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This is a story from a few years back, when it all first began. Me and my husband were doing a road trip round Australia and were driving between Perth and Broome. We'd stopped one night at a camp-site, it was quiet location but while cooking dinner we got talking to an older couple, Brian and Vivien. They were Australian, retired and touring the country. They weren't quite as old as my grandparents but defiantly older than my parents.

We had a couple of drinks with them and chatted away. Me and my husband headed back to our tent, and drank a good bit of wine getting a little tipsy. It got late and we decided to get some sleep. My husband was out like a light but I couldn't sleep with the humidity. I needed the toilet so headed on over to the toilet/showers block, they weren't too far away so I decided to head over in what I was wearing, a small black thong and a sleeveless top that just about covered my ass.

I didn't think about putting anything else on as I didn't think too many people would be about. As you walked in the toilet/shower block you came to a unisex sink area with a few benches with the men's and women's toilets and showers round to either side. As I walked in Brian was in the seating area, I said hello and started talking to him, albeit I was pretty drunk so was no doubt rambling. Brian said he was enjoying the coolness of the block as he was too hot in their tent.

I headed on over to the toilet not thinking that, by this time, my top was probably riding up and Brian would have had a good peak of my ass. I returned to the sink area and Brian was still there. I smiled and went to the sink to wash my hands. As I did I looked in the mirror and noticed Brian watching me and by the look of his shorts that he was getting a little excited. I could feel that my top wasn't covering my whole ass as I was leaning over the sink and he must have had a clear view of the bottom of my thong and ass.

I raised the bottom of my top up over my ass and asked him "does my bum looked big in this?" He looked surprised but smiled and told me my ass looked great. I could see his shorts barely being able to conceal his raging hard on. Cheekily I asked him if he was going to take that home for his wife? He looked at little embarrassed but laughed and said his wife was asleep so he'd probably go jack off in the toilets once I'd gone.

Feeling a bit naughty, and no doubt influenced by the wine, I told him that if he was gonna masturbate now, I'd stay where I was as though I didn't know what he was doing, and he could masturbate while looking at my ass. He looked at me a little stunned and asked if I was serious. I told him I'd stay there with my ass out, but he was only masturbating and not touching. He didn't say anything and reached into his shorts, I bit my bottom lip, feeling especially naughty as I hitched my top up, leant over slightly and pushed my ass out.

He began cautiously stroking his cock in his shorts. I told him I didn't mind if he wanted to get it out, he looked over his shoulder to the door, pushed his shorts down and began stroking his hard cock. I began making small moaning noises, and stroking my hands over my body. He was beating it hard and breathing heavily. I was squeezing my ass and pulling my cheeks apart. I looked over my shoulder reached for my thong and pulled it aside briefly exposing my shaven lips, before it fell back in to place.

Brian's smile got wider when I did that. I asked him if he was going to cum for me. He said he was close so I told him to come fire it on my ass, but reminded him not to touch. he got up to his feet and shuffled towards me standing about a foot away. He asked me if I was ready for it, which I was and pushed my ass out. I watched in the mirror as Brian let out a stiffled groan as he released a jet of warm cum onto the top of my ass.

I told him he was naughty man, and he smiled. With that I headed to the toilet to clean it up. As I retuned Brian was finishing correcting himself. He thanked me saying he hoped to see me in the shower blocks again sometime, I winked and headed back to my tent, grinning, about how naughty I'd just been.

I wanted to go further but my husband and I had only talked about anything cuckold related up until this point and we hadn't agreed to anything. If we did I would have gone much farther. But let's just say my husband was 'blown' away by what I told him in the tent the next morning.

That was how we got started. I hope everyone enjoys this.

Miss A





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