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My wife cucks me period. It all started soon after we first met at universerity. Marian was interested in me and she went after me. I liked her. She was a pretty, perky and a sweet girl. We ended up in bed and she gave me an amazing blowjob, she was okay when my load rushed into her warm mouth. It was the first time ever she did this all the way, what talent!

But at the time, I was a actually seeing another girl and I wasn't quite ready to commit. So I suggested to Marian that she also messed around a bit before she got into another relationship. I said this only to avoid hurting her feelings. I liked her, it was just that I had just planned a trip to Paris to see another girl...

In the following days, I sensed she had a liking for my housemate, whom was also a good friend of mine. One night we had been watching television in his room all night and I felt bored after the second movie. I wanted to go out to a club, but neither her or him were interested. Slightly pissed off, I left and went out with another friend.

When I came home late at night, I noticed the lights in his room were still on and I walked in. I saw them sitting on the couch... Immediately, I sensed something was going on. Marian's hair was visibly messed up, their clothes slightly out of shape... They sat next to each other just a bit too close.. But it was their slightly naughty looks which gave them away.

I stood there at the door as thoughts raced through my head. Would I make a scene? Would I join them? Would I go upstairs and be quietly angry?

I opted for the latter and left with a grunt. I was pretty sure that they had sex in my absence and whatever I might have told her about messing around, seeing them together hurt me. I went upstairs and fell asleep, tired, frustrated and quite angry. With her, with myself.

About an hour or so I woke up when my bedroom door opened. From the silouette, I could tell it was Marian. She came over to me and sat next to me on my bed. She wanted to check in on me, see how I was. I sulked. But she was sweet and kissed me lovingly. I softened up a bit and apologized for my youngish behaviour. She said she understood, and also apologized if she made me feel bad.

"We had been fooling around a bit when you got home" she said. "I thought that it was alright..". I told her that I hadn't really expected her to do it. "Well, I wouldn't have if you hadn't walked away" she whispered.

I was surprised. "You guys didn't have sex while I away?" "Nooo, not until you left... We only had been cuddling and kissing for a while when you got home."

Seeing a slight possibility that this was all that had happened, I felt confident enough. "So, did you sleep with him?" I asked. "Yes, I did. After you left... I thought it was ok." Oh shit, it had happened! I couldn't believe I had fully called this upon myself... Stupid fool!

We cuddled and kissed a bit to make up. I carressed her smooth skin and I got aroused. I wondered if I wanted to have her. I was pretty sure she would have let me, but could I? Now? After she had just been with another man, my friend and housemate for crying out loud??

I went down to her thighs and crawled up to her cotton panty. Her crotch was very warm, and unmistakeably wet and slippery... Shocked to feel this, I asked her if he had cum inside her. She said yes, he had... That was just too much! Sorry all, but I was repulsed by the idea that she had his cum inside her, I couldn't have sex with her now. She understood and went back downstairs since 'tonight she was with him'.

The very next day, I committed to her. I realised I liked her way too much to lose her to him. She agreed after a couple of days, and thus we were a couple... but it was the last time that she would come to see me after sleeping with someone else.

Forward 10 years now and I think about that night often. I wish for it to happen again. We've talked about it and she gets very wet when we do. I'll take this step by step and see where it goes.

Thanks for this outlet.

N. Hector




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