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Here goes .. but there is a catch. I am not sure if it is true. I am certain some will throw up their arms and pronounce me an idiot for ignoring the obvious. Others will recognize my sincerity when I say my wife is twisted .. and loves me. But twisted .. twisted enough to do this ...

We are watchbing tv one night (know that we found a guy for her online once and she slept with him while I recorded it, but just once) and she is talking to me and giving me an incredible handjob. I start to badger her "I know youve fucked him since the video!". Now, understand, at this time I was 100% cretain that she did not fuck him since the video. However, she reads me well and improvises and expounds to meet my desire to hear details of her "bad" side.

This night it was different. VERY different. She tells me "I know you're not going to believe me, but I have fucked him since, 3 times." Yes!! She is going to work with me on this and REALLY fuck with my head!

I continue to challenge her "no way you fucked him since the video. Liar. You dont have the guts!"

She says ....

wait for it ...

......... wait for it ....

"oh yeah, you want proof? Go check the cupboard to the right of the stove."

*gulp* umm ..ok.

I go check the cupboard below the stove. "Ok, dont see anything". "Look in the back, way back" she says.

I lean over to look in the back ... there is a pair of black pantyhose -- thigh-highs.

I stand up, hold them up, and look at her with probably the dumbest idiot face ever. She says "remember that night the office had a 'meeting' that ran late', and I came home in that dress" Didn't you think it odd I was so dressed up?"

Umm .. ok, big deal, so what you were dressed up, that doesnt mean anything.

Big mistake ... she then says "check the pantyhose". I begin to examine the pantyhose ... about halfway up on one of them I find ..

what appears to be cum stains. ( ).

I make my way over to her. Sit down and say "what is this?" Pretending to be mad. She says "what do you think it is? he cums like a porn star, it got all over me."

*passes out*

I swear I think I lost consciousness for a moment. I am speechless.

"Wtf are they doing in the cupboard?" I ask.

"I came home and when you heard the door open you called my name. I was not sure if you were going to come down. I panicked. I didn't want you to discover my cum soaked thigh highs, so I hid them in the furthest place that came to mind."

*possible loss of consciousness here*

She goes on to recount all three tmies since the vid. Most shocking of all, she proceeds to remind me that EVERY time she did it she TOLD ME that SAME NIGHT. However, she treated the stories those nights like any other night (when they are made up). Now she was coming clean.

The first time she reminds me she was at a meeting at work late. didn't get home til 11 pm or so. Came upstairs, I was distracted and not paying attention to her, and she told me "[he] just fucked me for two hours in a hotel".

Awesome, we kiss, we foreplay, she talks, we fuck, we fuck again, etc. I go to bed thikning how awesome this girl is to run with this for my benefit. Woo hoo!!

Second time, was during the day, and she says remember I left xx day and you told me my shoes were hot? Remember you called me a couple hours later? He was fucking me when you called me. And yes, do remember calling her a couple hours later and yes she told me the night it happened and we had great sex.

Third time, family member leaving town, dinner at family members home, she is two hours late, and I do recall she was acting a bit odd. And that night, at home, she told me she was late bc she was fucking xxxx in a hotel.

Great sex!!!

Fast forward few months later. I have been fucking going nuts over this thing. But I have matured. I now am patient. Controlled. I let her little comments burn my insides and make my spine tingle. I let my inagination run wild for days. I let her come to me with what she wants to say. I don't question her incesssently. Things are awesome, until one night .. at home .. she puts on a sexy outfit and begins to tell she wants to keep fucking him, "can I, please?" and so on and so on. I am like hell no!! I have my vid thats it!!"

She is taking her "role" to another level, and it begins to scare me a bit!!! I would look at her during a "session" and say "who are you!?" ... and she loved it ... I was having the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life. Ever.

Few weeks later: she is getting a bit annoyed with my fascination and having to repeat various perspectives of those same three nights when we engage in "talk". So it slows down, she is not as into talking about it. xxxx still emails her now and then, but she is totally uninterested. I start pushing her to finish the vid she never completed. I push. I push. She says "look, I never fucked him since the vid. I planted the panty hose there and put lotion on them to make you think it was cum". I did not fuck him three times since the vid. I have fucked him 0 times since.

I say you PINKY DOUBLE SWEAR!?!? she says yes.

But over the course of the next few months she will slip in little hints that its all true. Its fantastic. I love every minute of my LIFE!! I think about her at night, during the day, on my way home, all the time. I started wondering if this was healthy for me, when I realized, I have NEVER been more into another person (me: bored in 10 mins usually) in my life and I am excited and happy to get up and live each day.

