My Husband and I are Learning A Lot

Megan W


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For the last year I had secretly enjoyed visiting sex chat rooms. I wasn't unhappy with my sex life, my husband has a nice cock, and he definitely knows how to make my toes curl. But when he had our neighbor, whom I had secretly fantasized about fucking me, video us having sex, I felt so nasty and was surprised when my husband took the camera and let our horny neighbor have his way with me like I had fantasized about, I realized that I had a thirst for more.

It was then that I turned to my computer. I would sneak and watch porn of all types while I masturbated. One night while chatting with a sexy hunk with a large cock, my husband unexpectedly came home. I quickly turned off the monitor without signing off in my haste. Still so fucking horny after greeting him, I went to the bathroom to finish my fantasy. When I returned satisfied, I saw my husband sitting at the computer scrolling back through my erotic conversations.

I was embarrassed at first, but then I became turned on as I watched him rub his cock while reading my posts. He looked over at me standing there watching him and turned in his chair, pulling his hard cock out. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock while he continued to read my fantasies. I had noticed as I put my mouth around his cock that the webcam was still on and the hunk that I was chatting with still sat there, stroking his big dick.

My husband noticed and took the webcam down, showing my friend me on my knees sucking my husband's cock. While this was happening he was chatting with my hunk, telling him how good of a cocksucker I was while he watched. It turned me on even more when he asked my hunk if he wanted me to suck his cock like this. Of course, he said yes, as he could see that I was such a good cocksucker. When my husband asked me if I wanted to suck my friend's cock, I told him yes, looking up at him nastily while licking the head of his cock, and told him I wanted him to fuck me with that cock after I sucked it.

I knew he liked the thought of that because only a few seconds later, I felt his cock jerk and his creamy goo spray my face. He made me get up and look into the camera to my friend with cum all over my face and beg him to let me suck his cock, then fuck me like a whore. I came just begging while watching him stroke his meat. We both watched my friend cum as I imagined the cum on my face being his. Next, surprisingly, my husband sat, stroking his cock, while he made me make arrangements with several other online friends to meet and fuck me.

In minutes, the arrangements were made for those eager cocks to do to me what we had all fantasized about. That next weekend my husband made me dress in the sluttiest whore clothes and go into a sex shop. He made me buy a gangbang porno, a huge black dildo, and a fuckbook for him to enjoy. I never thought that I would dress like this in public, but I also never thought that I would be on my way to get fucked by several strangers with my husband's consent.

We arrived at the meeting place, and I was glad to see that the four men that showed up looked as good in person as their internet picture. Needless to say, I put on the porn, and as I turned around I was greeted by the nude men with hard cocks ready to abuse me. In only seconds, they had me stripped and on my knees, feeding me their huge cocks all at once. I look over and see my husband nude too, stroking his hard cock while watching me suck all these strange cocks.

From there, everything was kind of a whirlwind, as they took turns filling every hole I had. I asked my husband between breaths if he liked watching his whore wife get fucked like this. Jerking his cock faster as he stepped closer, he told me to beg them to fill my cunt with their cum. I remembered that none of them had put a rubber on as we had planned, and that made me beg like a whore for them to fill my hole with their creamy goo. My husband watched closely as each of them took turns unloading in me.

I felt so fucking nasty letting these guys shoot their loads in me. When the last one finished, they left together in a group, leaving me on the bed spent, cum-filled, and satisfied. I closed my eyes for a moment remembering what just happened, enjoying the feeling of all that hot goo dripping from my pussy and puddle on the bed beneath me. When I opened my eyes, my husband was on his knees between my legs jerking his cock while watching the cum slide out of me. He was asking me if I felt like a nasty whore, and I said yes, except for one thing. He asked what,and I told him that I really wanted to taste some of their cum in my mouth.

Just as I said this, he started spurting his goo all over my already- creamy cunt. Just as he was finishing he told me that I would get my chance to taste their cum and then told me to finger the cum from my pussy and put it in my mouth. It tasted so good, and I was still so horny that I kept fingering and licking until it was gone. When I had gotten all of the cum I could from my cunt, I got on my hands and knees and started licking the cum puddle from the bed, while my husband watched in astonishment.

We have learned much about each other and have satisfied many fantasies since then, and we are still going strong....

Megan W



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