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I've always been a man's man, married and divorced twice, and have always taken great delight in fucking other men's wives. My current partner is the complete opposite who, until her husband died pre maturely at 42 led a very sheltered life. Following his death she had a fling with a much younger man which she carried on sporadically until she met me. We have been together now for 8 years and I must admit that I encouraged her to talk about her sexual antics with the younger guy and found that it did turn me on.

However, never did I think for a minute that she would be tempted to do what I am about to relate.

Two years ago we went to an army reunion at a base some 300 miles from our home. Having booked a really nice suite in a local hotel we arrived on the Friday afternoon and settled in for the weekend. In the evening we attended a reception on the base which allowed old friends to meet up and reminisce about old times. At some stage during the evening I left my partner at the table to go to the bar where I met a couple of guys I had not seen for years.

As a result it was quite some time before I returned to the table. On my return I found that my seat had been taken by a young man who was whispering in my partner's ear. I quickly realised that the young man was fairly drunk although my partner did not seem to be concerned. In fact she seemed to be enjoying his attention. After a while he took her by the hand and led her on to the dance floor. I watched carefully as they danced and saw his hands caressing her arse pulling his groin into hers. At this stage she did seem to look a little concerned and broke off from his grasp. As she came back to the table I reclaimed my seat which forced the young guy to sit elsewhere.

When we got back to our Hotel that evening I asked Margaret (my partner) about the incident and she passed it off "as the guy was just drunk", she said that she had felt flattered but decided to call a halt when she felt his very obvious hard on poking at her as they danced. We made love that evening and she felt more aroused than usual. Later on she would admit that all she was thinking about was having that young cock deep inside her.

The next day dawned and after breakfast we headed to the base for the official reunion. Shortly after arriving we were approached by the young man (Barry) now smartly dressed in uniform and wearing the rank of Lance Corporal anf the badge of fitness instuctor. He apologised profusely for his behaviour the previous evening and committed himself to looking after us the rest of the day. Throughout that day Margaret teased him at every opportunity which he took very well. At the days end we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel.

Traditionally on these weekends a group of us meet in a local bar to once again reminisce before heading for home on the Sunday. I explained to Margaret that these meetings were normally found to be boring for wives and that those who attended tended not to stay long. However she said that she wanted to come and that if she got fed up she would return to the hotel. As we got ourselves dressed I noticed that she was wearing her sexiest underwear and hold up stockings. This was finished off by a cream colored shortish skirt and a low cut blouse. When I remarked on her sexy outfit she said she was wearing it to tempt me away from my cronies at an earlier stage.

On arrival at the pub we found it to be very busy and I settled myself down to an evening of laughter with my friends. After a while I noticed that Margaret was chatting to a group of young men which included Barry our friend from the base. About 30 minutes later Margaret came to the table and said she was going out for some air and also asking me to join her. Being in mid conversation I declined saying I would come later. After about 20 minutes a couple of friends and I did go out for some air.

It was raining hard outside and the area was deserted with no sign of Margaret. On returning inside Margaret appeared saying that she had just been to the rest room and that she had decided to go back to the hotel. As she turned to leave one of my friends called her saying that she must have been sitting on a wet seat as her bum was wet. Sure enough there was a large damp patch on her rear end. At this she flushed and I remember thinking that she did look rather disheveled however I put this down to her being out in the rain. Having got rid of her for the evening I settled down for an enjoyable evening.

When the bar closed for the night at 11pm we all said our goodbyes and I headed back to the hotel with a nice glow inside me. Not wanting to disturb Margaret I let myself quietly into the suite entering the sitting room of the suite, the lights were on with music coming from the television and the bedroom door was firmly shut. I poured myself a nightcap and settled down on the sofa to relax. As I sat there I noticed 2 glasses on the table and also items of Margaret's clothing on the floor.

I picked up her panties which were absolutely soaking wet with what appeared to be spunk. Still trying to take this in I heard an unmistakeable wail coming from the bedroom. Instantly recognisable as the sound of Margaret cumming I sat there in a state of shock. After a few moments, curiosity got the better of me and I very gently opened the bedroom door by about an inch. As I looked in I could see Margaret lying on her back with a man's head clamped on to her pussy. She was writhing around in a heavier orgasm than I had ever seen her and begging him to fuck her with his big cock.

At that the man who I now recognised as Barry lifted his head and started to move between her legs. As he positioned himself I caught sight of his cock and heard myself gasp with shock. I have always considered myself to have a big cock (8") but this guy had something that was much bigger. As he entered her, her orgasm went into overdrive she was screaming obscenities, her legs were wrapped round his back as he pounded into her. He must have fucked her for 20 minutes before exploding deep inside her and letting out an almighty roar.

Much to my surprise I had the biggest hard on I'd had in years and was really turned on. By this time I was completely in the room not knowing what to do next. As they recovered Margaret saw me standing there and told me to go and make them a drink. Dumbfounded I returned to the sitting room and did as I was bid. When I took the drinks in both of them were sat up in bed with her clearly playing with Barry's big cock under the covers.

Margaret told me that she had decided to spend the rest of the night in bed with Barry and that I was to spend the night on the sofa. I was not to enter the room unless she called me. I then spent a long night on my own listening to my Darling being fucked stupid by this young bull. They continued until about 5 in the morning when things went quiet. Having dozed for a couple of hours I was awakened by the the sound of both of them riding hard. Eventually Barry let out an almighty roar as once again he emptied his balls deep into Margaret.

I then heard him get up get dressed and give her a kiss goodbye. When he came into the sitting room he looked at me with a smirk and said that he knew the first night he would get into her pants. As he left Margaret called me into the bedroom. She lay there smiling as he had left her, legs apart, pussy wide open to the extent I could almost see the shape of his big cock. As I looked, his cum stsrted to flow out of her gathering in a puddle on the bed.

There was dry spunk on her hair and her face all over her. Without a thought I dived between her legs and tongued her clean. I then fucked her hard shooting my load very quickly. I think I fucked her 6 times that day, every time I thought about the two of them I got hard and in fact I still do. Afterwards she told me what had happened the night before when she went out for some air. Apparently Barry had followed her out and as it was raining suggested they have a break in his car.

After sitting in the car for a few minutes Barry had suddenly leaned across and kissed her. She had returned the kiss and very soon they were exchanging tongues. Barry very soon had her blouse undone and was sucking on her nipples. He then started to slide his hand up her leg at which stage she tried to stop him. Although her mind was saying no, her body reacted differently. She felt his hands inside her pants and her legs opening involuntary. As his fingers found her slit she felt herself gush on his hand.

By this time Barry had the seat tilted fully back and was starting to pull her knickers off. Before she realised what was happening she was knickerless, legs akimbo with the biggest cocck she had ever seen probing at her slit. Barry entered her with one huge thrust going deeper into her than any man before. Almost instantly she felt a warm glowing deep inside her and knew that she was about to come. She had only ever came by being licked or fingered before, this was her first ever come as a result of being ridden.

After she came Barry rode her for a few more minutes before erupting inside her. She swears that she could actually feel him jetting inside her. As they finished she realised that she could hear my voice in the outdoor area. They waited until I went back in and she headed for the rest room to try and clean herself up When she came to tell me that she was returning to the hotel she said that Barry's spunk was still running out of her. She was also embarrassed when the remark was made about her wet butt. It was Barry's cum that caused it not a wet seat.

This is a true story and it has changed me and improved our sex life. Margaret has since slept with three other guys while I have watched. Enjoy the pictures.





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