And that is basically where we are. She drops little hints now and then to remind me that the three times stories are true. I get to watch the vid when solo. I get a good session less frequently, but when I do its fantastic - she is right, less often, more quality ... all around, and we are having a blast together when not having sex.

I am one lucky sob, and one day .. one day, she will really fuck me over and do somethign wild like walk in and say "sorry I am late. I made you this" and hand me her phone with a video waiting for me.

A guy can dream.

As I said things were going well. The Mrs and I had worked on a "system". Basically, this system ensures that I would not overwhelm her with requests for "story-telling".

All was going well.

Over the past year I have struggled with whether or not I want to push her to do "it" again, or with someone new, or what .. I just don't know. I don't know if I could handle another one of these videos.

By the way ... the video. Wow. I purchased some high quality headphones, downloaded a nice video player, and my lord, the THINGS you can hear, the THINGS you can see when you fiddle with the color/bright/tint settings. I have explored/examined this video with more seriousness than CSI reviews tapes from criminals. I was doing some reading on some other cuck sites and came across a guys post who said he has a video he got in a situation like mine - ie it doesn't happen a lot, this was a lucky thing that popped in his lap. I must admit, it is rare a day goes by that I don't jerk off to that video. He also said something I can relate to: "I am not a cuck, I just want a hotwife". That's me, pretty much.

Or is it? What is a "cuck"? How does one properly define the myriad of grey areas surrounding the label of "cuckold"?

Bah, screw it ... so, last year around November 2015, I was happy, work is good, wife is good, friends are good, plus, I am about to go out of town for a fun weekend with two mates.

I head out of town and have a blast. I am only out of town for three days - Thur to Sun.

Problem #1 --> I am unable to call my wife all weekend bc my idiot friend who bragged about his "satellite phone" was full of it, it did not work for crap. What this meant was the promises I made to call her when we got there, when we got in the hotel, to let her know what time we got in, etc, were all broken.

Problem #2 is .... more significant. I ragged on her a bit before I left town about our place starting to get cluttered, dusty, etc. She, in her loving way, was going to clean house while I was gone. Awesome!!

Umm .. bad idea. I have this box that I keep all memorabilia in. You know, drawings as a kid, letters from my parents at university, love letters from girls over the years. It turns out that my wife found a videotape in a box. I had completly forgotten about this tape and had not even thought of it for .. must have been 15 years. That was a mistake.

The video is of me 15+ years ago with a cute little petite latina girl I was fucking back then when I was maybe 24. No relationship, but we would get together to fuck, or I would make a booty call after the bars to stop by her place, etc.

This cuck/humiliation thing is new to me. It's fascinating that I have done basically a 180. I used to be all about the ladies - as many as I could I loved them all. Well in this video I am working this girl out -- legs up, doggy, her on top on her feet (referred to by my clan as "frogger"), her on her stomach w/ legs together .. you name it I did it to this girl, INCLUDING gave her a facial she will not soon forget.

Well, gentlemen (and ladies?), every thing, every action, reaction, position, or thing that my wife knows I think is kinky, has come back to bite me in the A S S

As our plane lands I turn on my cell phone. I know my wife is going to be upset I didn't call at all. I receive a text message, it reads as follows:

"Call me when you land."

Ok, she doesn't seem too upset.

I call her.

No answer. wtf.

I call again, no answer. As I am hanging up I receive a text mssg "When you get home you can tell me all about **** (girl in the vid) and I will tell you all about what I did this weekend".

I text back "um .. who in the heck is **** and what do you mean you did this weekend?"

She text mssgs me back "I found your vid with ***, it was awesome, I think .. not sure, I "think" I out did it last night. I have to go out, come home, I will be home in a few hours, have to go to my parents. TTYL"

I am sweating. My breathing is heavy and I have to take deep breaths. I was STILL ON THE PLANE, crowded as all hell with two mates with me. Both of them were like "whats wrong?" I came up with some horseshit to get them off my back, something that would excuse my somber attitude from this point on .. towards them!!! I was SO EXCITED and I couldn't wait to get away from these two clowns so I could just sit and get my self fuming over the thought that she fucked someone over the weekend!

So I drop those two off, FINALLY I am pulling into the driveway. I RUN inside, and notice she is gone as she said. I walk around, look for clues on the desk, computer, in the bedroom .. nothing.

