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Five years back my wife was seeing a local guy we meet at an online adult dating site. Kind of became a summer tradition for her to play during the summer months as she had more free time.

Andy was an ok guy, a little suprised wife was attracted to him, but he was single, lived locally, was willing to entertain at his place, so lots of pluses. As we soon found out, he was very nicely hung and could last a while. He played the game, met her at a bookstore for initial meet/greet and then had dinner with her a few nights later. We made arrangements for him to come over for a drink when our house would be empty.

He came over with a bottle of wine and we made small talk. Soon he was sitting closer to my wife and they started kissing. The kissing got hotter and hotter and I could clearly see both my wife and Andy were getting turned on. Andy whispered something in her ear and my wife turned to me and asked, "Would you be ok if Andy and I went to the bedroom and got comfortable and called you in when we are ready?"

I wasn't crazy about this but agreed. They left the room and then I could hear the bedroom door close. Of course I waited a moment then got as close to the bedroom door as I could. I couldn't hear much so I figured they were kissing. Then you could kind of hear some movement so I figured clothes were coming off. I heard Andy say "very nice" so figured my wife must of been topless as she has wonderful tits. I was now pressing my ear to the door and heard her tell him to "lay back". It got quiet but then Andy could be heard saying "god that feels good Kristen" so I knew my wife must of been blowing him.

I waited and waited, wanting to go in and see this so bad but it was like they forgot me. I heard more movement and then about 1-2 minutes later heard my wife say "thats it, just like that". This was followed by a "don't stop" then I heard her cry out.

The range of emotions for me were all over. I was so hard, angry I wasn't in the bedroom, but didn't want to mess things up as it takes her so long to get this comfortable with a guy.

I heard a "click" right on the other side of the door as one of them got up to turn on the ceiling fan. Still no invite in. Then I heard the familiar sounds of our bed and knew they were having sex. I opened the door a tiny bit trying not to make any noise. I couldn't see yet so I opened it a little more and saw that Andy was on top of my wife and was balls deep in her pussy. You could actually see his balls, which were substantial, bouncing off her ass. I could see her legs in the air and her arms reaching around him pulling him down on top of her. The little noises were incredible as she was not usually that vocal in bed but he was making her moan. Her moaning reached a high point as I saw her legs quiver and realized he made her cum, something I had never been able to do in the 20 years we had been together.

I closed the door trying to collect my thoughts. Just then she called for me to come in. I waited a second, then went in. Andy was sitting in my spot, his cock very hard. My wife called me over and pulled my shorts down. She told me she wanted to suck my cock while Andy fucked her. I sat on the bed and she buried her face in my cock while Andy fucked her from behind.

This is where I messed up:

Andy is drilling her hard from behind and he reached out and slapped her ass. It made a lot of noises so it sounded loud. I caught his eye and shook my head "no". Andy continued to drill her from behind while she blew me. He said he was close and asked "where?". I said "on her" at the same moment she said "inside me". Andy pulled out and dumped a very messy load all over her ass and back. I was close and since my wife never swallows, she finished by jerking me onto her tits.

I thought everything was cool until Andy emailed the next day. He thanked us for a nice evening and asked Kristen to give him a call. My wife sat me down later that night and told me that Andy really enjoyed being w/ her but wasn't crazy about me. He said he would like to continue to see her but without me there at all.

I thought this would be a deal breaker for both of us but Kristen had other thoughts. She reminded me it was me that pushed for her to do this and she was not willing to go through the whole courtship thing again this summer. She suggested we try it with her seeing him alone one time and go from there. I agreed when she promised to tell me every detail.

Two nights later they made another date. It was agonizing watching her bathe, get all dolled up, put on sexy lingerie and a revealing top and skirt. She looked incredible. Kristen didn't say much except she would text me throughout the night.

I was at home and got a text they were at dinner. Then about an hour later I got a text they were heading back to his place. I heard nothing for the next three hours. I tried to keep myself busy with getting the kids to bed but I was going crazy inside. Finally, around midnight, I got a text she was on her way home.

When she got home she looked like hell. her hair was all over, makeup and lipstick mostly gone, and carrying her heels. We went to the bedroom and she stripped down. i wanted to climb on top of her right away but she pushed me back and said "I'm so sore, let me blow you".

Kristen proceeded to blow me and tell me all the details of that night. It drove me crazy to hear how he seduced her and how nice he had been to her. Right as I was ready to cum I asked if he made her cum. "yes" she said in a quiet voice. I asked "how" thinking she would say oral but she said "he was inside me". "where did he cum?" I asked. her answer, again in a very small quiet voice was "inside me, no condom". This made me explode in an incredible orgasm.

The relationship w/ Andy went on for over a year. She would tell me when she was seeing him but I was never invited. She would always come back sore and tell me about it. Often she would come home with her ass very red from where he had slapped her ass. I asked her if she liked that and her response was "I like it when he does it". The other shocker was when one time I asked where he came and Kristen said "in my mouth". She had not done this for me in over 20 years but here she was doing it for Andy.

