up on his shoulders and her butt was high in the air and plunged more down than up into her. I don't know what that was about but she loved it. After awhile he shot his load and they took a break.

She came back into the room and got comfortable next to him and then started sucking his balls. She was giving him head when he asked if she wanted to 'try it' today and she said yes. I knew right away she was going to take his load in her mouth, something she hadn't done since she gagged and puked on our honeymoon. She worked him for what seemed to be forever, then his hips started pushing up into her mouth, his big hand held the back of her head, he started groaning, and then he slowed down.

What, how could he do that? They switched to 69 and she had those huge balls in her face, sucked them, and then they pulled up tight to his body as he fucked her mouth and throat, started to groan, and then slowed to a stop. Finally she got him back on his back and pumped and sucked him until he came. It was a huge load and she let it go in her mouth but then down her hand and dripped on his body. Some was on her chest. She had put a towel by the bed, and used it to clean up. Then she got up and walked to me, sat on my lap and made me kiss her and finally lick the cum off her chest.

Not sure if this is my favorite thing to do anymore but when we got home she pressed me onto my back and I exploded into her pussy in less than a minute. she laughed and said "glad I got well fucked earlier".

Wife - I have a husband who I love (who wrote the above part) and a boyfriend who I crave. I thought now would be a good time to tell the story. My husband and I have been married a while, but we've always been open with our relationship. We've been searching for a boyfriend for me. Someone to treat me like a naughty girl in bed and take me out on dates in public. I finally found someone this year who has been meeting all my desires (again, the same guy above).

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few months now. We run in similar groups of people here in town and met through mutual friends. At first it started as a good friendship and innocent flirting. We would see each other a few times a week and it was purely sexual. I wanted him to take me home and fuck me, knowing that I had a husband at home, but anyone who has ever had a cuckold experience knows it isn't always that easy to find someone.

I fantasized about him fucking me for weeks and told my husband how badly I wanted him which made him pretty jealous. It finally happened after waiting a few long weeks. My boyfriend finally fucked me and has continued to fuck me over the past few months. At the time I met my boyfriend, my husband and I had a bit of a dry spell due to some potential boyfriends falling through and not working out. The relationship between my boyfriend and I started purely from sexual desire and having insanely strong sexual chemistry in bed.

My boyfriend dominates me and treats me like such a married whore. I love every bit of his demeaning comments and can't get enough. My husband has never fucked me like my boyfriend does. He doesn't satisfy me in bed like boyfriend does so I find myself over at my boyfriend's house a lot during the week. I've gone from never wanting to have sex as much with my husband to wanting sex all the time with my boyfriend. He is able to satisfy me so much and I love how he has taken so much control over my sex life both around him and around my husband.

He controls everything.

He tells me when he needs to be fucked and even when I am allowed to let my husband fuck me. My husband has to ask him for permission to do anything sexual around me or to me. His confidence with it is the biggest turn on for me and why I can't get enough. He knows what he wants and takes it. He even tells me which outfits to pack on my trips and demands to know if there are other guys hanging out with me when I'm out with my girlfriends at night.

I'm loving the attention of two guys in my life. I'm loving the control that my boyfriend has over my life and I know it drives my husband crazy. I'm excited to see where the relationship goes with my boyfriend and to see how much more control he can take over me. I also want to see how much more control he takes over my husband. I love it when he makes it clear who is the boss in my life.

And the boss is definitely not my husband right now. ;-)

Mr. & Mrs. T



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