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Its funny how things you see/experience as a child don't sometimes click till you put 1 and 1 together YEARS later... and then its like "WOW... Is that possible???"

My mom and dad moved to this country when they were both kind of young. Mom was 28 with a pretty decent little body looking at family photos. Long back curvy hair and some very rounded curves! Meditteranian skin and features, used to dress in sun dresses and skirts of those golden 70's era. Dad was shorter, 35 and not much of a "looker". I think it was an arranged marriage from the "Old world". They moved here and did the traditional hard working immigrant routine; long hours, no vacations, little money. A few years later, I came along.

My uncle, my dad's older brother, had moved here a year or so before my parents did and sponsored them for a visa, this was like 1972. My uncle was a bit older, and having had some more experience in America, was enjoying all the USA had to offer, including the women, of which I recall a few. He had some girlfriends here and there, never married though. I remember my dad always telling him he should stop spending his money on those "cheap women" for years. Not sure if he meant gold-digging girlfirends or prostitutes.

Now, heres where it all gets fuzzy beacuse this is like 1979 or 78, so I was like 6 or so? Anyway... My uncle would almost always come to our house for dinner; almost every night. In fact he would spend alot of time at our house. Mom would make me answer the door to let him in and Dad would be helping with dinner or watching TV. Sometimes, he would come over way before dinner was ready and just kind of hang out. I'd be watching TV in my room or playing with my toys, whatever. I remember it like it was yesterday... Mom was in the kitchen and I'm not sure where my dad was... I'm not even sure if he was home. The door bell rang and my mom told me to let my uncle in, which I did. I must have been sent to my room or went there willingly but after a little it got quiet, which I thought was weird so I slowly came down the stairs and peeked into where mom and my uncle were. I can't believe I didn't yell or gasp or let out a scream.

There was my mother kissing my uncle in the kitchen! And it wasn't one of those quick peck on the cheeks either!

I was kind of off to their side because I saw my uncle with his hand up her dress and her top was unbuttoned and her breasts were out. I watched them for what seemed forever. My breaths came in excited gasps that seemed loud in my ears. I remember feeling confused but couldn't take my eyes off of them; I was probably excited as all hell but didn't know the sensations yet!

Mom was softly moaning and breathing hard in a way I had never seen before. After a while they moved to the other side of the kitchen and I couldn't see them too well anymore, so I tried to move closer. I saw my mom bent over the counter and her underwear was on her feet. I saw my uncle's ass moving back and forth for a while. There were hushed moans and then my uncle slowed down and stopped. After a while he put his pants back on and my mother bent over and slid her underwear back up. I slowly went up the stairs but I probably made too much noise because my mother called out to me. I came to the kitchen and if I recall right just played it off, not sure if I convinced them but it wasnt ever brought up again or mentioned.

I remember being silent during dinner, and dad asking me if I was ok. I don't remember what I said, or much of anything else...

But after that day I started to see things and note how mom used to sometimes sit very close to my uncle while watching TV and hanging out with my dad , all of them drinking beer. They just seemed close, hugs and kisses at the door, sometimes she would touch him or him her. But Dad was there so I just thought, all was ok; this was normal.

Over the years there were many instances where little things were seen or heard; was mom having an affair with my father's brother? But my father HAD to have known or was he that BLIND? It baffled me for MANY MANY years!

My life continued and I never mentioned it to anyone.. I moved out to go college, gotten married to my wife (and had some HOT hotwife adventures of our own) and got online via AOL. One day while cruising for porn I read a story that depicted WIFE SHARING between 2 brothers and FINALLY 25 years later...... it DAWNED on me... MY mother was a SHARED WIFE!

Ive been thinking about it for years and years... yeah, my mom and dad moved here from their country with almost NO english and NO money. Some how my dad allowed (enjoyed?) his wife sleeping with his brother. Why or how often I have no clue. I do know that at some point my father stoppped mentioning my uncle's spending money on those "putanes". Was my uncle paying my dad to sleep with my mother or were my parents just helping my uncle save some money I'll never know. Was it something my mother enjoyed? Or was it another chore for her brother-in-law (she used to do some of his laundy and tailoring of clothes) What the dynamic was and HOW and WHY... I can only guess!

But I'm convinced.... mom was a shared wife.

In the past 10 or so years, my dad and uncle have had a falling out of sorts and no longer speak to each other. My mother doesn't talk to my uncle either. The official reason I got was that my uncle screwed my dad out of some money (They did have a restaurant together at some point, so it IS possible).

I want to find out more but... HOW?????

Anyway, my wife has had only 2 adventures of her own where we met them both online and had good but not great sex while I watched. So I guess it was more cuckolding but it was hot. She is shy to try again but I'd love it. I now wish I had a brother! Here are pics of my wife.


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