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So, I thought it only appropriate to share my first time being shared. It was a few weeks after our wedding and we were just settling in to our place. Hubby said his cousin was coming to visit us since he couldn't attend the wedding a few weeks back. Mark, my hubby, said he was going to stay with us for a week if that was ok with me. I said sure as I know the two of them were close growing up. I still had the week off before going back to work but Mark had to be back the following day. Danny arrived on Saturday and settled in. We hit it off right away and he was a nice guy, just 4 years older than us. He was a big guy at 6'4 250lbs but a gently giant.

We had supper Saturday and sat around in the evening drinking and talking. A few hours later I told the guys I was going to shower and left them to their male bonding. When I come back to them, Danny was giving me this look with a grin on his face, I was wearing a short robe with nothing under it, but was well covered. What's up I ask? Mark says, "Oh not much just talking about you he laughs." I sit across from Danny not realizing right away that he had a clear view of my pussy.

I can tell they drank quite a bit and the conversation was likely a little loose.

Mark said he told Danny that I gave the best blow jobs ever. I was a little shocked and gave him a playful slap. Yeah he said but Danny doesn't believe me.

I look at Danny as he still has his eyes glued to my pussy. So you don't believe him. He shrugs, I get up, I remove my robe in front of him. Get up I said, He did and I get on my knees as he looks down at me with a wide eyed look as I take his pants and shorts off.

I look at his cock and am not really surprised to be holding a nice 6" but fattest cock I had ever had. I look back at Mark as he takes out his cock and starts playing as he watches me. "Get used to it." I said as I wrap my mouth around his massive cock as best I can manage. I get a good 4" in and suck him for 10 mins. He said he is cumming and starts to pull out but I stop him as he fills my eager mouth and swallow it all as he groans while now holding my head.

"Fuck!" he said, "yes you are really good." I thank him and tell him I want that big cock in me. He looks at my hubby for permission but I look at him and tell him he has no say, it's my decision. I take him to our bed where I get him hard again and proceed to get the fucking I want, being stretched wide and filled with cum.

We fucked all night while hubby slept in guest room. Needless to say since we were both off for the week we fucked the whole time at least 2 times a day or more.

I never looked back and Mark knew from that point, that I am his wife but he needed to expect to watch me with any man I want or as many as I wanted.

It is now 2 years later and still going strong.

Mark & Gail




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