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We made a lot of friends hanging out at a local bar with a big dance floor. We also had several sexual encounters as a result from hanging out there as well.

Libby was always getting fondled as she would dance with other guys, because of the way she was dressed a lot of them would get their fingers wet as there was nothing covering her juicy cunt, also only skimpy blouses covered her tits, so tweaking a nipple or two happened a lot too.

When I was dancing with her I would notice guys looking at her so I would turn her so her back was to them, then with my hands on her ass, I would slowly raise her skirt till they had a good view of her bare ass, sometimes I would turn her to the side to show her cunt to them. That was usually pretty easy to do since the dance floor was usually pretty crowded, so I would guide her to the edge of the floor, right next to the table they were at so the only ones who could see her were the ones at the table I chose.

Once in a great while if she really liked a guy, she would go outside with him.

Usually they would sit in his car & she would neck with him & let him play with her tits & finger her juicy pussy.

She would not fuck them or give them a BJ, just let them fondle her a little. She would tell them the only way they were going to get to fuck her was if they went home with us & I watched & joined in. Most would freak out thinking I was a queer or something. Once in a while one would have the guts to follow through.

I remember one night when Libby was pretty horny, Harold ( the band leader ) came up to the bar where I was, he told me that the guy dancing with Libby had unsnapped her shirt & was exposing her tits & feeling her up (she had worn her western clothes that night, jeans, boots, western snap front shirt, no undies.)

I just asked if it was bothering him or the band. He said no that they were enjoying the show, but since he was friends with us he wanted to alert me about It as Libby was letting anything go that's how horny she was & he was concerned for her. I explained to him I was aware of it & as long as it was not bothering him, her, or the band, it was not bothering me. He just shrugged his shoulders & went back to the band.

Becoming good friends with the bar owner & the people who worked there led up to Libby becoming a bartender. One busy night Les the owner came up & asked Libby if she would bartend, as two girls did not show up & it was really a busy night.

She told him she did not know how to mix drinks, he said you just do beers & the other girls will mix for you. Being a country bar it was mostly beer anyway.

Libby agreed & did very well so he offered her a full time job, offering to train her on mixing drinks. The idea kind of excited her so when I said it was alright, she jumped at the chance. While he was training Libby, we all became even closer friends, he soon learned about our wife sharing escapades so he became a little playful with her behind the bar. Sneaking a feel of her pussy or tits once in a while, Libby would pretend she did not like it & give him a playful smack & tell him to knock it off.

It was all just kind of fun & games, but as time went on I could tell Libby was getting the hots for him. Since I was there all the time when Libby was working Les gave me a job collecting cover charges on Fri. & Sat. nights & also being a bouncer to help him break up the usual fights that would break out.

So since I saved his ass in a few fights & him mine, plus him & Libby playing their little sexual games behind the bar, Les, Libby & I became even closer friends.

Libby & I also became close to an 82 year old man who came in as a night watchman & nightly cleanup. Libby really thought of him as almost a father figure. Bunker would watch over her like a mother hen, really getting after people who would start giving her a bad time when she was tending bar. He really didn't like us letting guys fool around with her, but I told him it was all in fun & not a problem with either of us.

Getting so close to Les we would often sit around the bar after closing time just to talk, relax & have a few drinks, we didn‘t drink while working. Naturally since Les owned the place we drank for free. We would count up the registers, get bank deposits ready etc. Being there sometimes for up to four hours, some interesting things eventually happened.

Well on to the sexy part. We often times would stay way after closing time, sitting at the bar & having a few drinks.

This one night It was just Les Libby myself & the old man Les had as a night watch man. Bunker was a neat old man & we became very close friends with him, he was very protective of all the gals who worked there, But him & Libby had a special bond. He looked at Libby as a daughter & she him as a father figure.

As we sat at the bar Les told Libby to get us a drink, Libby said you get it I'm tired I worked my ass off tonight so you wait on me. They playfully went back & forth at each other but neither would budge. So I would get the drinks.

I decided since she was being stubborn about getting the drinks that I would try to get her going for them. I always like showing my wife's goodies to anyone who would enjoy seeing them, so I had the idea to threaten her with a penalty if she did not do what the boss told her.

When I told her that she asked what the penalty would be. I stated that every time she refused to get us a drink I would remove a piece of her clothing. She just smiled at me & said you wouldn't dare, I said try me.

Well sure enough Libby refused to get the next drink so I told her penalty time & pulled one of her boots off. ( We are just ole country folks in a country bar so Libby's attire was western boots, Jeans & this particular night she was wearing a thin loose fitting pullover blouse & no bra.)

She struggled a little but I could tell from the smile on her face she wasn't mad about it. As the early morning hours rolled on Libby kept refusing to get the drinks & I kept removing clothing, the other boot, one sock then the other, then her jeans & finally her panties. She gave me a little more resistance when I was pulling her panties off, but I was sure it was just because the old man & the band was still there.

I left her blouse on as sitting at the bar you could not tell she was almost nude, The band was at the front of the bar & Bunker was out sweeping up. So here is Libby totally nude from the waist down. One of the band members walked behind us to go take a piss & when he came out he was confronted with Libby's cute bare ass right in front of him. I watched him in the mirror as he did a double take of Libby & almost fell all over himself. I watched as he told the band what he saw & they were all suddenly hit with a great urge to see.

Even Bunker got wind of Libby's state of dress & made a few trips behind the bar to empty trash etc.

Libby was sandwiched between me & Les & we were making a few comments back & forth about Libby's mighty fine bare ass. Les leaned over in front of Libby & said, "I wonder if old Bunk is getting a hard on looking at Libby's cute little ass?" I replied that Bunk was to damn old to get a hard on.

As soon as I said that Les hopped off his bar stool & said, "I sure as hell have one." As he was saying that he grabbed Libby's legs & spun her around to face him, at the same time he spread her legs & stepped between them.

He unzipped, pulled his throbbing cock out & put his hands behind Libby's ass & pulled her toward his hard cock. Libby just let out a little moan & shoved her wet hungry pussy right onto his cock. Les began pounding into her like a madman & she was meeting his every thrust with her own.

I turned on my stool & sitting sideways pulled her back into my arms. She was as hot as I had ever seen her, moaning & humping Les like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her top up & began caressing her tits, Les started sucking on them also! I can't express what a wonderful feeling came over me as my beautiful wife was being royally fucked as I held her.

No sexual encounter we ever had compared to the intensity & wild animal like passion flowing between those two that night. It was not hard to tell that Libby had the hots for Les this was way more than a fuck. I know she liked Les & we had even talked about doing him but because we were also friends with his wife we never pursued it.

Something that night made it a very special event. I'm not sure if it was because she wanted him that bad, if it was having her body exposed a little at a time, building her passion, knowing it was a public place, knowing she was being watched as she was being fucked or what.

What ever happened was fantastic & that intensity has never been repeated.

I was shocked that she went that wild with Bunker there, as I stated he was like a father to her. when the fuck session was over, she got dressed & as she walked by Bunker she was crying & said I'm sorry Bunk but that's just the way it is. I'm not sure what she meant with that statement & I never asked her to explain it.

Though I had the great pleasure of watching my wife being exposed to other men, being kissed, licked, fucked for hours on end, I have never seen the raw animal lust that filled her hot little cunt that night. It was a night that will bring a smile to my face till the day I die.

Mark & Libby



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