I sit for an hour, and I am beginning to think I need to be less inquisitive if I want my wife to be able to pull off these "faux" moments well, and begin to merely relax watching the tv.

My wife calls me and apparently i had drifted off - long flight, time change, etc - she asks how am I doing? I say fine, whats up, when are you coming home?

She says soon, and hangs up. Now, call me crazy, but there was something funny in her voice. I couldn't put my finger on it, despite I KNEW something was up. But what!? How is she being so cool if in fact something DID happen?

I soon found my answer .....

After speaking to the wife I was awake from my nap. I decided to watch Netflix. As I am getting comfortable on the floor I have to move a pillow lying there (which is strange in and of itself, now that I think about it). I move the pillow and get in a comfortable indain style position to get the movie going.

I am waiting for the dvd door to open. The room is quiet .. eerily so, given the tv is making no noise as it is waiting on the dvd. I hear a rustle beneath me ... I move a bit and it happens again -- I reach under my own ass and pull out what appears to be a corner of a "gold" condom package. Yes, I said gold. I know what it is immediately. My heart sinks. I get a raging hard-on. I sit there and stare at it for what was probably 10 minutes, at least.

I sit on the couch and begin to think it through ... I am afraid its true, and her bf has now provided his services to my wife once again.

PANIC sets in. I am sweating, and I am extremely excited. However, after an hour or so, I began to cool down. I KNOW she doesn't have the balls to do this, to bring him HERE, to our HOUSE. No way. She is setting me up, doing this for my benefit. But she saw the video of ****. I began to realize it is quite possible that she was able to overcome her issues and lash out to hurt me bc the video of **** hurt her.

Truth is, I don't know what to think and realize that until she gets home enjoy it all you can -- more than likely, as is customary, once we get through the story, I get begin with the questions and she ends up revealing that she made it up.

This time ..... was different.

She got home and walked in casually. She got herself a drink and sat down on the couch with me. She pulled out my old tape and handed it to me.


I was completely frozen - It took what seemed like 2 minutes for the next word to be spoken as I sat there stupified.

"You and your girlfriend are on this tape, its not bad."

She hands it to me. I look at it, ask all the normal dumb questions and give all the normal dumb responses: "where'd you find this, I had no idea, wow, I had forgotten about her", etc.

Oh, BTW!! I put the little top corner piece of the condom wrapper back on the floor, to see her reaction if she saw it and thought I didn't see it yet. Well, she saw it (I saw her see it) and went upstairs without saying anything.

Hrm .. where is she going with this?

I wait, patiently. She comes down in an outfit I find sexy - cotton tee and panties. She walks over to the tv area, picks up the condom wrapper piece, and hands it to me "you didn't notice this on the floor?"

Umm .. no (trying to look surprised, but also with that "yes, you are awesome for making this shit up for me to get off!!"). She comes to sit down on the couch and says "you didn't notice the measuring tape on the coffee table?"

Umm .. ok, wtf is that, I didn't see any..... *gulp* She reaches out and grabs the seamstress style measuring tape and holds it out like its a dead snake for me to admire.

I laughed, HAHAHAH!! "Damn, you are GOOD!" I am SO sure you brought him here and measured him, LOL"

.... she has not taken her eyes off me, has not blinked, and has not moved the measuring tape an inch.

I begin to feel claustraphobic, very hot, yet I am cold.

"What about the pillow on the floor, no questions? Aren't you the guy with all the questions, Mr. Question man?" She asks.

I am shivering, literally, at this point. Shivering so much I am shaking. She knows this is normal if she REALLY makes my spine tingle. She stands up ... holds out the condom in one hand, the measuring tape in the other, and says "I found the video Friday night, and couldn't sleep at all. You didn't call me at all, and work sucked. 'he' called randomly and asked what I was doing. I said I was pissed at my husband. He asked if she wanted help getting back at him. She said "yes".

Sorry to get off track here, but just to show how you can dig your own grave, I was, as usual, tossing it out there now and then about her making another vid. It just HAPPENS she emailed him a week or so bf my trip. He was just returning her email when he called randomly that Saturday, and she happened to be in an odd place given she had just watched a vid of me fucking this little 21 year old girls brains out.

So she invites him over, as soon as they get the door closed they're tearing each ohters clothes off -- etc etc etc.

Ok, will get back to that, sorry. The thing is at this point I am STILL thinking that my wife is amazing, she is willing to go through all this trouble to create scenarios, WITH props, to PLEASE ME!!! HA!! I begin with the "logical", or shall I say "illogical" questions. I tease her that she bought the condoms and was setting me up.