The highlight of this arrangment came in December. Andy asked my wife to be his date at his company's Holiday Party. Andy was a sales rep for the company and the party would be in Miami, 300 miles away. Because of the distance, my wife, Kristen, would be away all weekend. He asked her to discuss with me and let him know.

Kristen told me about it and we agreed to think on it for a few days. # days later we were in bed after a long day and she reminded me she had to get back to him. I was really that comfy with it but if Kristen was even bringing it up to me I knew she wanted to go. Money would not be an issue as Andy would pay for everything. As we talked about it Kristen reached out and began to stroke my cock and play with my balls. She whispered in my ear she would make sure to video as much as she could. My cock grew hard at that thought and she smirked.

She kicked off her panties and got on top of me, kissing me. Then she did something I never felt before. She pressed her pussy flat against my cock and massaged me with her wet pussy without putting it in her. It felt wonderful. I reached up and took her shirt off, massaging her tits. Kristen then dropped down, kissing me and whispered in my ear "don't you want your wife to be another man's slut for a weekend?" . I was powerless because I knew I did and knew she wanted it bad and said "yes". With that she reached down and guided me in her. I asked her "you really like being Andy's slut don't you" and she nodded. She took my hand and put it on her clit and we came together.

That weekend came and my wife took a 1/2 day from work. I saw a Victoria's Secret bag in the trash. I found the receipt later and saw she had bought 3 new bra and panties sets. She seemed nervous, and preoccupied, and finally told me she was leaving and would text when she got to Miami. I told her to have fun.

3 hours later I got the text and she told me the name of the hotel she was at. I googled it and it was a 4 star hotel right on the beach.

The next text arrived at 2:30 am. It simply said "going to bed, thanks baby".

The rest of the weekend was a blur. I was in charge of the kids but I spent the weekend in a state of constant arousal. I got a message on FB from Andy and he sent me an attachment of my wife in the hotel room wearing a black cocktail dress, cleavage spilling out, and a pair of black stilettos I had never seen before. He simply put in the message "thought you would like to see". I responded with "wow"

Finally Sunday came and my wife got home around 6 pm. She had a tired look on her face, was walking a little funny, but gave me a deep kiss. She gave me two flash drives and told me she wanted me to watch when I had time.

I brought my laptop to bed that night and asked Kristen to watch with me. It was a wide angle and the video started with her in new lingerie, see-thru black bra and panties. she walked over to Andy and they kissed like lovers. his hands were all over her, on my wife's ass, her tummy, her breasts. She got a little weak in the knees and Andy could be heard telling her to get on her knees. she complied and undid Andy's belt and zipper, helping him step out of his pants.

She then reached up and pulled his boxers down and his cock was already hard. Kristen reached out and began to fondle his heavy balls. She kissed his cock all over. Andy moaned a little and asked if she was ready to please him. Kristen can he heard saying "yes". Andy mumbled something and I heard my wife say "I can handle it". I watched as my wife kissed and licked his cock, fondled his balls, and took his impressive head in her mouth. She reached around and cupped his ass, bringing him closer to her a she was a woman possessed. I heard her moaning, something she never did with me. The whole time Andy was telling her what a good married slut she was, that she was earning the weekend on her knees. Kristen looked up and said "I am going to make you happy you asked me to come with you". Andy then asked her "Do you miss your husband?" Kristen glanced back at the camera, then at Andy and said "There is no where else I would rather be right now". Andy asked her, getting breathless some "whose cock do you love to suck" Kristen said "yours".

The whole time Kristen is right next to me and was being very quiet. I was so hard. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and she was flushed. I turned back to the video where Kristen was sucking him in pretty deep. Andy told her he was going to cum and told her to take off her bra. Kristen did this without breaking stride. Just then Andy took his cock out of her mouth, gave it a few strokes and exploded all over my wife. She closed her eyes but he got t all over. Her face was covered, some in her hair, running off her dripping onto her tits. Andy then came over and got the camera and sat on the edge of the bed and told my wife "do that thing you only do for me". I was beyond shocked as I watched my wife take her finger and scoop up his cum and put it in her mouth. Andy taped it as she cleared it all off her face and tits.

I looked at her and asked "I thought you don't like cum". Kristen looked down and said "when I am with Andy, I am willing to do anything to keep him happy. "Why" I asked and she responded "because I feel different when I am with him than you".

"Different how ?" I persisted and she looked me in the eye and said "I don't know what it is but when I am with him I don"t mind be slutty. He fucks me so long and good I just want him to keep wanting to fuck me".

I was so turned on I asked her if I could make love to her but she said she was too sore. She massaged my balls as I stroked myself to orgasm.

These pictures are of Kristen that she sent to Andy privately. She won't let me share the videos as she's concerned her identity will be revealed.

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