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I have been married for approx twenty years to Jim so we have discussed all types of sexual fantasies and one of my favorites is to have sex with my husband and a second man at the same time. The subject has been raised many times but I always tell my Jim I would be so embarrassed if I saw the man after in the pub or somewhere so nothing has ever come of my fantasy t'ill one certain night.

It was friday night so we met at the pub as usual and enjoyed a few drinks me flirting with the guys as normal and them loving the attention, we enjoyed a meal and headed for home. When we arrived home Jim said let's shower I'm feeling hot and horny tonight. When I finished showering Jim was standing there watching me and said love the look of your pussy after its been waxed I had a full wax job done at lunch that day so I was feeling very pleased.

He said don't worry about putting anything on so we headed to the bedroom, he told me to lie on my back on the bed and spread wide he then told me to relax and enjoy. He tied my feet to the bottom of the bed with my legs spread wide he then tied my hands to the top bed posts and placed a couple of pillows under my arse.

There I was spread on the bed and unable to move; he then but a mask over my eyes so I was unable to see and said, 'lay there awhile and dream about having some great sex, I'll be back in awhile.' and left the room.

A little time later he came back and said, 'hope you're ready, we're about to begin.' With that I felt him kneel on the bed and he started to lick my pussy. I very quickly got hot and wet, then he moved up and started kissing my mouth and our tongues were probing each other's mouths and then I almost froze. As he was kissing me, another tongue started licking my pussy. I had no idea who or were they had come from, Jim said relax enjoy, you're going to love it.

Both men stopped and moved away from the bed, then one of them kneeled over me and placed his cock at my mouth. I thought what the hell and started licking and sucking that cock the best I could. Then I felt the other man lick and finger my pussy. My susprise of having a second man there was quickly overcome with desire as my dream of two cocks at once was coming true.

With a cock in my mouth and a finger and tongue in my pussy and my nipples being squeezed I came for the first time that night. The cock I had been sucking was hard and hot now, and was removed from my mouth and the men changed positions with a new cock pushed into my mouth the other started rubbing his cock up and down my very wet slit then me pushed it all the way up my pussy. It felt so good, a cock in my pussy a cock in my mouth, my nipples being pulled and pinched, being blindfolded and tied to the bed not knowing who belonged to either cock.

I was trying hard to give the cock in my mouth a good blow job but the guy fucking my pussy was slowly fucking me with his cock and rubbing my clit with his finger. My instincts just made me want to fuck faster. I was so hot, he gradually picked up the pace and was giving it to me just how I love it, the only noise was of all three people moaning with pleasure as no one spoke.

The guy fucking my pussy grabbed my hips and just pulled himself as far as he could into me. Then I felt him explode his load of hot man cream into me. I came with a gush myself and near blacked out as he just kept cumming in me but the cock in my mouth was hot stiff and ready to have it's share of pleasure from me.

The guys changed places and I was presented with a cock to lick and suck clean. It tasted of man cream and my own cum. I licked and sucked all the cum from its' entire length and licked the balls clean for his total pleasure. After he had pulled his cock out I could feel the goo in my cunt dribbling out and running down my arse. My cunt was just too full to hold the the entire load.

Now the second cock was rubbed along my very gooey slit and rubbed against my very aroused clit I was ready for more cock as he pushed into my pussy I could feel more of the first load of man cream flowing from my slit and running over my arse.

It felt so wonderful.

The second cock in my pussy was fucking me long and hard and it was so good having a cunt full of one man's cock cream and a second man's cock fucking me. I came again. The second guy fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. I'm sure my cunt must have been pretty lose from the first fucking but then I heard him groan, grab my hips and fire off his load. I could feel it just pumping into me flooding my already cum filled cunt. I just lay there panting and totally fucked, the second cock was removed from my very stretched pussy and it felt like a litre of man cream and my cum was flowing from my pussy and running across my arse. What a great feeling. The second cock was then presented to my mouth for cleaning. It had both men's cum and mine on it, I just couldn't believe what had just happened to me. The men left the bedroom and I was left to enjoy the feelings from the really great fucking I had just got.

Some time later Jim came to the bedroom and asked how I was feeling. I told him I had really enjoyed the fucking I had got. He said 'good' and untied my hands and feet but not removing the blindfold and told me, 'roll over and get on all fours.' The pillows were removed and I got on all fours as requested, he then tied the soft ropes around my knees and tied them to my arms then retied my legs to the side of the bed and my hands to the head of the bed then left the room.

Before he left I asked him who the other man was, his reply was just some guy with a hard cock to fuck that pretty cunt of yours.I was left in the room for sometime on all fours tied to the bed with my arse in the air and unable to move. I heard the men return to the bedroom. One of them started fingering and rubbing my pussy, the other one was pinching and pulling my nipples. Then one of them got infront of me and pushed my head down onto his cock. It felt good sucking one man's cock while having my pussy played with by another man.

My pussy was already wet and wanting again. The cock I had been sucking was removed from my mouth and started rubbing up and down my gooey wet pussy lips. I was ready to cum again, he pushed his cock between my pussy lips and slowly started fucking me. The other guy got in front of me and my head was pushed down onto another cock so I sucked and licked it.

The guy who was fucking me then started pushing his finger in my arse, he must have used lube as all I felt was pleasure. He started fucking me hard while pushing his finger in and out of my arse. I came in a gush and returned to blowing the cock in my mouth.

The guy fucking me pushed forward so hard I nearly gagged on the cock I was sucking. He groans and fires of his load of hot cream into my pussy and I can feel it pumping into me, when he pulled out I could feel his sticky cream and my cum running down the inside of my legs. It was wonderful.

The hard cock in my mouth was removed and the guy positioned himself behind me. A finger starts playing with my arse then I feel some lube being tipped on and rubbed in a finger started playing with my clit and gooey slit. The guy then starts to push his cock into my arse; it was hurting a bit but not too bad. Then my very aroused clit was pinched and I jumped in pain and the cock slid all the way inside my arse.

My clit was then just gently rubbed and my cunt teased with a finger as my arse was getting a very good fucking. I heard the guy groan and push into me then fill my arse with his cum I came again.

They left the room then and I heard a shower running. I was still tied to the bed on all fours with my cunt and arse leaking cum and it running down my legs. I must have dozed for awhile then I felt Jim kissing me and asking if I was ok I said yes i'm very fine. So he undid the bindings, rolled me over and gave me a wonderful passionate kiss and lay there hugging me.

I asked him again who the other guy was he said he will never tell and I will never have to be embarrassed. I tried to get him to tell me but he never would.

Marie & Jim - bruin87@mail.com



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