I Control My Sissy Husband

Madam Anne


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This is about my sissy husband and I. I want to make it clear on the outset that I love him very much and even though we roleplay, and take it seriously, underneath it all is a warmth that we both cherish. So, having said that, I have found a simple and easy way to control my sissy husband, he must at all times, day and night wear corset or girdles and bras 24/7 365. together with maids uniform in the house and white painters overall for outside work and when he is at is regular job or shopping for the house he must have his ladies underwear always underneath.

I insist on this at all times, last month he had to go to our doctor for a medical for life insurance as my boyfriend and I are buying a new and larger house, but Sissy will pay it each month for us, my boyfriend is selling his house and when I sell this house we will keep the money and start a new mortgage. My boyfriend will move into the new house fulltime, this will mean Sissy will have to be on his toes all the time. I own a very profitable business but Sissy does all the work and from his salary the mortgage will be paid as he is of no need of money, he depends on us to control his life.

The morning he was to go to the life insurance doctor who I knew well. She was a friend but Sissy didn't know I knew her and she knew all about my 'arrangement'. Sissy pleaded with me to let him take off his corset and stockings before he went, but I said no. I said I would send a letter with him to explain all and why he wore ladies underwear, when he came back he had to report to me what the doctor said.

He told me that the doctor read the letter first and he could see her smiling as she read it, he asked me what was in the letter as it was in a sealed envelope and I said I wrote that you are my sissy slave and that you like to dress like this all the time.

I also asked her to check your balls and cock as you have not had sex for over 3 years. He said that she pressed them very hard and made a remark that he had a lot of tension there and asked him when he had sex last.

He told her over 3 years and she asked did he masturbate and he told her that when he was allowed, she asked who gives him permission and he said my wife. She also asked him did he do house work and he said yes, she asked was he any good and he said yes very good, I told Sissy that I put in the letter that if she needed any housework done that you were our house maid and I told the doctor to give her a ring, I asked Sissy was he embarrassed and he said very.

About a week later the doctor rang me and asked was it all true in the letter and I said yes. She said that her daughter was home this month, but she would love to have him for a day when her daughter left, she explained that she was divorced and was always busy to really take care of the house, she ask how much I charge for his service, I was a bit shocked first as I had never really thought about renting him and I said about £7 per hour would be good.

She said that is OK but to start off she would need a cleaner for a few days to bring things in to shape and then maybe one day a week, I said I have an idea, the weekend after next I am going with my boyfriend for a break and if it suited her she could have him for a full weekend for say £150 and you could work him long hours each day. I have him work minimum 16 hours each day and you will have 3 days at 16 hours thatís 48 hours a normal persons full weeks work, she said sounds a great idea. She went on to say, can I use him any other way and I said do you mean sexually and she said yes, I said you have seen his cock it not much use, she said yes I know but is he any good at licking and I told her first class, I told her use what ever way you want, he will be yours for the weekend.

She said that she would arrange it for that weekend. The deal was that i would not know anything and that Sissy wouldn't tell me but when he got home I missed him so much. I could tell that he came and was dying to know what happened but respected the deal, and made him eat me for an hour while I told him about my boyfriend and mine escapade. Then, after 3 years, we made love and it was wonderful. We love each other dearly and can't imagine each other with anyone else.

Madam Anne.





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