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Our friend Dave has seen my wife naked before but we've never actually gone any further. Two weeks ago, she was in the shower and we surprised her by throwing a cold glass of water on her by surprise which got the desired 'shreik' we wanted. She then says, 'you guys owe me.' So we said 'what?' and she said, 'soap me up!'

That was enough for us so we did and gave her an all over full body massage while she stood in the shower. After we left the bathroom to let her dry off and Dave looked at me as if to see if that was okay. I just smiled. Oh, we were also wet as we were fully dressed while washing her body.

So she comes out and she just falls into the bed, and rolls over onto her stomach, and she is lightly moaning about how relaxed she feels, and how that shower felt so good to her. Dave and I are just standing there dripping wet, so I just blurt out to Dave I don't know about you, but I'm taking these wet clothes off right now, because I'm freezing! I had some problems getting them off because they were indeed soaked. My wife slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, and helped me, and without missing a beat, she asked Dave if he needed help too.

That's when I knew that this was going to be a night to remember! Dave's eye's almost popped out of his head when she asked him that question. And then in like twenty seconds, he was balls ass naked too. She pulled the bedspread down, and got under the covers to warm up a bit, I turned up the heat in the room to full blast, and then both Dave and I jumped in on both sides of her. At first, we all just layed there looking up at the ceiling I guess, and I know that we were all asking ourselves the same question.

How far is this going to go? After a few minutes, the room was rather toasty now, so I got up and lowered the heat. Before I returned, I just reached down and pulled the covers completely off the bed, and then stated that it was most certainly hot enough in the room, that we no longer needed covers. My wife remained on her back, and Dave was laying on his right side, apparently playing with my wife's tits the whole time while we were all still under the covers.

So I just blatantly speak out and ask my wife what she would like us to do for her, and she just smiles, and says I would like more of the same playing that went on in the shower. Then she mentiones that we obvouly can't use soap, but she has baby oil, and that should work good too. I get the bottle, and I toss it to Dave, and I tell him to get busy, and just show some respect by asking if its okay to take it to the next level, before he actually does.

He smiled, and readily agreed that he would not do anything to ruin something like this for any of us. He then began to pour a small amount of oil just between her tits and slowly spread it over both tits, and paid special attention to her nipples which became like pencil erasers in seconds. My wife just smiled in agreement, to the attention her tits were getting. Little by little he increased the area, until he was inches from her button.

He teased the hell out of her, to the point where she was losing her patience that he was still not playing with her clit. It is now quite obvious that, he has been given the go ahead on taking it up a notch. He applies more oil, and he goes to work on her clit, she starts to lift her ass up off the bed, and she asks him to stick some fingers in her pussy too! He responds to her commands as fast, and as best as he can! She is now in charge, she is barking out orders to him, and he is getting caught up in it all too!

This guy is ready to blow! He is trying to jerk off with one hand while servicing her with the other. My wife sees that Dave is now ready to explode, and takes matters into her own hands. She quickly sits up in the bed, and grabs onto Dave's blood engorged purple cock, and starts to jerk him off.

In the process, she glances over to me for some idea as to where this should go from here. In all of our experiences over the years, we have never let it go all the way with any man. But this was in fact, the first time we both seemed to be agreeable without mentioning a word to each other that it could very easily happen tonight.

I looked right in her eyes, we made contact and it was a done deal. Being that this was not part of the plan from the beginning, there was one little drawback at this point. I threw a rubber onto the bed and told him that this, was the only way he was going to go any further with her. So he now knew that he was going to go where no man has ever gone before (me). (sound familiar)

Within a blink of an eye, he is wrapped up, and ready to go! She is still on her back, and she helps him slip into her pussy. She gasps loudly as he slowly starts to take long, and then longer strokes. She turns her head a little to the right towards me, and show just a hint of a smile, and I think that was the moment when we both realized that this was something that we both always wanted to try but felt uneasy to speak about.

So now here we are, in a hotel room far from home with a good friend, and everything is just perfect! They were both ready to cum within a few minutes time, and then suddenly my wife's front teeth clenched tight, and Dave drove his cock into as hard as he could one last time, and then just laid on top of her for awhile after he shot his load. This was a kind of awkward spot, that we got ourselves into at this point, being that we have never done this before.

We didn't know what to say or how to end it without making it embarrassing anyone. So I just walked over to my dresser and picked out a clean pair of sweat pants and a shirt, I walked over to the bed and handed them to Dave, and said you certainly can't put your wet clothes back on to go back to your apartment, so use these. He just took them out of my hands put them on, and he got up off the edge of the bed smiled and said goodnight and walked out the door.

My wife just laid there staring at me in disbelief, that we had finaly broken all of our inhibitions, and that we were moving on to another stage in our lives, and that we had so much to experience once again. When we saw Dave the next morning at breakfast, not a word was mentioned about what had happened the night before which was fine with us too. So now we are looking forward to the next opportunity that may come our way, either on purpose or not.

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