She grabs me by the face, and looks in my eyes and her mouth opens and it seems like slow motion to me ... "confirmed 9.5 inches" and she does it with the best f-ing poker face on that you will EVER see.

"sure it is ... where is the condom if its true? why only this corner piece?"

She had it planned .... she knew EVERY stupid thing I would ask, do, try, etc. She directed me to the trash can. I head over and dig through the trash for 3 seconds before i see .... them. 3 gold condom wrappers clearly marked "TROJAN MAGNUM". The condom is shoved back inside of the one I pull out .. and it is used.

I fall to my knees to the floor, holding the condom. She comes over to me, and pulls the used condom out of the wrapper, blows in it to get it to fill up to "actual size" and says "can you believe how big these are? Guess what?" She whsipers in my ear .. "Theyre too tight for him".

I fell on my chest and laid down face first, eyes wide open, trying to make my mind figure this out ASAP before I had a heart attack.

I decide to hold it together, continue to call her bluff, she will slip up and tell me its made up soon. "No way you brought him here" I say. Plus, we were very clear, anything you do you MUST run it by me first, we MUST both be on board!"

She responds ,"That was before I saw the video of you with **** "

And like a magician who has created the perfect illusion that she will reveal step by step, she goes over to the kitchen, some compartment, and pulls out .... her phone.

She says "I know I owe you a cum-shot, plus the light is better in this one." She puts it on the floor by me, and begins to walk upstairs.

"You have two hours, then I will answer your questions", in a sexy voice on her way up.

I spend every minute of my two hours engrossed in watching this mind-blowing video. Its incredible, as this woman, who knows EVERYTHING that gets to me -- and she is doing EVERY one of them. #%)**+*@# If only you could type in a manner that would illustrate for you all that I was SCREAMING inside my head.

I am broken .. at least I feel broken. The deceit. The sneaking around. The lies --- then throwing it in my face, WANTING me to see what she did, KNOWING that in the video, she says and does things that she KNOWS are going to make me crazy.

I go upstairs. I look broken. I am holding her phone. I try to ask a question ... she puts her finger to my lips, and says ...

"Yes, I did fuck him those four times after the first vid. I also blew him in his car twice. And yes, he fucked the shit out of me last night, in YOUR house, ALL OVER your house. Sorry only the first time is on my phone."

I am blubbering at this point, cant speak, jaw open.

She continues as if my "state of mind" is of no concern ... "Did you like it? Was it sufficient? Was the lighting ok (in a sarcasitc voice, given my prev compaints about he first vid)? Did I 'give it up' like you like? Were you impressed by how much he came? You're a shooter when you cum .. but he .. he is a fire hose ... did you see that??!" .... with that tone of amazement that crushed my heart (and I loved it!!!!).

And it was true ... when he pulled out he was fucking her in missionary at the foot of the bed. He pulled out, stood there at the foot of the bed, and sprayed her face and body down with a surplus of cum that would rival Peter North.

At this point, I am a complete zombie -- I have no idea how many times I came that night. I can't recall how much I have come since that night -- usually 3-4 times a day. I cant stand it. I swear, if I could prodcuce my OWN video, this second video would be BETTER.

I am not sure where to go from here. She, once again, says she is not going to keep fucking him, she did it bc she found the video.

Hrm ... I begin to think and now I have it figured out. SHE needs it to be "secret" for it to be lustful for her, exciting. She transforms into a monster when a) drunk or b) angry. So what have we learned? I now have TWO potential ways to get my wife to do things for my benefit. Question is, will I exploit her love (huh?) for me, and purposefully anger her? Hell yes. I already have a plan.

Remember, I have to make her feel like SHE wants to do it -- no doubt to get back at me, but it must come from within her - the idea, the concept, the decision to actually go beyond the limit. I already have my bait. This is going to turn into one hell of a game of cat and mouse, with each of us thinking we are playing the other.

Its going to be awesome.

I have so much in my head, so much I want to share. The roller coaster of emotions is amazing, truly amazing. However, I am still zoned out a bit .. after two months ... the video blows my mind. I havent even BEGUN to delve into the four instances after the first vid and two instances of oral in his car.

For those teetering on the edge of having a hotwife, or being a cuck, be honest with yourself, what you want, desire, what you are comfortable with, and if you are with someone you trust you can reach heights of pleasure that before you did not know existed.





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