My Girlfriend Danced with Other Men

Me and Amy


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This is an entirely true story that came out of a very unexpected event. My girlfriend of 5 years, we'll call her Amy, went out drinking with one of her best friends from her old high school, we'll call her Kelly.

Now Amy and I have been together ever since our final year of high school. We were each others' first and only. Amy has never shown a ton of interest in doing anything more than regular, non kinky sex at all, but the normal sex is still pretty good!

This past weekend, Amy went home for Xmas break and decided to go out for drinks with Kelly. After a few drinks, Kelly recommended going dancing and Amy went along with it so that she could continue seeing Kelly. When they arrived at the dance club, many guys starting hitting on Amy, offering to buy her drinks, asking her to dance, etc. Amy politely turned them down, and continued dancing with Kelly.

Now Kelly, who is also in a committed relationship, had started dancing with a guy who had bought her a drink. Amy began to freak out about the whole situation. Saying she felt like she was cheating by being out without me and such, however after a bathroom trip with Kelly, she very clearly communicated to Amy that it wasn't cheating just to dance and take drinks from other men and that it was all in good fun.

Amy decided what the hell, and danced and grinded with a few men, just dancing, a few hands here and there, but nothing serious. Having been with me for quite a long time, I'm positive she was enjoying all of the attention.

After dancing ended, Amy and Kelly came back to our place, and after proper good byes were said, Amy woke me up and we had some of the most intense sex of my life. She was wetter, more worked up, and came 5 times, as opposed to her normal 1 and done. I had accreddited this to the alcohol the night before, but the next day she "came clean" to me. She said that she was sorry, but that she felt like she had cheated on me by dancing with other men.

She was terrified that I would be heart broken. But she couldn't lie. She was wet when dancing and wanted to fuck them all, ... BAD!

Little did she know, that while she was telling me about all of the dancing and flirting with other men, I was not getting mad, but I was actually getting harder and harder below my waist. And when I told her that it was fine that she had danced with them, her smile lit up like a christmas tree! But when she came over and hugged me, that when she noticed my hard on.

She realized what it was from, and we had some of the hottest sex we've ever had, and all of it involved very dirty talk about all the hot, in shape men she danced with.

I'm hoping that if this continues, this will be the perfect gateway into an amazing cuckold/hotwife relationship.

Me and Amy




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