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HUBBY- We were at the nude Sauna and Spa night which was held at squash courts with a gym above the squash courts with viewing of the squash courts, my wife went missing from the Spa (I might have been chatting to other people and not noticed her go), as I was discreetly looking for her I heard a knock on the glass from the viewing area above and I looked up to see her standing there (naked) with a younger guy (naked also) standing real close behind her.

She signaled for me to come up, by the time I got up the stairs I walked in to see her stretched out on the gym mat with her legs wrapped around a younger guy who was going hell for leather on her, he did not last all that long and he blew his load in her, "then it was my turn", I love going down on her after she has been with another guy so that's what I did and while I was down on her the other guy said how he loved doing the same. As soon as I brought her off by licking her clit and tonguing her out, I climbed on and proceeded to fuck her, not lasting too long at all after the pleasure and turn on I got from eating her out.

As soon as I blew my load and got off he was straight down on her and he went to town eating her out. Never seen that before but I wasn't going to ruin this kind of fun.

My wife has always thought I was a kinky bugger wanting to go down on her after she had been with other guys (as kinky as she thought it was she was still very turned on by it when the action started) and here she was with a younger guy who was into the same thing. We exchanged phone numbers with him and had him around the home a few times. They were very exhausting nights for the wife. We were almost like a tag team with her. Of all the M F M threesomes and swinging we have done over the years we have had, we had only came across one other guy that was into cream pies and doing the cleaning up, and he was not as passionate about it as I am.

Now it's my wife's turn to tell of another adventure she/we had.

WIFE - The cable guy got more then he bargained for!! So I call to have my bedroom cable installed, I totally forgot about it... On this particular day, I was extremely horny! It was only 10am, but I had the urge to play with myself... My husband let's him in and tells him to do his thing. Well about 10 mins. later the cable guy starts to follow the line going into my bedroom and when he came in the room, he did not expect to see a woman on her bed fucking a dildo!!!

He was extremely apologetic! I quickly threw on a towel and went out to the living room to say that it was ok! I told him it did not bother me at all and he could go in to check the line, let me tell you, this guy was a hottie and the body to match! Well I went quickly to tell my husband that I was going to put the moves on the cable guy. My husband would wait to see what happened before he peeked around the corner! I told the cable guy that my husband needed to leave for work...

Well, I told the cable guy again that there was no need for an apology. I said "Hey it is natural right?" He said yea, "but in private...right?" "HELL NO!" I told him that we are all adults here and if you got the urge, by all means do it! He seemed kinda stunned by my comment. I told him, hell I didn't even finish... Just then he was still stunned and worked on the line... I sat at the edge of the bed and started to finger myself...

He said he had to get a tool from his truck. While he went out, I stripped the towel and laid on the bed with dildo in hand! I started to use in and then I heard him come back in and when he walked in my bedroom he said "Wholly Crap!".

I told him, "I told you that I didn't finish and I do it when I please." he said "I guess so"... Well this played out for about 5 mins. I started to fuck myself harder and moaned more and more.. I saw him peek over about 5 times and finally asked him, do you wanna watch? He hesitated then said "Umm Ok sure..." he watched in amazement as I fucked myself with 3 different dildos and vibrators!

Then, I looked at him and asked "Do you wanna Fuck ME?" He was standing there with tight enough jeans where I could see by the bulge in his pants and knew what the answer would be. He said yea I wanna, but what about your husband? I explained how we have an open relationship and it was perfectly fine! He said he needed to use the toilet, after he went in the bathroom, I followed him in and opened the door. I saw him naked and started to go down on him. After sucking his dick in the bathroom, I invited him to take this into the bedroom...

I got him on the bed and laid him down and I told him to hold on... I reached over and hit the 'ON' button on the remote, which turned the camera on. He did not know I was filming, which turned me on! Then I noticed my husband peeking around the corner, my other turn-on! I sucked him off for a good five mins. Then I climbed on board and rode his cock! I pumped him like an oil well!!!

Then he kept me on top but pulled my head down to kiss me, then he pumped me so fast and so hard I could not hold in my cum! I blew like a hot spring!

My husband came all over the bedroom door. The cable guy flipped me on my back and came all over my belly, chest, face and hair, not to mention my sheets! I never saw a load blow like that, EVER! It was everywhere!!!

I must have done something right.....

Marie Eve & Marc





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